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Description of Lexmark Mobile Print

Lexmark Print lets you send documents and images directly from your mobile device to a Lexmark printer connected to your network.

When you are ready to print, simply share the file with Lexmark Print. When prompted, choose an available printer. If necessary, you can also add a printer through network search, QR code discovery, or by manually typing the printer IP address, host name, or URL. Lexmark Print lets you set a variety of print options, including the number of copies, two-sided printing, and the number of pages per side for each print job.

*Note: Third-party application printing requires the use of Lexmark Print Plug-in service.


Simple printer discovery

Search: Quickly search your network to add printers to Lexmark Print.

QR code: Lexmark Print scans the QR code and automatically adds the printer.

Network address: Easily add a printer by manually typing the printer IP address, host name, or URL.

Direct Print: Print directly to a discovered Lexmark printer without requiring a server.

Selectable print options: Number of copies, two-sided printing, color printing, paper tray.

Supported file formats for printing:


* This format is available in some mobile devices.

Supported image formats for printing:


Submit or release: Submit or release a document from Lexmark Print Management directly from a mobile device.

Direct Scan: Scan directly from a discovered Lexmark printer without requiring a server.

Supported file types for scanning:


MDM Configuration:

Configure the app using AppConfig standards.

Supported operating systems:

Android 5.1 or later

Supported printers:

This application works with the following Lexmark printers and multifunction products:


The user's guide is available at:


For more information, visit www.Lexmark.com/mobile.

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More Information Of Lexmark Mobile Print

lable: Productivity - Apps Current Version: Publish Date:2021-07-19 Developer:Lexmark International, Inc.

User Reviews


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A Google user 2013-12-02

Lexmark What are you doing? Are Lexmark deliberately trying to run their own company into the ground? Overpriced, cartridges, poor support, and am app that doesn\'t support many of their more popular printers. Come on Lexmark your better than this, you have geniuses and the finances to access some of the best app writers out there. How many people have searched Lexmark on the internet or Google Play only to fond this app and its very negative publicity? Do yourselves a favour - either pull the app or fix the app don\'t procrastinate!
Scott Ahrens 2020-04-29

Make sure your printer is supported. It took me a while to figure out my c543 is not, even though it\'s discovered and seems like it should work in the app. When I try to print a pdf, the job appears to complete but nothing happens. Looking at the supported printers page (in the About This App area) I see the c54x printers are not in the list. Lexmark, can you filter the supported printers in the app? Might help with your rating...
Thomas Schwarz 2018-12-14

Einfach top! Binnen 1 Minute eingerichtet, alles funktioniert wie es soll!
xXHarley QuinnXx 2021-01-02

ONLY FOR PRINTING PICTURES!! The only thing you can print with this app is jpeg or png files on your phone. You can either enter the URL of the picture, take a picture with your phone, or use a picture already save on your phone. You CANNOT print .doc, .docx, PDF or any other non-basic image file. This app is useless for printing things normal people use a printer for. Lexmark won\'t connect to Chromebook either. Never will I EVER buy a Lexmark product again. Total piece of $hit.
Stacy Born 2018-10-22

Absolute garbage. Tried to print a PDF and it printed 100 pages of random characters. My printer is an M317 which is in the list of supported devices.
Rich Howe 2020-10-28

Completely agree with the reviews highlighting problems. This isn\'t simple \'plug and play\' via this App. Don\'t know if it\'s firmware on the Printer itself or the App that\'s at fault. Had to use the Settings directly on the Printer to connect to my wi-fi. Plus had to use the manual WPS method, then force the Printer from Auto to Wireles Network connection. Hence 1 hour just to print a test page. For now I can print via a PC and my Galaxy. Hope this helps others :-).
Jim Bohnhoff 2020-04-05

I just received a new lexmark MC3224.... unpacked have had a first round with getting printer set up to print from my laptop thru our wi-fi ..... I can not get it ... I\'ve downloaded all apps.... should be simple.... but it is just plain stupid instructions.... IF ANYONE OUT THERE KNOWS THE \'TRICK\' TO SIMPLY CONNECTING MY DELL LAPTOP AND LEXMARK PRINTER/SCANNER!!! I can\'t even find a HELP site.... So right now minus minus 5 Stars.
Dariusz Dawidowski 2016-03-10

Doesn\'t work on Samsung note tablet
Dan T 2013-12-13

It Works, if you follow the directions :) >>Note 3 + CX410 printer<< Ok, at first it didn\'t work. I was trying to use the Android built-in \"print\" function after pressing the menu button. In order for this to work, you have to use the \"share\" function, then the Lexmark printer app shows up with the other options. I was able to print a photo from my phone. I haven\'t had time to evaluate the functionality or editing features, but just to be able to get a print off is excellent. I had updated the printer firmware to the latest version.
Mike eco 2019-12-15

Unfortunately there is no 0 Star option. The application will not start at all in Xiaomi redmi note 8 with Android 9. In fact , is starting but displays nothing and the phone\'s touch is not responding. So above anything else in the screen there is the application layer and that is why touch is not responding. Pressing the home button, the touch works again. The same problem I had with One Plus 5T running Android 9. The only difference on the OnePlus there was a total white screen.