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Lessphone - The Original Distraction Free Launcher



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Description of Lessphone - The Original Distraction Free Launcher

If you were constantly checking on someone you like, touching them every time and not letting them sleep, they would probably pass a restraining order right ?

That's the tagline for LessPhone, A Restraining Order from Your Phone.

Phones are a major time sink. Yep that's the truth. I literally spend more than 5 hours on my phone so I'm not judging. We swipe, tag, like, share and do all sorts of things that we think matters but doesn't.

We wake up with our Phones, go to bathroom with it, eat food with it, wait in line with it, get on bus with it, work with it, get back on bus with it. Just think isn't it enough to be addicted ?

Enter LessPhone, It's an Android Launcher that doesn't let you do anything. Yep you read it right.

LessPhone has Phone Calls and Directions. It also has a Task Manager built in, so you can get your tasks in order. That's about it, no more access to your Social Media, your other media, your swiping and everything.

So that means You can spend your time with your Friends and Family and the people that matter, rather than pieces of code engineered to hook you in.

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lable: Productivity - Apps Current Version:6.2.6 Publish Date:2022-05-21 Developer:Aswin Mohan

User Reviews


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John C 2019-02-20

for such a minimalistic interface, it uses a lot of resources and is slow and unresponsive. I also don\'t like how it begs for money right out the gates and you can\'t even try out features on a trial basis. there are better text-based launchers out there
Christopher Young 2019-02-04

I\'ve been longing to go back to the flip phone, but this is actually better. You can use any app you have, but you have to go through your settings and place it on the main home screen to use it, so quick internet searches, checking email, or any attempt to distract yourself, even briefly, require more effort than they\'re worth. My phone is actually a tool now that enriches my life, and not a time consuming distraction. Really simple but genius app for those who want to disconnect.
Lyes Mah 2019-03-01

Really great, don\'t mind dumping the 1$ for the dark theme, BUT it REALLY needs more app slots. After the phone,music and Text it only leaves one I had to use it for Waze but I\'d like to have a Notes app handy, and my calendar... Can\'t really use it because of that, will get back to it if more apps are available UPDATE: more app slots are now available upped the rating to 5*
Kashif Anwar 2019-08-01

Hi Ashwin, following are some features to make it a better launcher keeping its aesthetic intanct. 1. Support for swipe down for notification panel as most phone has this feature in-built. 2. Auto-hide for Setting with count down support if it can\'t be locked with pin, pattern or fingerprint in near future. I use K Note for the purpose currently. 3. Make battery percentage optional. 4. Provide option for 12/24 hour clock display. 5. Rename Dialer back to Call. 6. Reduce top and bottom bezel.
Chris G 2020-03-01

This launcher works perfectly! It has given me a realistic and affordable solution to ridding myself of the constant distractions inherent in today\'s smartphones. The launcher allows for seamless use of all your necessary apps including those that are not displayed within the launcher itself. Don\'t be scared of the eight or less apps. The clock, phone, and settings are included and don\'t count towards the total. Also things like Camera allow access to your photos and so on. Anyone can do it!
Tom Baker 2020-11-20

Fantastic! Easy to use, just gets rid of all the distractions on your phone & let\'s you pick a small selection of apps that you wish to use. If you set it up well it makes it very difficult for you to access other rubbish when you lose commitment. Paid 1 or 2 pounds for the extras (which wernt necessary) but the dark theme alone is worth it! I would like to request a setting to let you rename each selected app; it\'d be great to just see \'music\' and not always the name of the app. Many thanks
Sam Liveson 2020-09-28

Awesome for digital minimalism. Hopefully this helps break my behavioral addiction habits with my phone without my needing to go out and buy a flip phone and digital camera, Garmin, etc. Two things I would change after using this app: 1. Allow people to change to using the standard notification bar in the settings. 2. Fix how many times I have to press \"back\" in order for it to register, and other buttons sometimes that don\'t register the first time you press them.
Ben Robinson 2019-07-07

I absolutely love this it\'s a must for people wanting to get off their phone more and engage with real life. a top tip though, if you have it disable Google assist from your home button so you don\'t cheat and just ask Google to open YouTube.
Eren Mirza 2020-03-11

This app is excellent and exactly what I was looking for. My only criticism is the cap on apps that can be seen from the home screen. There should be no cap, for example I myself would ideally like 8-9 apps present which I regularly use, but currently this is not available. Alternatively, if some sort of folder/branching option was available this could useful. For example having text saying Mail on the home screen, when clicked multiple apps are displayed (Gmail, Outlook) maintaining minimalism.
Mohit Jain 2018-09-17

Its an oxymoron to ask people to select apps carefully, when you can just change them anytime, without any restrictions. It would be great if it didn\'t allow that, untill a certain time has passed. Finally then it can rightly be called, LessPhone!