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Description of Lens Cap - Disable Camera

NOTE: This app is not compatible with Android 11

In Android 11, Google removed the ability to disable cameras using Device Administrator (the method Lens Cap uses) in favor of enterprise Work Profiles. Sadly, this marks the end of Lens Cap. If you think you've found a work-around, please let me know or submit a PR to the project on Github! As a replacement for Lens Cap, I suggest enabling the "Sensors Off" quick settings tile in developer options (https://www.howtogeek.com/691619/how-to-turn-off-all-your-android-phones-sensors-in-one-tap/).

Lens Cap is a simple and modern app that disables your phone or tablet's camera.

It is useful for job-related camera restrictions and blocks apps from using the camera without your permission.

Open Source!

You can view the source code at http://github.com/percula/LensCap


This app uses the Device Administrator permission. Specifically, it uses the "Disable Cameras" permission within Device Administrator. This permission allows the application to have system level access in order to disable and re-enable the camera on the installed device. Lens Cap does not use this permission for any other reason. More information on this permission and how it is implemented can be found on the Google Developer website: https://developer.android.com/guide/topics/admin/device-admin.html

Lens Cap also uses the In-App-Purchase permission to determine whether the user has donated. Donations are completely optional and do not add any additional functionality to the app. The ability to donate was added because some kind users requested the ability to donate :-).

Note to Custom Android ROM Users:

There is a bug within some custom Android ROMS including OxygenOS and LineageOS that prevents Lens Cap from operating properly. If you experience an issue, please contact me and also file a bug report with the ROM. Make sure to mention there is an issue with the ROM's implementation of the Device Administration API.

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lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:1.78 Publish Date:2022-06-03 Developer:Percula

User Reviews


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A Google user 2018-12-30

Very clean and free of the bloat and suspicious activity. I\'m actually amazed that this app is free.People claiming that it doesn\'t uninstall have severe reading comprehension issues. Others are borderline trolls.if people only knew what the other camera disablers did with their data they would probably become more paranoid over their app than a random guy in russia spying on their boring lives. I have no need for this app but I\'ll donate because it\'s hands down the best in its category.
simar karmani 2020-04-07

Good app, the camera app, the Google Lens app and the scanner app all started malfunctioning and it\'s all because of this app. It\'s not a problem but admin privilege. Camera and Scanner were showing errors but Lens was having another problem which made it take forever to load. And if you want security, install Smart Lockscreen Protector to block the notification area, in which there is the quick settings menu. Then lock the phone. Then lock this app using an app lock.
Erin Lubiansky 2017-12-22

I needed something to disable the camera button on my lock screen because it was causing my phone to crash every time I accidentally opened it. This app does exactly that and it\'s incredibly simple to use. The \"in-app purchases\" are unobtrusive donation requests and there are no ads. This just made my day.
Edgar Murillo 2018-04-16

Hey there! Thank you for this app after a little testing it proves to work! Can i ask for a little favor? Sometimes i forget if i have the app activated or not, a little icon on the tool bar would be amazing and i know it would help more people than just me!! Thank you so much, I\'ll totally recommend this to my friends .
A Google user 2018-01-15

5 stars. its perfect i would also like to have same app for mic however they all require record permission for themselves =\\ is that really unavoidable in android?
computer android 2020-09-11

My favorite App for blocking all my Android\'s Cameras. - I\'ve tried various others over the past few years and this one, by far, works best. - We all saw that revealing photo of Mark Zuckerberg standing in front of that piece of cellophane tape was covering his computer\'s webcam. - OK then, enough said. - I would honestly recommend this Camera Blocking App to ANYONE! - It\'s not just easy to implement, it\'s actually flawless. - Thanks to the Developer.
moufas moufas 2019-04-08

when I press the button to setup admin settings the app quits. So it does not work at all..
Manish Kumar 2020-10-14

Great, can you make similar app to disable microphone. Anyways this works flawless.
joespinach 2019-05-25

I like it! However, I discovered that, if I put the device to sleep and turn it back on, the widget stops working. So, I have to go to the app itself and click \"take cap off\", and the widget works again. This might not be the case for other devices. Mine is a Huawei Honor X2. If the widget would work all the time, I\'d give this app 5 stars.
A Google user 2017-06-28

It works, it\'s simple, just how it should be! The only feature request I\'d be asking for is the widget to work with the Sony Z5 Style Cover. Top marks all the same though.