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Description of Lemmings

The epic 90's game is now on mobile!

Lemmings are cute, lovable animals, drifting through space, searching for their home world. Only you can save them!

- The classic game revived with new HD visuals and beautiful animation!

- Guide the flow of Lemmings to safety and survival!

- 1000s of scary levels, filled with puzzles and traps to solve!

- Hundreds of cute animals to save! Build an epic collection!

- Regular live updates, with new modes, multiplayer tournaments and more!

A network connection is required.

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lable: Puzzle - Games Current Version:6.41 Publish Date:2022-06-21 Developer:Exient

User Reviews


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Gary Mould 2019-01-18

Being a big fan of the Amiga version, it took me a while to understand what is going on here. Part of the fun of the original was actually getting things wrong, perseverance and finally euphoria when you manage to work it out. None of that here - it\'s tap, tap, fast-forward, level over. No option to replay and save more Lemmings etc. I understand why the grid system has been used, but it loses the excitement and makes every level seem the same.
Steven Butler 2019-01-14

I don\'t usually go for mobile games and this certainly has all the normal pitfalls of a mobile game. But the nostalgia levels are off the charts for me! It happens that it is actually quite a fun little puzzle game. I would like the ability to pause and view the map to plan actions etc, I feel like you could that in the originals? Also I have the sounds switched off in settings, but certain actions still make a sound, opening an egg for example. Great game all in all!
Simon 2019-01-18

What a poor conversion from a classic addictable game. It\'s been converted into a pay to play mobile game. even if you get perfect scores, you can only play 3 or 4 times before you have a choice of waiting a couple of hours or paying £££ to continue. The gameplay has also changed gear from being a logic game to \'use as little energy as possible\' because guess what... you need to wait or pay! Its taken all the fun from classic lemmings. Just don\'t bother
Laura Oakshott 2019-12-04

Buyer beware!!! Not all purchases show up in your account, nor do they stay in your account in game!!!! Customer support just gives you a bs \"We are very sorry that you have suffered a loss of save data while playing Lemmings. I regret to inform you that your progress cannot be recovered.\" This is a glitch that makes them money and costs you that money and irritation!!!
Xkylyr Rauh 2019-03-12

Having played Lemmings since 1991, I was initially dubious of the perceived pay-to-win microtransactions. I\'m happy to report that it is entirely possible to achieve everything, from collecting Tribes to winning Tournaments, without paying a dime! Yes, the game will offer you the chance to make purchases, and yes, advertisements are common, but the core game itself is not only completely free but fun! Procedurally generated levels mean there\'s always a challenge, and power-ups are plentiful.
Karl Ronan 2020-08-15

Good game, but you\'re charging real money for too many things. I have a piggybank that needed 2000 in gold to \"level up\". Well I got to 2000 and beyond (3500) in it but you\'re still looking for an extra €1.79 in real money to open it and level up. Not to mention all the other fees for everything else in this game. On top of watching 30 second video ads that PAY YOU!!! That level of greed leaves a sour taste.
Brad Johanson 2020-10-11

Update: 10/11/20 Game crashes seem to be fixed. Pretty aggressive on monetization, but you can enjoy the game without paying if you like. You no longer are ever forced to watch an ad, but there are plenty of opportunities to watch for a boost.
Kenny Holmes 2019-04-25

The game is ok. however, it is a long way off living up to the original. it is fun to play, but very frustrating to progress. the p2p mechanics are quite frankly excessive. I am not against p2p in principal, but the fees in lemmings are extortionate. they really ruin the game. you can\'t play this game for fun very easily. you run out if energy and have to stop playing or pay a fortune to continue. the perks you buy aren\'t even permanent, they are actually very short lived.
Joshua Combs 2019-04-08

don\'t waste your time. It\'s simply a grinding game. levels autogenerate, but it\'s exactly the same thing over and over and over again. plus, they didn\'t add a lot of the classic style abilities like climbing. the levels are an array of huge squares and digging is simply taking out a square. this game is a joke and shouldn\'t even share the same name as the classic lemmings. I don\'t think the programmers even cared if it was like the classic lemming, just another game to empty your wallet.zero fun
Milos Stancic 2020-04-03

Love the game. Awesome game play. Love playing it. Challenging enough but easy to play. Very addictive. What sucks a lot is ads, and how much you need to pay in order to improve and be able to buy stuff. You are dependent on the lucky spins and gold. And once the gold is out, that it. You have to stop playing. Wait all day to play again. Or pay. Pay for everything.