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Life Hack Tips - Daily Tips for your Life



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Description of Life Hack Tips - Daily Tips for your Life

This life tips app is a free and easy-to-use application contains tons of life tips in different categories such as technology tricks, health and drinks, money savers, etc. With these life tips you can learn a lot of knowledge and tricks to make your life easier and happier. You will find this app very helpful, and also you can share the life tips with your classmates, or friends via Facebook, WhatsApp and other social apps easily. Here are some tips for example:

1. Take a sip of coffee before adding sugar, you won't need as much sugar for it to taste as sweet afterwards.

2. Using your phone while it's charging can damage the battery. This is why the cords for chargers are so short.

Core Features:

★ Tips with different categories.

★ Easily browsing tips.

★ Daily life tips for you to learn them easily.

★ Beautiful user interface.

Tip Categories:

★ Technology Tricks

★ Food and Drinks

★ Health and Fitness

★ Money Savers

★ Life Tips

★ Party

★ Survival

★ Brainy

★ Self Defense

★ Travel

★ Learning and Study

★ Study Boosters

★ Money Making

★ Home Decor

★ Hacks For Girls

★ Summer Hacks

★ Communication

★ Office Work

★ Pet Hacks

★ Car Hacks

★ Productivity

★ Gardening Hacks

★ Clothing Hacks

Just enjoy this app and if you have more life tips and you want the share them with others you can send them to us (email: fireshooters@outlook.com), and we can add them to this app and help more people.

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User Reviews


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Nasim Azad 2019-10-09

Very entertaining and educational. However, I have one suggestion; why isn\'t there a \'save\' or \'favorite\' button for every tip? There\'s only a share option and to save tips for myself for further reference, I share them to my notes app but this is more time consuming than pressing a \'favorite\'s button\'. Please add a favorite button to the tips. Thanks.
Zsuzsanna Vári 2020-07-21

Sometimes silly, sometimes clever, sometimes useless, sometimes useful tips and hacks sorted into categories for easier to browse. 😊 UI of the app is pretty impressive. ✌️ Although a search bar would make the app easier to use for sure. And marking favourite hacks would be also a nice feature some similar apps already have. 🤞 Otherwise, this is app is just totally fine in its category. All those into fun facts can give it a try.
Vasavi Poddar[XB] 2020-06-01

It\'s a good app.. It teaches us more and gives us knowledge about the facts that we don\'t know. It\'s very helpful and useful. I am happy I downloaded this app, because being a fitness freak from this app I got to know that we should always have an orange before working out as it keeps you hydrated as well as prevents your muscles from getting sore and I even learnt many more things. Everybody should download this app..
Tristram Bovell 2019-11-21

You\'re adverts are very intrusive, every few clicks! I also don\'t expect to see a Wish advert with a Cock Ring being displayed in what I believed to be a family friendly app. You should choose your advertisers more carefully. Not impressed. Uninstalled.
Rachel Killeen 2020-08-20

Nice idea, could improve. Some of the hacks are common sense, others are really useful. It would be good to have the option to save or pin your favourites in one place. At the moment you\'d have to choose the category and go through them all agon to find the one you want. I also don\'t like that it doesn\'t link directly to Google play to leave a review, unless you give a thumbs up and say that you\'re going to give 5 stars so think reviews may be biased.
ERFAN JABARI 2020-01-03

Absolutely, it is an amazing app. Beneficial, offline , no irritating adds (depends)and it\'s completely free! Give it a try and install this app you won\'t regret. Tips that this app recommends you will be helpful in different fields that we are getting involved with them in our daily life and although help\'s you to keep your mood and self confidence okay 👍. Personally, I do appreciate the developers effort for making this wonderful app. Looking forward for new updates and new tips!
Charles Rowe 2019-10-17

Dumping it. Interruptive ads, ads, ads...and more ads. Sickening.
Christina Queen 2019-11-08

Pretty cool 👍 I was surprised that it actually has life hacks that I\'d never seen anywhere else unlike most sites or apps. So far I\'m impressed! I hope they continue to add hacks that are just as cool as the ones they offer now! I definitely recommend the app & think it offers hacks that almost anyone would find useful! 5 stars for sure! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
lee xin yi 2020-04-03

Helpful. This app can not only demonstrate how you can keep yourself fit and healthy , but also many different types of activities that you might want to try and share with you some fun facts. The only problem that I\'m facing is they have ads but is okay as it is not very jam where some apps were. :)
Michael Owen 2020-04-10

It\'s fine. That\'s about as stunning of a review that I can give. I\'ve had this app for quite a while but have never used it. I didn\'t delete it because I thought maybe something useful would be there some day & there is. That being said, the 1st time I go to use it I discover there doesn\'t seem to be a search tool. So if ur looking for something specific that could be in multiple cats forget it. If there\'s no search then it\'s done solely to garner clicks. Theres neat stuff but I\'m uninstalling.