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Description of Lexington Law - Credit Repair

Fix your credit with Lexington Law Firm.

The Lexington Law app lets you follow your credit repair progress. With access to a variety of tools, you can better understand, improve and protect your credit, from your mobile device.

Lexington Law is an advocate for you, the consumer. We want to make sure your credit is reported fairly and accurately. If you’ve been denied for credit, then let us help you get back on the path to approval.

Credit Repair Services

Unlike other credit repair companies, we obtain your credit reports from all three credit bureaus - Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. Then we work with you to establish challenge reasons for each negative item on your report. We send electronic disputes to the bureaus on your behalf and also communicate directly with your creditors.

We're absolutely confident in our proven credit repair process. We've helped successfully remove over 10 million inaccurate, unfair or unsubstantiated negative items from credit reports in 2017 alone.

Note: As all legal cases are different these results should not be expected and are not guaranteed.

FICO® Score

Many of our service levels include a TransUnion FICO® Score to help you keep track of your credit progress. FICO® Scores are involved in 90% of US based lending decisions.

Focus Tracks

Our credit repair services don’t simply dispute every negative item on your credit report like some other companies. Rather we use your input and life experiences to determine how to challenge each negative item. We leverage several laws and consumer protections based on your feedback to achieve results. There are many protections for consumers who’ve gone through a life event that may have affected their credit such as divorce, identity theft, military service, medical bills and mishandled student loans. If you’ve gone through one of these life events then our service is for you.

Credit Reports

When you sign up with our service, we pull your credit reports for all three credit bureaus. We aggregate your credit report items and present them in an easy to understand interface. Your credit report information is then used to dispute and intervene with the credit bureaus and your creditors.

Credit Monitoring

We monitor your credit using a set of credit monitoring alerts called ReportWatch. Our monitoring services not only alert you when something changes on your TransUnion credit report but also gives you information and advice based on the change.

Identity Theft Protection

Lexington Law provides identity theft insurance up to $1MM. In addition, a few of our service levels include a thorough set of identity protection alerts and monitoring services that rival LifeLock.

Digital Money Manager

In addition to providing services to fix your credit, we provide tools to help manage your financial life. Similar to Mint, our digital money manager tracks your income, spending, transactions, budgets, trends, debts and net worth.

About Lexington Law

A trusted leader in credit repair for over a decade, Lexington Law, we help you understand your rights as a consumer in the credit space, and help you leverage those rights to ensure that you have a fair, accurate, and fully substantiated credit report. We've helped hundreds of thousands of clients repair their credit, and we're confident we can help you too.

Download our app today.

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User Reviews


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Chris Green 2020-06-19

I have been paying premier account fees for several months, and my score has actually gone down significantly due to the work they are doing. I\'ve attempted repeatedly to contact someone in person, I am referred again and again to the app. The app does not answer questions. Bent over an hour on hold three times and was never able to talk to somebody. They want your money, but they don\'t want to help you.
Serena Coonrod 2020-07-16

Very, very informative and detailed layout. They say it takes at the very least, 30 days to see results. Yet, only less than 2 wks, they have removed 3 items off my credit report. I appreciate their business. I also love the layout of the app and being able to see the progress being made. I recommend.
Torrah Bagby 2019-05-11

I must admit I was unsure to sign up with Lexington law firm cause of all the bad mouth talking People. I\'ve been with them since Oct 2018 and things are definitely looking good in my favor. Patience is the key to an learning Process! Your credit don\'t improve over night but I Promise u if u give them a try and hang in there with them while they do what they do,at the end You\'ll be Honored you did! I hope I could\'ve been a help to others that\'s thinking about Joining Lexington Law firm.
Demetria McGowan 2019-08-15

Great App To Help You See What\'s Getting Fixed With Your Credit If Trying To Repair Your Credit Score, Its Really Legit. I Love It. No Lie At First Were Both Were Skeptical About Letting LL MESS WITH CERDIT, but It Has Been A Month Since My Husband And I Decided To Trust In LL, and have not been let down at all. I would most definitely recommend them to a family or friend.
bryan batton 2020-08-04

Good ideas. Bad service. Instead of them letting you know up front that the things you want removed, can\'t be removed, they lead you on and keep you paying month after month. A simple educational read can give you the same results if you\'ll give the time it takes to do the do.
Dayton allen 2019-09-11

The app was ok but they dont do anything for you. I had my acount open for 3 months over $300 and they clamed they cleard 3 disputes off of my credit but they didnt, that was the company i was with before them and the last 3 never got cleared off, they kept saying keep the account open for another month until i finally called and canceled my account. Waste of time and money
Niel Lewis 2019-05-13

every time I have any issue at all and I call them about it, no one will ever answer the phone, double charge the monthly fees - no one answers the phone to dispute.... this company is just as big of a RIP off as the damn creditors themselves!!
Kristin Williams 2019-12-22

They have been so incredibly helpful at getting my FICOS scorr under control so i can start over. When you get yourself underwater and you don\'t know what to do to correct it. Everything feels so overwhelming. They have been great at answering questions and helping me with paperwork and everything. So very grateful for this company and their amazing help in trying to help me correct my financial mistakes. Thank you Lexington Law!
Chris Cardinali 2020-01-13

They did really great at first getting things removed but now seems like they dont care or forgotten bout me I\'ve had 3 items on my account that they dont seem to want to get rid of so they can continue to take my money I\'m ready to shut my account down I feel they have taken more then enough money from me
Yojaira Soler 2019-07-10

Thank you LL for a great job on my creidit!! I was very skeptical to come into the program, but I read some of the Rating and it gave me the confidence that I needed to repair my credit. Lexington Law is very professional and it does what it meant to do. They work so hard to repair your credit and you can see the progress in your credit score inmmediately. I recommend Lexington Law to anyone who would like to repair your life because bad credit affect your whole life, Emotionally, socially.