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Manage diabetes together with the LibreLinkUp app – a tool for monitoring someone's glucose from afar [1]. Now with interactive glucose graphs and glucose alarms [3, 4].

LibreLinkUp allows you to monitor and support people who are using a FreeStyle Libre sensor and compatible FreeStyle Libre app. You can link up by asking them to invite you in their app.

Whether you’re a family member, friend or co-worker, the LibreLinkUp app helps you monitor and support people in your life so they can better manage their diabetes. You can use the LibreLinkUp app to view their glucose with a quick glance of your phone if they’re using a FreeStyle Libre sensor and app.

Innovations include:

GLUCOSE HISTORY AND INSIGHTS: Touch the glucose graph to see recent history, or review a logbook of glucose scans [2] and alarms [3, 4] – so you can better understand glucose patterns

GLUCOSE ALARMS: Receive alerts when glucose is high or low, so you can help them take action [3, 4]

SENSOR ALERTS Get notified when a new sensor is started, and when a sensor and app lose connectivity [3, 4]

DARK MODE: View glucose data in lower-light conditions, whether it’s in a cinema or the middle of the night

In order to protect your privacy and personal information, this app store should not be used as your first point of contact to resolve technical or customer services issues. Instead, please visit us at www.librelinkup.com/support to view support information, and select ‘Contact Support’ to directly submit your comment to our support team if you are unable to find an answer to your concern.

[1] Both your LibreLinkUp app and the Freestyle Libre user’s app must be connected to the Internet in order share glucose information.

[2] Requires use of FreeStyle Libre sensors

[3] Requires use of FreeStyle Libre 2 or FreeStyle Libre 3 sensors.

[4] Certain features or capabilities may not be available in all countries.

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lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:4.1.1 Publish Date:2022-06-09 Developer:Newyu, Inc.

User Reviews


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Helen Kuczer 2020-11-02

What the freestyle academy does not inform you that your phone needs to be NFC enabled! My Motorola or Xiaomi device is not compatible and does not work even with the app! So I can\'t even get started with it! Very disappointed to be honest 😡😠
Lisl Raaber 2018-10-17

This app is absolutely amazing and useful ! It\'s super easy to connect and the readings arrive on my phone usually within 1 or 2 seconds. I\'d love to see a feature someday, where you can send a notification to your beloved one, reminding them to check their blood sugar, if they haven\'t done so in a while !
Timothy Huang 2019-07-18

App works but the UI is super janky. Back button and navigation in general is very laggy and unpolished. Feels like a half baked app. This is the worst app I have on my phone and I wouldn\'t be using it if there were alternatives.
Tracey Powers 2019-08-05

This app is disappointing. I\'ll use it because I don\'t really have a choice. The worst problem is that it doesn\'t show you enough information. It shows you just the overall number and the arrow trajectory. It does NOT show you the graph, and most importantly, it doesn\'t show you notes like food and insulin so I cannot tell when insulin was given! This is pretty necessary information! The next problem is the sharing model is confusing and stupid. I just want to be able to monitor someone else\'s data, but I can\'t do that unless I create a LibreView account that assumes I have diabetes and makes me answer a bunch of questions as if I\'m the one being monitored. I actually don\'t even need a separate monitoring account. I am monitoring someone whose account I fully control. It\'s unintuitive, but you can set up both the LibreLink and the LibreLinkUp apps to the same account. You would think that if the LibreLinkUp is set to an account that is producing scan data, that it would automatically share. But no. You have to go into the LibreLink app and explicitly share with yourself. Then you have to open the LibreLinkUp app and accept an invitation from yourself. Lame.
Wendy Davies 2019-05-05

Was a little temperamental till maintenance update at end of April 2019 and now EVEN WORSE!! App either constantly fails to connect or if does sensor readings either don\'t update or come through hours or even days later. Before maintenance readings would mostly update after a few minutes. App FAILS in fulfilling its functions, am trying to monitor son\'s readings! Provider says they\'re still working on it, but nothing improved in more then a week! SORT IT OUT!!!!!! 😬😬
Wayne Sundmacher 2019-12-03

Couldn\'t get past the login screen. Couldn\'t create an account, because it said I already had one. Tried the \"forgot\" password link, but while it said it would send a reset to my email it never did. Obviously, this app doesn\'t work.
sharon losnick 2020-04-23

This is so frustrating. I invite my wife. She installs the app, enters her email and resets password. she resets it. at the app never advances past reset password. We are stuck in an infinite loop. Help!
Rita Duttweiler 2020-11-29

For anyone who has this same problem with getting the notifications to show up on the libra linkup heres howyou fix it ,Go to your app wherever you have it on your homescreen,hold your finger down on the app until you see app information and click on it .Then you willseeussage,Under thatyouwill seetheseselectionsmobiledata, battery,storageandMemory,click onstorage,Thenyouwillseeapage thatspace,used,Underthatyouwill thesesub-headings,app,data,and cacheandthenclearthecacheanddata cache
M P 2021-01-19

Had this app for a couple of years and it\'s been excellent, that is until 12/12/20 when it suddenly stopped. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling, tried clearing cache and data, all to no avail. I\'ve repeated the process on the sender\'s phone but again to no avail. So frustrating!!! No idea why but the app has started working again, so back to being an excellent app 👍
Nikki R 2019-10-26

I downloaded it to work as my scanner/reader as their customer service told me to.... but I can\'t get past the start up screen. There\'s no way to scan anything!!!! I had high hopes as the scanner/reader would cost me $400 😢😢😢