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Description of Life Fitness Connect

Life Fitness, the largest manufacturer of fitness equipment, now allows you to take control of your workouts anywhere on and off equipment with the Life Fitness Connect app. Start a FREE 14-day trial today to find workouts you love, or use the free portion of the app to create and track your own workouts with unprecedented accuracy.

• Engage in a variety of unique studio-style and adaptive audio coaching workouts including running, HIIT, ellipticals, indoor cycling, strength, yoga and more!

• Adaptive audio coaching classes adapt to your biometric data as you work out and adjust your coaching on the fly. From Nike(R) Run Coaches to fitness trainers and experienced yogis, you get a coach and workout that reacts to you—and only you—in real time.

• Life Fitness On Demand classes can be streamed at any time to take part in instructor-led classes for workouts on treadmills, ellipticals, climbers, cross-trainers, and exercise bikes.

• Use the Life Fitness Connect app to connect to Life Fitness and Cybex equipment to track your workouts with unprecedented accuracy- ditch the pencil and paper.

• Build your own workouts by choosing any number of exercises from an expansive library, and customize how you set and reach your goals.

• View the progress of your workouts with detailed data reports by year, month, day or in real time.

• Suitable for all fitness levels and body types.

• Scan the QR code on Life Fitness, Cybex and Hammer Strength strength equipment to see sample video snippets and proceed to easily input your sets reps and weight.

• Sync your cardio and strength workouts to Apple, Samsung or Google Health apps and the MyFitnessPal app for a more holistic view of your data.

• Opt to use integrated music of a genre of your choice, or add custom music playlists from apps like Spotify and Apple Music.

• Quickly and easily sync your wearables for a more engaging experience.

Life Fitness Connect Terms of Use and Privacy Policy are available at https://lfconnect.com/web/tos.jsp?locale=en

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lable: Health & Fitness - Apps Current Version:3.4.0 Publish Date:2022-05-14 Developer:Life Fitness

User Reviews


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Stephen Cochran 2019-07-09

Whoever designed the registration form is a moron. Having to scroll through months on a calendar without a clear method of directly entering your birth date is tedious and user-hostile. Update: It\'s even worse than I thought. It won\'t let me synchronize with my FitBit account without granting a whole slew of unnecessary permissions. They want my friends list, GPS location food and water logs, full profile, etc. All they need is exercise related access (HR, activity, not much else), but they are trying to suck in as much personal information as possible for no valid reason. Downgraded to 1 star, this app is useless to me.
Lotus 2016-09-04

It\'s pretty darn close to being a good one. I\'m unable to link to Myfitnesspal and when I tried to send feedback it bounced. Is anybody out there? It\'s been great to analyze my gym cardio and strength output but I\'d like consider my daily food intake for a full picture.
Ben Ashton 2016-12-31

Rubbish I thought this would be used to monitor my progress & motivate through specific training programs. It\'s rubbish. You just scan the equipment and manually enter what you do in a workout it doesn\'t even allow you to record a specific routine. This has clearly been designed by programmers and not by people that go to a gym or would use the app. Clearly someone in Life Fitness had decided... \"Let\'s use a mobile app\" without giving any thought to it\'s usefulness. Rubbish and disappointing!
David Randolph 2016-10-04

Good Idea, Poor Implementation Great for scanning a QR code and logging into a machine. Data uploads and is visible for a few minutes after the workout complete, the next day it\'s gone it never saves information more than 24 hours. In-app feedback/help system doesn\'t work at all.
Simon Ellis 2016-03-28

Rarely stores exercise results correctly I have been using the app with a LF treadmill for months now. The app is useful as a secondary screen while exercising but 90 percent of the time fails to record elements of the session such as time! Real shame as it could be a good app.
Kyle Kennedy 2017-03-18

When it works, it\'s pretty cool. The problem is, it almost never works. Getting it to even sync with a machine, record anything, or even save a recording between sessions is a nightmare. Don\'t even bother trying to get it to work. Needs a complete revamp.
Greg Owen 2018-09-28

I would love to know if there\'s documentation, or a support forum, for this app. Right now I\'m running between 10% and 20% of being able to record my workouts. Some of the time it says the machine isn\'t connected the first 9 times you scan it, and might say okay on the 10th (or, you know, might not). And about 2/3 of the time that it scans it properly, it never records the workout session. Given the lack of documentation, I can\'t tell if I\'m using it wrong, or if it just doesn\'t work. I\'m resorting to taking pictures of the machine at the end of the workout to record it, knowing that I can\'t trust this app. Wonderful idea. Would love it if it worked. Don\'t have enough information to even know who to ask about why it isn\'t working.
Kenneth B. Glasser 2018-09-13

Used to work good. No longer syncs (all workouts need to be manually logged). Using Pixel 2 Android 9 / Pie. Using LF elliptical (Planet Fitness - machines are less than 1 year old). Doesn\'t look like this app was properly tested.... Tried it on 4 different ellipticals, in 2 different Planet Fitness locations....Note - it says it is Logging in, or Logged in to, but that is not really happening.
Di S 2016-04-07

Workouts did not save Did a workout information was all there then 2 days later did another workout an wondered why I still wasn\'t close to my calorie goal went through the log and my other workout had disappeared.
Steven Doyle 2017-03-21

My local YMCA just got upgraded with these new Life Fitness machines and when the app works, it\'s great but it barely ever does and I find it very frustrating. Sometimes I\'m half way through a workout and it just ends for no reason. Sometimes crashes at the end of a workout so it doesn\'t record what I\'ve just done. Constant synching problems. Very annoying so I\'m uninstalling.