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Description of Learn Quran Tajwid

All in one verified Quran learning app to study how to recite the Holy Quran. With technology, learning how to recite the Quran with proper Tajweed is better, easier and faster than ever!

Learn Quran Tajwid app provides comprehensive lessons: from very basic topics to advanced Quran Tajweed lessons, making this app suitable for learners at all levels: whether you don’t know at all how to recite the Quran Majeed, or you can recite but want to improve your tajwid/tajweed and makhraj, i.e. tahsin or Quran recitation.

Learn Quran Tajwid, the online Quran teaching app, is designed so that you can study with a teacher or by yourself. It is developed with high concern for quality. Our mission is to give the ummah the best tool to learn to recite the Quran!


1. The Alphabet

2. The Fat-Hah

3. The Kasrah

4. The Dhammah

5. Similar Pronunciations

6. Cursive Writing

7. The Sukoon

8. The Shaddah

9. The Tanween

10. Madd Asli

11. The Very Long Madd

12. The Rules of Stopping (Waqf)

13. The Waqf Signs

14. The Rules of نۡ and Tanween

15. The Rules of مۡ

16. Points of Articulation (مَخَارِجۡ)

17. The Rules of ٱ

18. Madd Far'i (مَدۡ فَرۡعِيۡ)

19. Advanced Idghaam

20. Natures of Letters

21. Thick ر and Thin ر

22. Special Verses

23. Waqf and Ibtida’


✔ Theory: Explanations and examples to learn the fundamental knowledge.

✔ Practice: Practice system to master the topic.

✔ Test: Measure your comprehension by testing what you’ve learned.


✔ Voice: Voice narration of the Arabic scripts, so you can learn to pronounce the script perfectly.

✔ Practice Helps: Transliteration of the Arabic text and topic highlight. These features can be turned on and off as you wish.

✔ Recording: Record your voices so you can compare your recitation to the narration or to be evaluated by your teacher later.

✔ Quranic Examples: Examples used in the theories, practices and tests are taken from Quran verses to familiarize learners with Quranic words

✔ Pictures & Video: Explaining makharij needs a picture, explaining ishmam needs video, etc. This app provides them.

✔ Placement Test: Assessment to find out how well you know tajwid.

✔ My Result: Track your Quran recitation learning progress.

✔ Auto-Evaluation Test: automatically-evaluated tests to independently measure your understanding.

✔ Bookmark: Mark your recent lessons and lessons you want to learn.

The beautiful voices in Learn Quran Tajwid belong to a sanad-certified hafiz and award-winning Quran reciter. The app has been verified and certified by prominent Quran scholars. We want you to learn from the experts!

Millions of people in more than 180 countries have used Learn Quran Tajwid. Every day, thousands of people use Learn Quran Tajwid. It is also available on iOS.

RECOMMENDATION: Use on tablets, especially if learning with a teacher

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lable: Education - Apps Current Version:8.3.5 Publish Date:2022-03-25 Developer:www.learn-quran.co

User Reviews


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alister magati 2020-11-13

Just got the app yesterday but so far it\'s turning out to be a useful resource. The rating of it\'s users before starting to place them on the right course is helpful. I thought I had grasped the arabic alphabets well but turns out i still got work to do. The consistency of the app in terms of the pronunciation is amazing as compared to others. I totally understand the use of ads to support the free account. Barak Allahu feek, to the developers.
Mohammed Yousuf Ali 2020-12-23

Please add one more option to record reciters Voice to check whether they are pronounced correctly or doing mistakes and also conduct some real time tajweed test and if they qualify in the test they can teach other users.like other apps whenever they have free time they can come online and teach other users or they can create a group to teach them in a particular time.
Kulmiye Ali 2020-08-11

The word لا when it comes the rule of tajweed is \'don\'t stop\' but when i was doing the starting test i got options without \'don\'t stop the word لا. I cuptured as a picture but to mention is impossible . All other work are done well as i wish but, look at that mistake. Thanks I am serious on that word, if you wish i can send you the picture i have took, as a support of my words. Wish you well.
Benjamin Biddle 2019-05-20

i am very unhappy and disappointed that you would try to make money from people trying to learn the quran. I used the app for a few minutes and after every 5 letters there is an add. this is one way of steering people away from the quran and even islam
Beef Jerky 2020-06-28

While I appreciate the need for developers to be paid for their efforts the adds in this application are overwhelming. The app blocks the screen and requires you to watch an annoying 30 second advertising video before every short lesson. Ads should be limited to a couple of minutes per 15 minutes or use less obtrusive banner ads at the bottom of the screen. Not show up every time a button is clicked. From the little time I was able the examine the app It looks good but the adds are a killer.
Khaled Sabry 2020-11-02

Helpful and informative app, I highly recommend to use it. The way it\'s organized is great you can measure your progress and improve daily by taking one level after another.
Aman Javed 2020-06-25

If you need to learn tajweed then I would say it\'s a very good app. You can record your recitation and compare it with a qari/rector, which gives a clear idea of where are you going wrong. So basically it\'s really helpful with learning tajweed and it\'s completely free except that you want some additional features like placement test (to know where are you standing in tajweed right now) or to measure your progress or go add free, even for which you can get scholarships.
Ashraf K.M. 2020-05-18

It is not free, to open every subsection, we have to spend our data and time to watch the video ads and thus you are making money through it. It is costlier than paid version to us! To save us, you keep only paid version. A good gesture spoilled by greed! You have only one reply to all your negative reviews. Eventually, you are making more money than a paid version. So consider to reduce ads and/ give the pro version. Saying free with ads, and looting and harassing is haram!
Alim Jamal 2020-06-02

A good app, it\'s sad to say someone who prayed the Qur\'an many times in my youth, has become rusty. However slowly but surely Insha Allah I shall get there. For those who are complaining about ads, please understand developing an app is not free we all have to eat, my advice is if something is benefiting you for the hereafter, and it\'s only a small amount, invest in your soul as it will thank you later. If you can buy a coffee without hesitation, you can certainly buy an app to avoid ads.
Aslia Pacabuntal Pandapatan 2020-11-03

This app helps me a lot in reading the Quran. User friendly. And the tests are challenging that you enjoy repeating it until mastery. Alhamdulillah.