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A fantasy RPG that weaves a sprawling tale with quirky characters and cinematic effects. Its gorgeous, fast-paced battles feature pixel art characters sweeping though 3D playspaces. Download the game now!


A riveting tale told with pixel-art characters and 3D backgrounds, brought to life with lovingly crafted music and animation!


Heart-pounding real-time combat action at a speed that's only possible with pixel art!


Go beyond collecting strong characters—train your favorite characters to have the stats you want! It's all up to you!


No need to grind manually—just gear up your team and send them out to collect power-up materials!


Famous Japanese voice actors provide dynamic voices for characters in battle, when powering up, on the Home screen, and more!


Welcome to Granzelia, where people live among magical beasts.

Long ago this world was tyrannically ruled by the God of Ruin, until the hero Adel and goddess Lilaha joined forces to seal it away. In the centuries since then, that hero's bloodline built the Aldana Empire to peacefully rule all the land—but lately changes are afoot.

As reports of strange beast attacks surge, the 12th Order knight Kyle and the magical beast Rei set out on a mission. Neither knows it's the start of an epic battle that will shake the world!

You'll love Last Cloudia if you like...

• Playing any fantasy role playing game

• Games with classic pixel art, made just for game fans

• Anime or any RPG where you a legendary tale

• Any traditional JRPG (Japanese role-playing game) with intense battles and story development

• Action games where players mow through foes in 3D playspaces


The RPG Last Cloudia has it all!


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Account: @lastcloudiaen

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lable: Role Playing - Games Current Version:3.1.1 Publish Date:2022-06-20 Developer:AIDIS

User Reviews


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Longphi Nguyen 2019-10-31

Cannot recommend as is. Every resource is extremely limited, which makes your progress heavily time gated. Once you finish story quests, you won\'t get many more diamonds for summoning, summon rates are terrible, getting gold is hard to get, and the 2 resources for leveling up arcs is in low supply (heck, they are even capped, until you upgrade the buildings.) Basically, economy is bad which ruins the almost interesting combat.
WickedSynth 2019-11-28

I supported the game until the last patch. The decision and move to make the draws paid gems only is the most predatory move I\'ve ever seen in a gacha. (yes I know there are other gachas that do the same, it\'s just as bad). The whole community is divided and upset with this change especially considering JP got the step up without paid gems. Really sleezy Devs and super predatory, on top of the fact that these broken units are limited time only, makes for a very p2w environment. I can\'t recommend
Brandon Carrillo 2020-05-04

If you\'re an anime fan and don\'t mind the tropes you\'ll enjoy the story. There\'s a whole lot of grind but if you\'re not in a hurry all the time it\'s not so bad, there\'s a lot of lore to read too if you enjoy learning about the world you\'re playing in. Gacha rates are low and there\'s a good chance you won\'t get what you want but they\'re real generous with their crystals and any duplicates arks aren\'t the worst. I for one really enjoy it but try it out for yourself.
Marvin Stith 2019-10-16

This review is based off the Japanese version I played. I can truly say that this game is a wonderful time sink. The games graphics are really crisp and gorgeous from the backgrounds to the character sprites. I also love the growth system giving me freedom in character build The combat system is highly dynamic and ever changing there is some slowdown when alot of effects show up be aware of that. The only cons I have is the grind is a bit heavy ,but like all gacha games it\'s to be expected.
Pax Diaz 2020-05-05

I love the story - stories in RPG IS ALWAYS a huge factor for me. I wasn\'t expecting much from the graphics since this is after all, a mobile game, but the combination of pixelated and 3D gave it a nostalgic touch. I\'m not really into gachas or its rate, so I don\'t really care. It\'s all about the grind and this gane is not totally about that anyway. Best JRPG on mobile for me! I hope this game goes on for a long time.
J C 2021-03-02

Game has improved a lot in the last year or two. Had to start a new account after support neglected to respond to my requests about restoring my old account. All is well now. Support still slow at responding, however. Aside from constantly being out of crysts and gold, I love this game. They need to add social media syncing to save people from losing accounts. They also REALLY NEED to optimize the game properly for Android devices (yes, even the newest devices), FPS in combat is horrible.
Demar\'Jon Ransom 2020-12-04

I don\'t think this game deserves the low rating it currently has. Sure it does has some problems, like the summon rates and crystal prices. But you can get a large number of free crystals from the story and you don\'t *need* specific units for the game. And there are so many other awesome things to like about this game. Like the artwork/spritework for characters and arks, or the large amount of lore for the arks and characters when you level them up. The game play and diversity is amazing too.
DMC Dante88 2021-02-21

So far, I love the game. The DMC crossover got me into it. But there are some things that make this kinda underwhelming. Like the event ended a bit too soon. And linking your account to make sure you don\'t lose your units and progress is important. Otherwise, your going to lose players involved in the community. And signature items for your limited crossover units. Like Dante\'s Ebony and Ivory. Is there going to be a chance to get them again? I know I\'m new. But hoping you listen to the fans. TY
AAron Nelson 2021-01-26

In 1.5 years this game has improved a ton. I still play this game daily. The game feels young and new things are being added all the time. The best character line up of any mobile game. Lots of events and collaborations. Pvp, multi-player, super bosses, and a deep story line. Devs do weekly updates. The game is still growing. And it\'s a ton of fun.
Mr.YesMan 2020-10-07

I feel like I have a sort of valid reason as to why this game loses so many of it\'s players in such a fast amount of time. This game, REQUIRES you to pay money if you want certain/featured units. I\'ve spent. Over 15k gems. None of them were characters. They were all arks. Which brings me to my next reason. I\'m pretty sure the people who left, hated the fact arks existed. I have 1 ssr character and like over 8 SSR arks. The fact they exist makes legit any gud unit unpullable outside paid banners.