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Description of Laser Quest

Infinity Games brings you Laser Quest – a transcendent experience between the realms of extremely fun gameplay, evocative music, and minimalist visual art. Are you up to the quest?

In Laser Quest, you will rotate pieces, explore different perspectives, and manipulate tens of unique objects to establish a clear laser-beam connection and illuminate the sacred gems. Through intricate architecture creations and many hidden elements, Laser Quest dives into a minimalist 3D adventure across seven distinctive worlds that you most conquer with a laser!

If you are a die-hard fan of minimalist puzzle games, Laser Quest is a must-have in your collection. Following a mysterious narrative, you will have the chance of exploring multiple unique worlds, unlocking a wide arsenal of weapons, and try colorful laser beams. The gameplay is unique in each world because you will be introduced to new elements that bring a new game mechanic to the table. Can you unlock all the worlds and pass more than 100-curated levels?

Besides the story mode, you can also try Daily Challenges. Here you will have to keep calm and perform under pressure. You will face a new challenge per day, where you will have the chance to show your Laser Quest abilities and earn rewards. In story mode, you can struggle to win but you have all the time in the world to come up with a solution for a certain level. This doesn’t happen with Daily Challenges: either you win or lose.


• Classical puzzle mechanics within a minimalist 3D environment;

• Easy to understand, not so easy to master;

• Seven unique and beautiful worlds to explore;

• Daily challenges will test your under-pressure skills;

• Transcendent and evocative music for each world (play with headphones!);

• Cool cannons to collect and five awesome laser beams;

• +100 curated-levels to decipher and +300 gems to illuminate;

Like a dream you don’t want to forget, Laser Quest grows on you with time. The visual art design merged with beautiful soundtracks creates the perfect immersive environment that appeals to puzzle games’ aficionados in general and Infinity Games fans in particular.

Laser Quest is totally free and you can play how many times you want without paying. The game is ad-supported, but you can remove ads for the price of a coffee. The amount will support us to keep developing free games in the future.

We love showcasing new minimalist puzzle games and making people think while relaxing.

Do you like our work? Connect below:

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Instagram: 8infinitygames (https://www.instagram.com/8infinitygames/)

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More Information Of Laser Quest

lable: Puzzle - Games Current Version:2.5.1 Publish Date:2022-06-20 Developer:InfinityGames.io

User Reviews


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Neo Russ 2020-11-28

Yeah nice art style and all but the gameplay is trash. Levels are intentionally made easy so you can frequently watch ads which appear after every level. There is no thinking involved, you turn lasers in only one possible way. If you think that i played to shortly and because of that missed difficulty increase, i played it until lvl 30 and nothing changed. This is a puzzle, it should be about challenge and level design an not about art style. Another ad infested game...
Some dude 2020-12-09

Absolutely beautiful, well coded game that is ruined for me because of 1. annoying ad-walls on top of ads playing after beatinf levels. I\'d be fine with one but not both of them. 2. level design in the beginning that is too easy to capture my attention. If after 10-15 minutes of gameplay this is all you got, I\'m out chief.
stephen kirkley 2020-11-13

Great game but OMG the ads! I\'d really consider buying it, but the \'purchase\' price is INSANE! $4.50 for a MONTH! Yes.😂 A month. There is no clear purchase. Oh, you can purchase a year subscription🙄. You ain\'t EA, so please ground yourself.
Scott Lewis 2020-12-21

Game is ok. Looks really cool, but puzzles are way too easy. Maybe it gets hard later, but I lost interest after about 20 levels. Asking price for ad removal is not worth it for this game.
Gene Monnier 2020-10-31

Very buggy! Constantly have to reinstall to get next world to unlock. When I try to play daily challenge it tells me to check internet connection which is always okay and fast (fiber optic) and works with all other games. So can never play daily challenge. I like the concept of the game and would enjoy playing it if these problems were fixed.
Jeff Sisk 2020-12-24

The amount of ads are ridiculous. I had to watch 5 ads in a row after beating a level just to get to the next level. Also, the \"puzzles\", if you want to call them that, are super easy to solve. I imagine that\'s so you\'ll have more time to watch all the ads they bombard you with.
Pete Edelstein 2021-01-27

This game has so many ads it\'s unbelievable. Never have I played a game with this many ads. Every level you have to watch an ad and can\'t click out of it for 5-10 seconds. Some ads you click X and the second half of the ad pops up and you have to wait another 5-10 seconds. Also, every time you unlock a new weapon you are required to watch a 30 second ad. If you unlock a new world you are required to watch a 30 second ad. You potentially have to watch 2-3 30 second ads to move on. Ridiculous.
Terry Belshe 2020-11-07

I like the game well enough. My low rating is personal and it my not bother anyone else. I turned off the notification and the game turns them back on. That doesn\'t work for me. First if I wanted to be notified I wouldn\'t have turned them off. Second if you\'re going to set the game to turn them back on why give the option to turn them off. I\'m deleting the game.
GreedyMan 2020-11-27

I love the graphics, always been a fan of more cartoonish or not realistic graphics, and the gameplay is fun and intriguing yet calming. If you want a puzzle game that isn\'t that hard, fun to go through, and calms you, Lazer Quest is perfect. Also ads are perfect, not too annoying, to a respective amount. Great job.
Djedi Knight 2021-02-13

You guys made a beautiful little game, for those if us who enjoy these types of puzzles it\'s a mind-tingler. A great game for those rainy days when you have nothing to do and it\'s freezing outside. I give a 4 that I rarely pass out for any games only because I have a couple issues: You charge $5 for a single laser and the same price to stop ads, I bought a laser which was meant to stop ads and it didn\'t. 2: the price for the laser (if you want to pay) is a bit steep just to try and stop ads.