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Description of League of Gamers Streamer Life

This is your origin story as the most legendary player in eSport idle game history! Rise from small local competitions to full-blown game-paloozas around the world, displaying your champion tapping talents like a real idle clicker gaming pro in this simulator game!

If an esports idle game career is your dream and you twitch at the mere mention of your pro-gamer idol’s names, why not become one of them in a simulator clicker? Don’t remain idle before the chance of a lifetime! Jump into heated esports idle clicker and simulator clicker battles and upgrade your gaming skills to god-tier to make your pro-gamer reputation go viral and ascend to esports legend status!

Kickstart your pro-gaming career like a true idle clicker game legend in this simulator game made for legends!


🎮 WIN small clicker game competitions and idle battle amateur players to rise through the Esports ranks and take on bigger challenges around the world in this simulator game!

🎮 PLAY awesome RPG idle games for a living, master the most popular ones in the competitive scene, and defend your ranking as a Top Gamer!

🎮 BUILD a killer simulator clicker squad, recruiting only the best e-athletes to join you on your quest. Guide them to greatness and feel the rush of ganking on your simulation game competitors with a kickass team!

🎮 BUFF your setup to champion level, taking your computer and gaming gear to god-tier levels of awesomeness to keep your winning streak fired-up! Upgrade EVERYTHING!

🎮 BOOST your esports simulator clicker prowess with different relics that will drive your foes to rage-quit matches in frustration!

🎮 BATTLE squads and top pro clicker game gamers from all corners of the world and live the dream of every e-athlete ever: getting rich while playing idle clicker games all day!

Battle espots rookies, idle clicker battle gamers who live for gaming, and battle legendary pro-players in your quest to become one of the best expert gamers out there! Prove to the esports and pro-gaming scene that idle clicker skills are all you need to be at the top of your RPG idle game and beat every adversary in the biggest tycoon game tournaments!

After winning big simulation game competitions, you’ll have the cash to build and upgrade that champion setup every esports fan dreams of, which will give you the power to take on world-level challenges in every RPG idle game you wish to try! There will be viral videos shot and guides written about your clicker game gear of legends!

And once you get to the top of the simulator game pro-gaming food chain in this tycoon game simulator clicker, what comes next for an esports legend? Tougher simulation game idle clicker battles, bigger tournaments and harder RPG idle games, obviously! The tycoon game battle to remain at the simulator game top never ends, after all, and you’ll have to give your A-game to the contenders for the spot of top esports legend every time they dare to challenge you!

There is no cooldown time for idle clicker and tycoon game esports heroes. Power up your ultimate simulator game skills and join the League of Gamers now!

Please note! This esports simulator clicker game is free to play, but it contains simulator game items that can be purchased for real money. Some tycoon game features and extras mentioned in the description of this simulation game and tycoon game may also have to be purchased for real money.

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lable: Simulation - Games Current Version:1.4.16 Publish Date:2022-06-18 Developer:Tapps Games

User Reviews


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Darrien Yu 2019-05-13

The game immediately railroads you through a \"tutorial\" that is just force feeding you ads for the first 5 minutes of the game. You get to sit there, confused, as more ads continue to pour in; all the while the game remains unexplained, and too shallow too warrant THIS much cash grabbing from ad revenue.
Thebest Gamer 2019-04-22

its a great game i just ask that you make it where you can change the game that you\'re playing now that will make it the best game ever!!!!
MasterDwoodle8 2019-07-31

This is a great game, really. I stated playing around a month ago and (I have been trying hard) already I\'m in the top league and have everything in the game (not trying to brag) I reccomend this to all of you looking for a good idle game dont look at all the negative ones cos they\'re lying. 5/5 well done
Edwin Edgar Barola II 2019-12-02

It is a very relaxing game for me because this is where I put all my stress and all my anger into one game this is a better relaxing game than kick the buddy and also I like it that you don\'t just keep on tappin it and keep on upgrading you also have to be aggressive on the ranking😁😁
Jojo smith 2019-05-07

I love this game because when I get back from school I am so tiered that I can\'t get up but this game help me so thank you for making this game. that is why I rated it 5 star
Aitolu 2019-08-22

Terrible! Annoying! Irritating ads everywhere, every minute with every click. Know what\'s even more annoying? You\'re forced to watch them, it\'s a freemium game I get it, but this one is on a whole \'nother level GAHHH!! (so annoyed rn). If it\'s not the ads, then it\'s the scam [at one time I lost to an opponent, and I was asked if I could watch an ad with which I\'d get double my cp, but guess what? After the ad, the combat point remained the same]... Other than these, it\'s not (really) A BAD GAME!
Josh Slater 2019-03-20

was really enjoying this game, before i came across 10m+ different ads, which lost me battles due to them also just popping up Mid battle, or makes me watch 6 as to allow me to upgrade my teammates. legit just uninstalled because of this. fix this issue, and fix it now.
Jerry Joe Desamito 2019-11-06

Nice game idea but sudden pop up of forced ads? This is the first time I encountered a game where it suddenly just shows. At least some games have the decency to put it somewhere. This one doesn\'t. Plus I can\'t put my name because backspace is not working in the namebox or there is no clear.
Phantom XD 2019-08-30

It\'s a good game and is fun to play offline but I would really like for there to be a way to change the game that your character is playing like maybe each 10 or 5 levels your character gets to play a different game on there PC or you buy new games with the money your earn
A Google user 2019-01-30

its great and am having fun sorry I delete becaus e ihave many games its too lag forthe games