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Description of Legends of Dungeon:RPG

[Idle Auto-Battle RPG]

No time to fight? No worries come here to fight for 7/24. Get gold and equipment even you are offline.

[Unbelieveable Powers. Eliminate them all]

Amazing abilities combine with advanced equipment bringing you the strength like God

[Claim Your Reward with the Battle of the Gods]

Auto pick system won't miss any artifact, high item drop rate will give you endless surprises

[Customization Like None Other]

Don’t just demonstrate your strength! DIY Your characters and show off your Unique personality

[Conquer the countless Rifts]

Is time to return with thousands of monsters, Are you ready?

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lable: Role Playing - Games Current Version:1.37.5 Publish Date:2021-03-30 Developer:Fantasy Fighters

User Reviews


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Matt Rixxz 2020-11-14

Cool premise. That is it. The bad: 1. One class...only. 2. No customization. 3. No updates. 4. One map that doesn\'t level with you. I am literally grinding out level 14 dungeons at level 30 trying to level my character. Pointless because there\'s nothing else to progress into. 5. Can\'t leave town. 6. Think dev team abandoned the ship that we \"don\'t have access to\" in game. 7. Sucks Save yourself the trouble of uninstalling by never installing. Wish the play store would remove trash like this.
Wes Shippen 2020-10-04

The sad part is they can\'t even be original. This is nothing more then a Torchlight 3 rip off. A game that\'s still in early access. Even down to the same names, towns and storyline. The people behind it should get a life and there own imagination. 😔 If this was a spin off of the pc game I would be behind it. But shame on you guys. I hope carma bites you in the ass for trying to profit off of them. I would give it 0 stars if I could.
Jon Blackwell 2020-04-21

This review is both good an bad. I want to start of saying this game is pretty good as far what is currently available, Second i want to say that over the last year an a half there hasnt been anything new added to this game even though there is other things locked behind a character getting to level 50, an in that time all you guys managed to do was change the games name from ElDiablo to the current name. Honestly you guys need to fix this or just take this game down in general
Robert Walker 2020-10-23

Good game but need an update asap. Developers you are slacking. Please, please fix the next area for 100. You should make it 250k for the next area. Also to upgrade the skills cost to much. Having the pets would be nice as well. This game has a lot of potential. Having guild, pvp or arena going would be really nice. Eventually get ranking going as well. We just need more updates frequently. Theirs more bugs i can name but in due time. I hope to hear from ya.
Michael Cowgill 2020-08-09

Ive played this game through both versions and the same problems persist. The developer has a fun game with a lot of locked or unreleased content and no update on the horizon. The game is fun for what it is, but youll quickly find yourself limited to what you can do under the current setup. After about 2 hours this game becomes a log in, do my dailys in 5 minutes, and log back off. Repeat daily or uninstall.
TyAT 2020-05-04

So far as with everyone else who has played I have hit the current wall of being level 30. I have done every wild lvl and boss on every available difficulty. And now I\'m stuck in limbo, i have full immortal, over 750k gold, 200 skill scrolls...waiting. The game is obviously unfinished. The game runs smooth even on my S7 edge which is good. The graphics and animations are ok, loot drop rates and rarity seem ok. progression is fairly quick so far. Hope for an update. It\'s been a month. No update!
KrampusReborn 2020-06-20

Extremely shallow game, with little to no content. Only 1 choosable class from the start? And icons for features that dont even work or arent even available yet. Will get more stars when more is added
MoShunn 2020-04-16

Game plays itself and you watch and occasionally click the screen to bypass text or click on an upgrade. Same thing already done 100 times over on the play store.
Joshua Joneson 2020-04-20

Game has potential. It\'s not fully developed as of this review. Currently at lvl 30 awaiting more content to be uploaded to further progress. Once more content is released I will change star rating. But overall I am enjoying it. Good time killer, and not pumped up with ads like other games, and definitely no pay to win as there is no way to purchase ingame content at this time. No actual menu other than equipped gear, skills, inventory, and gear enhance.
Varikae 2020-10-28

Very sad to see developers go from a game with a ton of potential to straight up ripping off Torchlight 3. Didnt even try to hide it with different character names or different maps.