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Description of Last Hope Sniper - Gun Games

Get ready for an intense multiplayer FPS game! Last Hope Sniper is a free fast paced online multiplayer PVP action game with an offline story mode that you can enjoy playing anywhere, anytime. Become a deadly assassin, fighting other survivors in this multiplayer war game or while exploring the zombie infested world.

Action-packed multiplayer game with heroes and customizable weapons.

Supports fun free online and offline play.

Unlock free powerful skills, weapons and heroes as you fight zombies and survivors.

Awesome Features:

- Immersive single player story: With endless zombie packed missions and deadly assassins.

-Multiplayer PVP game modes: Duel, Team Deathmatch & Domination - become the best sniper assassin in the war.

- Rich and detailed environments: The city has become your battlefield! In this war you need to fight to protect your friends and family in a large variety of different locations.

- Weapons of choice: Choose between Sniper, Shotgun, Assault, SMG, LMG and guns. Build and upgrade to create the best arsenal.

- Ready. Aim. Fire! Easy and intuitive controls: Be the best zombie killing sniper you can be without the game holding you back!

Zombies, raiders and deadly assassins roam the wasteland. Rescue survivors and kill to stay alive, only you can save the world in this story driven first person shooter game!

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More Information Of Last Hope Sniper - Gun Games

lable: Action - Games Current Version:3.4 Publish Date:2022-01-11 Developer:JE Software AB

User Reviews


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Roger Dunn 2021-01-31

Absolutely love this game. Reccomend it to everyone who likes 1st person shooter games. Only fault is that it ends. If not for that I\'d give it 100 stars. Ive beat it several times and keep uninstalling and reinstalling it. I love this game but make more levels and weapons. Love the shotguns. Keep upgrading. Doing a great job. I love this game even more than before now
Dante Doutel 2018-11-18

Solid shooting gallery. Ads give reasonable rewards and aren\'t forced on you. *Edit: after spending a little more time with it, it\'s still nice that they don\'t force to watch ads, but gameplay is a bit too slow paced and could stand to be more challenging, and the number of side missions necessary to grind the money to buy all the guns for the next area, if you don\'t want to spend actual cash, is kind of ridiculous. All in all, the game is off to a decent start, and with some tweaking, could be quite good. Also, all the zombies are male. I just find that strange.
Brian Murphy 2019-02-10

Excellent way to waste time. Like all other Android games they make a killing off of your impatience and desire to advance, but unlike PvP you don\'t HAVE to spend a fortune just to have a snowball\'s chance in Hell against every other gamer. I kinda like it, lets you set your own pace.
rosebelle heradora 2019-06-09

Having fun with this game. First thing I don\'t like is the way how the player moves. It would be more realistic if the player can move around so he can defend himself more. Another thing is, the upgrade of the weapon is too far expensive. Hope the developer could find way to improve this so we won\'t have to think of uninstalling it. Overall, it\'s entertaining.
Jeremy Karrick 2020-08-30

My only complaint is that when you purchase a new weapon you have to start from scratch. It would be a nice touch to be able to \"recycle the weapon\" & least receive half the materials and money you put into the prior gun to help out. It takes forever to earn more silver and materials otherwise. With covid 19 going on, I simply dont have the funds to pay for some off the nice offers the game presents and while it is still free to play it does feel like being backed into a corner.
Shablé 2019-06-13

good at first, then of course you hit a wall way to fast. You should make it a little easier until map 2 then put up your pay wall. not worth the time if you have to wait until daily bonuses to push you through, because you cant make enough money to upgrade.
Karlos Draper 2020-08-30

It\'s kind of simple but it\'s good for the graphics it has. Soon as I gave the review I had to upgrade a gun after every mission an it\'s I gun I don\'t need. Other than that I would have continued to play but delete. So it seems that now since I\'ve downloaded the app again the game is continuing so I\'m happy with the game an if another how you like the game as comes up I\'ll give an honest opinion.
Jory Ferrell 2019-01-02

The only thing holding it back is the overpriced items. Don\'t get me wrong...the game is nice. But the devs are over-charging, considering that this game doesn\'t have insane replay value, thereby lowering the justification for spending lots of cash on it. After a point, they even start limiting your ability to open crates quicker by viewing ads, which slows down progression. Otherwise, this game is VERY well made, and worth playing.
Demonic Cosmos 2019-10-21

This game is actually quite great. I downloaded this game just to try, and yes, I expected it to be bad, but this game is very addicting and the controls work like they should. Very precise and accurate. Heck the controls are good enough that I an average level mobile sniper can get headshots without the scope, but difficult enough that it is still a struggle to stay alive. All in all this game has earned my rating as far as I\'m concerned.
William Zinn 2019-05-25

the game is actually fun and so far haven\'t felt a need at all to spend money. Graphics aren\'t the greatest, but I don\'t expect ps4 quality either. it just a fun game that I can do anywhere, but i also don\'t have to play non stop. Great game looking forward to see how they continue to develop it