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Description of Life Reminders

We all are overloaded with loads of stuff to remember or to-do for us, family, children, grandchildren, friends...

Life reminders is a simple and powerful reminder app which you can use for all types of things including but not limited to: upcoming anniversary (anniversaries), wish (wishes), special date, gift, motivation, event, phone call, task, birthdays, medicine, list....

Small oversights can have big consequences...Never forget anything anymore with Life Reminders.

Reminders are easy to scheduled to go off based on date time (weekday) or Location!

Here are some examples of what it can help you for:

Something to do at a given time ?

Medicine to take at a certain hour ?

An Email to send next week ?

An important call to make at a precise moment ?

An important date to remember ? (birthday)

Something to do when you arrive at your office?

Need a alarm to wake up on mornings?

Available over 20 languages including French, Spanish, Danish, Dutch, Russian, German and of course English

You would like to see something added, send support a mail, we analyze and see what can be done we pay great attention to users' feedback, and will do our best to improve the application.

If you have any problem with it send a mail describing your issue to the support team, we will fix it as fast as possible.

We will be glad to receive constructive mails about your use of it or the issues you’ve got.



* Remember that WE CAN'T ANSWER COMMENTS. If you have a problem or want to suggest a feature, please send us an email.

* You must exclude Life Reminders from your task killer if you have one installed

* Life reminders CANNOT be installed on the SD card


You like Life Reminders and would appreciate to see it in your language? This is also one of our goals, so if you can help, contact us by email (the email address is in the about box).

The app is AD supported, if you which to have no ads, you can obtain the Donate version.

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More Information Of Life Reminders

lable: Productivity - Apps Current Version: Publish Date:2022-05-22 Developer:Cameleo-tech

User Reviews


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Tracy Howlett 2019-05-28

Been using this app for years changed phones 3 times and had no probs with change over when putting on new phones... This app is the most used app on my phone.. Love it
A Google user 2019-09-11

Silent notifications on android 10 :(
Kerry Kostinsky 2019-08-23

Generally works well but every now and then it will not show any alerts until I click on the app and then all of a sudden all of my alerts activate all at once.... Really dangerous glitch that has been happening for months now. If you rely on this app to remind you to take medications or to remember to test your blood sugar etc DO NOT BE LULLED INTO A FALSE SENSE OF SECURITY... DO NOT RELY ON THIS APP. It works well just long enough for you to begin to rely on it and then suddenly it stops.
Lloyd Bonifide 2020-06-15

I understand the need for ads. But lately, they pop up and take you away just after you start typing, causing you to have to back out of the ad and start over. The worst part is that some of the ads have audio, so if you remember you need to enter something at night, you\'ll awaken your spouse.
Mike Locke 2020-07-18

I have been using this app for about a month, I really like it\'s features and it does just about everything I want, except...... it doesn\'t always work. I need multiple audible reminders each day and every couple of days the reminder either vibrates but no sound, or nothing at all. Very frustrating, I\'ve looked at lots of app\'s and this one suits me best but looks like I will have to keep looking. If you really need a reliable reminder I suggest you keep looking.
Weylon Elliott 2016-12-25

5 Star App. A must have. Anyone can benefit from a memory aid, especially those with ADHD or other issues that negatively affect memory. Even those who have great memory ability are better off storing the memories on a notepad, or better yet, this app. It frees up the mind for other things and you can rest assured you\'ll be notified when your important times are and even reminded early if you wish. You can also notify your friends and family. Life Reminders is easy to use and it is a great relief knowing it frees my mind. Thanks.
Chris 2020-10-16

It\'s been over a month and I\'ve stuck with it. Over a month ago you said an update would fix all these ads. Just curious if I missed the update or how I fix these annoying ads Annoyed..... I\'ve used this app for years because of the ease and simpleness. Now I keep getting pop up ads while trying to set up reminders who wouldn\'t that annoy.. ???? From the other reviews it sounds like it\'s not just me? Let\'s go developer.. fix it or I think our time here is done.
YH Tay 2016-09-25

Does not pop up for the past week 25th September ... Tq for fixing the issues. To raise the review to 4 star.... (Previous review-Used to be very good and reliable but now it doesn\'t pop up despite having the app reinstalled as well. All permissions fully opened in using pop ups including settings as well but to no avail. Why? Please assist, thank you)
Henry K 2020-08-05

I really like this app but what I don\'t like are the recent changes to the way advertisements work. I can deal with them on the screen but I do not like when they pop up as I go to type The reminder information. It would be most appreciative if The folks at Life reminders would change this. Thank you
tp pe 2019-02-17

I have used this for years and works great. I never have any issues. making sure you set life reminders as an app not to put to sleep is key, the developer is not spying on your phone, it\'s just how it works now with the new battery optimization now. seriously going to give a app a bad review for that and then cry that you forgot about a $300 concert and blame the app for that also. take some responsibility in your life.... bottom line, this app works great, no issues if you follow directions