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Life of Millionaires - Play, design & get rich!

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Description of Life of Millionaires - Play, design & get rich!

Have you ever dreamed of living the luxurious life of a millionaire? Now is your chance to make this dream come true! You can make big money playing slots and use it to purchase new properties, decorate and renovate them into stylish offices and beautiful bedrooms. Finally, find new tenants so you can collect rent and make your wealth grow day by day.

PLAY exciting slots games for free and collect big money!

DECORATE, design and renovate bedrooms, kitchens, yachts, restaurants and more!

MAKEOVER your life and bring valuable new ideas and home design trends to life!

EARN money and increase your wealth by collecting rent and buying new properties.

Just playing home design games is not enough! Enjoy thrilling slots and become the real VIP of this game. Home makeover and interior design games have never been so fun!

Life is a (home design) game. Play it right and become a millionaire.

*Life of Millionaires is intended for adult individuals and does not offer real money gambling or an opportunity to win real money or prizes.

**Please note that [ Life of Millionaires ] saves your progress on your device. Data will be reset if you delete the app or change your device.



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lable: Simulation - Games Current Version:2.0.1 Publish Date:2021-09-07 Developer:CookApps

User Reviews


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Becky Burch 2021-01-24

I used to love this game but now they\'ve destroyed it! I paid to have the ads removed and the new update deleted that as an option and added the ads back into the game and didn\'t even offer me my money back! Secondly they got rid of the money that you use to play the slots with that\'s supposed to be separate from the money used to decorate with and so now you use your decorating money to also play the slots! Which means that you lose money for designing to play slots! Will be deleting!
Linda Tryon 2021-02-04

I really enjoy this game and the aspect of it, however I too am stuck. Apparently there are no more rooms to decorate at this point. Hoping you get it back up and running.🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ It\'s been like this for a couple of weeks now. UPDATE 2/3/21-Now deleting this app as I didn\'t get an update and have been stuck for weeks without being able to move on.
Kaci Archer 2021-01-27

I had to update my review taking it from 5 stars to 1. I\'ve been waiting on new scenes for weeks now, none were added with the new update. The update has ruined the game because design money and slot money is no longer separate. You\'re now required to waste money on the slots that never hit a win anymore. Y\'all really ruined this game and for these issues, I will be deleting. Having over $60,000 and betting $1000 on the slots, I only won something 3 times. 3 TIMES OUT OF OVER $60,000. Garbage.
Carol Grey 2021-01-02

Well this was a great game I was addicted, I loved not having to do a near impossible match 3 game or word game. I finished the 12 rooms that were available and waited for them to add new rooms which they just did and I can\'t get into them, I checked for updates and everything for this game is up to date. I really love this game so please if anyone has any suggestions as to how I can fix this I would love to hear them!! I\'m so disappointed I hope this can be fixed. UPDATE: (Uninstalling)
Jessica Rought 2021-02-17

I really enjoy the game however I am hoping that we see an update soon for the rooms and issues. By the way I like having the slot money to help with the decorating I feel that is a better way to earn money. Sadly though there are facts that you never win. 2 with 30000 dollars I could only play 2x. 3. With the slots i couldn\'t get out of it unless I shut the game down to restart it.
Gina Suratt 2021-01-01

It\'s different. Very easy to play. Spin the wheel instead of a match three game for decorating. The only thing is if it\'s a millionaire\'s game we should be able to have more than three choices. How about 5, so it would make it a little more exciting. Thanks for for letting me express myself.
Rosemarie Moore 2021-01-17

So far, I Only have one complaint, this game is keeping me from getting my morning household chores done... So far It seems fun, & relaxing. Just wish you could win more dollars on the slot machine, But, very thankful that you offer enough to almost finish the job,vthen spin again. Also, not too many ads! Very enjoyable. So far, no issues of any kind. Will let you know if I have any questions or problems. God bless, stay safe and well, & Have an Amazingly Awesome Blessed year❣️
Melissa Hernandez 2020-12-29

Ok so this has been the most fun of all the decor games by far, until out of nowhere it just has me stuck in one spot I completed the room but it wont let me go any further!! This game was so much fun. I was instantly addicted but then.....please fix whatever it is that wrong with it so it can go back to being the best decor game out there.
Desi Richmond 2021-01-01

It\'s an amazing game and I really love to play it! I am experiencing some issues tho. I have been stuck on this same room and can\'t seem to get out. I\'ve completed the room and the new rooms have been added. I checked to see if it needed updated and it does not. I think that it\'s acting up for me and I don\'t know what else to do. I\'ve restarted my phone to see if it was just my phone but it\'s not that either. Could you please help me because it\'s something I can\'t seem to figure out. Thank you!
the assassination squad 2020-12-16

Super lame. You only get a choice of 3 basic designs for everything, paint, decorating, floors...whatever. No individuality, no creativity, just cliche, lame, boring, basic designing.