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Description of Lark - Work, Together

Lark is a next-generation office suite that integrates messaging, schedule management, collaborative documents, video conferencing, and many more applications in a single platform.

Built for the era of mobile Internet, Lark works as well on desktop as it does on your phone.

With Lark, you can:

- Communicate with your team either privately or in groups through Lark's powerful Messenger

- Create and share content through Docs, where you can work together on documents and spreadsheets with teammates in real time

- Stay on top of your schedule using our Calendar. From any meeting invite, you can create a group chat, launch a video call, or create a meeting memo

- With a single click, start a video or audio call to connect with colleagues, anytime, anywhere

- Manage your team's internal workflow (such as reimbursements and annual leave) with our Approval and Attendance apps

- Keep using the tools and services you love with plugins from Jira, GitHub, Asana, and so much more

- The best part? The features above are deeply integrated and can talk to each other, so you can do cool things like: Insert a group chat in a Doc, check teammembers' schedules right from a chat, launch a video call right from a calendar event...

Give your team the tools they need to do their best work.

Get started for free at: http://larksuite.com

Any feedbacks, suggestions or just want to say hi? Please reach out to contact@larksuite.com.

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lable: Business - Apps Current Version:4.5.4 Publish Date:2021-08-30 Developer:LARK TECHNOLOGIES PTE. LTD.

User Reviews


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Naufal Radzi 2020-04-13

its good overall, easy to understand the workabouts of the app, my only complaint is that after download, it takes up almost 700mb of app space. now i wouldn\'t want to call it bloatware, as i am will to understand that it is for the functions, but please at least lower the space it takes.
Nancy M Schorr 2020-10-22

Love this app! Our team is global with Chinese and English speakers. I can watch the Chinese team type in Chinese characters (while I\'m in California) and they are immediatly translated into English for me. Incredible! This project is new (2019) so yes it could use some minor improvements. But for a free app - it\'s awesome.
prabakar gunashekhar 2020-11-21

For a free app, its amazing the amount of functionalities this app provides. Yes there are improvements to be done but that is with any apps. I am confident the company will improve a lot since they hear to customers feedback a lot.
Peter Ludden 2020-08-03

An all-in-one collaboration app, does a great job of combining messaging, email, documents, and other workplace apps. It\'s become a real go-to staple.
Fahad Osman 2020-05-14

Seriously, forget Slack. Apart from some of the integrations, this tool is head and shoulders above the competition. Email integration, seamless docs, real time translation. Just wow.
Remy He 2019-07-31

I bumped into this app last month and have ever since been using it with my colleagues. I should say its free plan works amazingly for our small business. Kudos for its chats and calendar.
Gary Wang 2019-07-31

My team recently switched from Slack to Lark. I like Lark, it provides a very productive and collaborative platform for my team, a lot of tools are deeply embedded into one.
Starved Lyu 2020-01-14

Exceptional work app, every company in the world should be using it. Been using for almost 2 years
M Tu 2020-06-09

Great app. Works smoothly even I have a lot of sessions. Better if can send code snippets.
Cannon Knapp 2020-04-12

It\'s a fat app, and I think runs through China servers, but it\'s an excellent platform. I\'m really enjoying its relative seamlessness to most other collaboration platforms. I use chat channels, voice and video, documents and shared folders, shared editing, and server Admin tools, daily. Excellent platform model.