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LawnStarter is the easiest way to order and manage your lawn care and lawn mowing. After downloading the app you can easily enter you address and immediately get pricing on basic services such as lawn maintenance, aeration, landscaping, and fertilization. Enjoy our 24/7 freakishly good customer service and top rated lawn crews. Considering any lawn care company who doesn’t have an average rating of 4.3/5 stars is kicked off the system it is no wonder why we are consistently the highest rated lawn provider in every city we operate in.

Make the switch today and have a great looking lawn without the hassle.

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lable: Lifestyle - Apps Current Version:5.19.2 Publish Date:2022-06-21 Developer:LawnStarter

User Reviews


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KK Pedersen 2019-07-22

So easy to set up when your lawn will be mowed. Don\'t have to worry about having cash on hand as they charge your card once your lawn is done. I had a tough time finding someone dependable and this service has been so helpful!!
Ryan Willey 2019-07-18

Horrible customer service!! I sent various messages to request quotes and make changes to my service. It took days to get a response. When they contacted me I was told I needed to contact the crew directly. What\'s the point of having this app if I cannot use it to get my questions answered in a timely manner?! I might as well just hire a local lawn crew directly! 3 days after requesting a quote for mulch I was told they weren\'t able to offer mulch service... Waste of time and App space!!!
Briauna Calico 2019-05-02

I got this service to help my mom out. The first time they cut the grass, my mom was shocked. it looked amazing. Now she ask for Marco by name! This app is convenient and even sporadically gives you discounts for posting about the service on Nextdoor.
Cory Gallaher 2020-04-17

This is a terrible app and service. The app barely functions and is so not intuitive that I hate using it. The only reason why I used it is my lawn care guy went on vacation and he recommended it. I have had nothing but problems since. If this is the future then it is awful. Be aware that other than lawn mowing you cannot cancel services without contacting LawnStarter and their employees are not capable.
Nathan Wilson 2020-04-11

Unsure of whether it\'s the app or the team behind it, but the system of notifications, upsell opportunities, and ever- updated list of scheduled and canceled (i.e. rescheduled) services made for a clunky UX. A streamlined, \"pick your day \", \"they\'re coming\", \"they\'re done\", \"you paid them\" is all I need in a lawn service app. This app is rife with 14-option menus and the above features are three layers deep.
Floyd Gardner III 2020-06-03

The concept is awesome and extremely helpful for a newbie in a neighborhood far from their original or for a new homeowner altogether...but it fails miserably because the relationship is one sided. You can\'t charge me religiously for errrrrrthang but then don\'t manage your crews. First rule of running contractors- you have to supervise and proactively provide QC. If the customer has to do it....its too late. You\'ve already charge for a poor service.
Michael N 2019-10-28

Update: Unfortunately although I was a big advocate, I ended up having to cancel as too many no shows from other providers and individuals who were advised but still came with the wrong equipment and left the yard partially complete or a mess. Reverted to doing it myself again.
Loretta Cheairs 2019-06-11

My experience with lawner starter was awful! Grass debris was left in all my flower gardens and air conditioner. Debris was not blowed out. piles of grass debris was left thick all over the yard. I don\'t want any more deductions taken out of my bank account nor do I want my lawn mowed by your Company!!
Dana stone 2019-05-18

The contractor they hired, Chris Long of Totally Everything Landscape Lawn Care, canceled on me TWICE in a 4 day period. To say that I\'m PISSED beyond the highest of PISSTIVITY would be an understatement. Think twice before using this business because if Lawn Starter is hiring unpredictable, lying, inconsistent contractors like this, I would strongly advise you to take my experience to heart. Before you ask, I absolutely canceled Lawn Starter altogether.
Scott Shoemaker 2019-04-15

Service is poor. They are friendly and feign being helpful but it has been over 10 days since I first contacted Lawnstarter and my lawn is still not cut. The crew they assigned to me cancelled twice (fool me once, shame on you.. fool me twice, shame on me). I will be hiring a local company. And if you were hoping for fast service, I would consider a local company over these guys.