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Description of Laser Level

Laser level (leveling instrument) is an excellent measurement app equipped with: laser pointer, regular 3-mode spirit level / bubble level (libella) and clinometer (inclinometer) for measuring vertical angles and determining the exact horizontal plane. It's perfect, handy and precise bubble level tool for every handyman.

Main modes of this laser level:

- innovative laser leveling / laser pointer - using built-in sensors (gyroscope and accelerometer), camera and extended / augmented reality, helps you to determine the vertical and horizontal levels around you,

- regular spirit level (bubble level, libella) - works like a traditional bubble level tool, place your smartphone or tablet, on the surface or on the object to be measured or set at any angle,

- clinometer, also called an inclinometer, is primarily used to measure vertical angles and to determine the angle of inclination of any object from the vertical determined by the gravitational force.

These modes are equipped in precision digital and analog indicators. Data are presented in degrees and percentages and any different units which you choose.

Additional features,

you can:

- calibrate level of your device,

- adjust the precision of measurement,

- read data in different units,

- lock the orientation,

- take pictures while measuring and you can send measurement results to anyone,

- this app does not require internet access.

Sample applications:

- you can measure the angle or inclination of any objects (including distant), such as roof, buildings, columns, mountains, trees, etc.

- you can set any angle of inclination of the surface and the level of home installed appliances, devices, such as: install a refrigerator, washing machine or hang a shelf, painting etc.

- suitable for repair and construction work, you can use it as a digital measuring tape or laser measuring tape,

- useful for interior design, exterior works, in house and in garden,

- many others.

You can use this leveling application wherever you are. This level app is accurate, intuitive, easy to use and very functional.

We wish you successful and accurate measurements.

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lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:1.5.02 Publish Date:2021-08-17 Developer:EXA Tools

User Reviews


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A Google user 2019-01-25

love this, I don\'t think I\'ve given out a full 5* before so well done, now i haven\'t used it in a work situation but i have checked it an all is spot on accurate as it should be
Adrian Hill 2018-03-21

I think thst the app is brilliant BUT Why does it have to mess with the screen orientation of my tablet all the time. Leave my screen orientation alone. The silly thing switches my screen orientation back and forth like a frigging yoyo. The image is ALWAYS upside down too. Samsung Tab A
Christoph Rackwitz 2019-05-18

\"calibration\" is useless because it assumes a perfectly flat surface. proper calibration works with tilted surfaces because it involves two measurements that cancel each other out.
Philip Jordan 2019-05-08

another app that drives ad revenue rather than focusing on the user. had the app open for 2 minutes and bombarded with ads for 90 of 120 seconds. NO THANKS!
Darren Fry 2019-08-14

The calibration of the level sensor relies on the surface being level in the first place and then reset the readings to Zero. Not the proper way to set a level. Set your sensors (in this case phone) on a surface. Take the readings from the sensors. Rotate the Phone 180 degrees and retake the readings. Take the difference from both readings to calculate the offset. Repeat to verify the results. If required repeat for other axis.
ronny bridges 2020-05-02

It started out great, I\'d play with it to show it off to friends. Then today I open it and the line is at about 36 degrees. I tried to recalibrate, I reinstalled it but no change, I hope there\'s a fix.
Aman Gill 2019-01-13

wrong calibration bubbles going perfect on a angle wheras i wanat a statight line....
Raven 2018-02-22

This is an amazing app i have used variouse types before and in my opinion this is the best yet by far i have bought the full version without hesitation. I will use this app for my many design hobbies and will certainly be promoting it to my like minded friends. Thank you developer for a simple yet very powerful application. 10/10
6string player 2020-05-23

It works pretty good I use it to check wood framing stops all the guess work out of it. If it works on a job site and is good for those moment you are not walking around with a 6\' level.
GlennFromIowa 2018-07-16

Calibration is confusing. I even went into help but no guidance on how to calibrate it. An answer to a review said you must calibrate it before first use on a level surface - but is that flat, on long edge, on short edge, all 3? Also red lines/ green lines confusing. Needs more help/ explanation. Out of the box level was way off. Oh also don\'t mess with screen orientation!