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Description of Let's Farm

Join one of the most popular farming games on mobile, top 5 family games in 100+ countries! And most importantly...it is FREE to play!

10 million+ farmers are already dragging their fingers to

- PLANT fresh crops

- COOK delicious food

- FEED lovely pets

- GREET friendly neighbors

- TRADE with farmers from all over the world

- COMPLETE challenging missions

- DESIGN the prettiest farm with hundreds of decorations

The game is free to play but some of the contents can be purchased for real money. Internet connection is required.

Fans Page: https://facebook.com/letsfarmofficial

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More Information Of Let's Farm

lable: Casual - Games Current Version:8.29.0 Publish Date:2022-06-12 Developer:Playday Games

User Reviews


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Carlo Abad Conge 2017-04-25

Your games interface is out of bounds, it covers the back, home and other buttons, i cant exit from your game.(samsung galaxy tab 2 10.1 gt p5100 android ver 4.2.1). Your app crashes when visiting other players farm whether lots or less. Barn & silo upgrade materials & land expansion requirements are hard to comeby in the lets farm daily. Please add an option to the roadside shop in your game to increase the number of trays by the number of friends you have. Could you make your game half offline half online? Because it always promt me to reconnect when our internet connection is weak. And i keep on repeating what i have done to my farm. Its very very annoying. Please increase the chance of getting barn and silo upgrade materials. Please add like button in your game, so that players can like other players farm. Please add information regarding players farm. The chance of getting free diamonds within the game is very low please increase it. Train orders are very very difficult to complete. Please reduce it (sometimes make it 6 crates). It takes gazillion light years to sell goods from the roadside shop to other players. Please address these issues sooner. Thank you.
Rajni Bala 2020-05-23

The game is awesome.. But the only bad thing is that cost of buildings and other things like mines and fishing spot is too high... That is not affordable as the income is very less.. It\'s too difficult to save that much money.
OUR BIRDS LOVER 2020-04-19

MY FUTURE DREAM💘😢💘 💚🇵🇰💚❤🇹🇷❤
Krystal Poston 2020-04-08

I like the game it\'s fun but,I don\'t have a Facebook account.That makes it harder to advance in the game.I don\'t want to spend 3 gems on a chest when you find them because,it takes away from using them on my farm.And I don\'t spend real money on any games because, I\'m the type of person that will watch ads for the rewards all day long with no problem.Has potential but will be installing.
min simte 2020-07-05

this game is awsome..but i didn\'t find an option for \"search friends and groups\" it would be more fun if we could create a group member and chat each other.Also the scope is to small pls make it the view little higher so that we can see little bigger area, and it is somehow hard to get the storage equipments to upgrade, iam stuck😭.. pls ensure to add in the next update. Thank You...
Venkatesan Elumalai 2019-05-26

actually I like all the farm games but it is different from other games . I like this game.Fabulous
Juniel Madelo 2020-04-15

I like it very much, I hope we can redeem our money into a real dollar, maybe it can be helpful for those who need financial support and even a change for spending money for internet just to make sure, the person who playing this game has their own way to updates it on time. Its not about suggesting something into a real, but this game is very famous since then, I hope there is a way how this game can be helpful in the society specially this year of Covid-19 everyone need financial support.
Geza Bereczky 2020-05-26

Its not a bad game but there is a clitch in the game after you can fish. Every time you go fishing on the island the game always shoes you how to fish like you are there the first time. Then when you leave to go back to the farm the game freezes and tablet restats every time.
Alexandru Dorobantu 2019-08-03

This game is an exact copy of hay day if your reading this you should know you may have serious problems with supercell. Even one star is too much because its got sooo many glitches and the graphics are horrible.🤮🤢
Monna Hill 2020-08-15

This is a great game but it,s to costly. You need to lower the prices on every thing. What,s with the fruit tree,s and bushes ? I,m tired of saving for something I need and having to spend my points on tree,s and bushes. I love the game but I,m about ready to delete it . Please make some changes so I won,t have too.