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Language Therapy: Aphasia



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Description of Language Therapy: Aphasia

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Harness the power of a scientifically proven 4-in-1 speech therapy app that boosts reading, writing, speaking and listening in people with aphasia after stroke.

Struggling with language can feel like being trapped in your own mind. You know what you want to say – and you can’t. But there’s an answer. Whether you’re recovering from a stroke or brain injury, Language Therapy can help.

Studies show… it works!

Research at the University of Cambridge showed improvement in every single participant with chronic aphasia who used this app for 20 minutes a day over 4 weeks. Get real results that last.*

• Overcome aphasia and boost language skills with a proven app designed by experts

• Save big with 4 apps in one – a 25% discount over buying them individually

• Enhance speech therapy with countless activities that are perfect for clinical and home use

• Learn in 5 languages: US or UK English, Spanish, German, French

• Get a toolkit that’s faster and more adaptable than photo cards, letter tiles and other therapy aids

• Use score reports and adjustable options to seamlessly fit the app into your therapy program

• Fully customize your activities by adding your own words, pictures, prompts or sounds

• No subscriptions – our best-selling app will always be there when you need it

There’s no better time to start. Try it now for FREE with Language Therapy Lite!

With 4 powerful apps in one place, there’s always an activity in Language Therapy for you.

Here’s what you get in one easy package:

Comprehension Therapy – Improve your understanding

Build listening and reading comprehension skills for nouns, verbs and adjectives. Take the first step in your aphasia recovery with an app that automatically adjusts difficulty based on performance.

3 activities: Listen | Read | Listen & Read

Naming Therapy – Find the right words

Practice naming and improve word-finding skills. In 4 activities, you do everything from naming the things you see to describing their features, all with cues and hints to guide you. Build independence by learning strategies to communicate your thoughts and needs.

4 activities: Naming Practice | Describe | Naming Test | Flashcards

Reading Therapy – Take your reading to the next level

Strengthen literacy with phrase and sentence exercises in an app that’s perfect for independent practice. Improve attention to detail, practice oral reading and build on the single words of Comprehension Therapy as you move toward the more advanced reading skills needed for independent living.

4 activities: Phrase Matching | Phrase Completion | Sentence Matching | Sentence Completion

Writing Therapy – Boost your spelling skills

Improve spelling ability by practicing completing and building the words you hear and see. Pick letters from a limited choice or full alphabet, then place and rearrange them at will for an intuitive and challenging experience. The perfect spelling practice is waiting.

4 activities: Fill in the Blank | Copy | Spell What You See | Spell What You Hear

In all 4 of Language Therapy’s apps, you get:

• Thousands of exercises for countless hours of practice

• Activities for people struggling with aphasia after stroke or brain injury, autism, or just learning a new language

• No Wi-Fi needed

Why waste your time on apps that don’t work? Download Language Therapy and watch the improvement begin.

Download it right now, or try it for free with Language Therapy Lite!

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*Every person and every brain is different. Your results may vary.

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Geoff Smith 2019-04-24

have used the trial version of this for my husband who had a terrible stroke 4 weeks ago and he liked it. have now bought the full version as advised by S and L and downloaded to his phone. i also want to download to his tablet but obviously dont want to buy again. can this be done as it doesnt appear you have to enter login details?
Mm Kk 2020-10-12

We did not start from zero, but it is a very big help. Maybe to add some variable reinforces at least in the end of the session to make itmore attractive or between trials snd to let people choose if they want them.
William Schmidt 2020-10-30

I\'m an ABA practitioner and have found this very useful with my clients
Paulette Morison 2020-07-13

How can I use it on more then one device
MARCEL L\'HEUREUX 2020-08-06

Great app
Sarah Bowen 2021-02-26

Great app, my partner had a stroke back in june 2020 and this app is great for him. Fantastic and worth every penny.
Sometimes Vegan 2020-09-13

So far so good.
Dustin Jones 2020-10-01