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Description of Lifesize Video Conferencing

Experience video conferencing in the most effortless and effective way possible.

Lifesize delivers award-winning, cloud-based video conferencing technology that allows you to connect, communicate, and collaborate—from one-on-one audio and video calls to full-scale company meetings spanning multiple locations.

With the Lifesize app, you can stay connected on the go. Start or join a meeting instantly, meet face to face with the highest-quality video and audio, share your screen, chat in real time, sync with your calendar, and more.

Lifesize. Work together.

Features include:

• Start a call or schedule a meeting instantly

• Share content from your device with other participants while in a call

• Comprehensive, name-based directory with search and status

• Click to call contacts, rooms, and meetings

• Add connections as favorites for quick and easy communication

• Support for hands-free calling when paired to compatible audio systems

• Send meeting invites via email or text message

• Send and receive messages with real-time, one-on-one and meeting room chat

• Calendar integration with optional meeting notifications

• Swipe to hide video and enter listen-only mode

• Pinch to zoom in on video and presentations

• Record calls and meetings for access on demand from cloud video library

• Control room system camera from your device in supported calling situations

• Optionally enable dark mode to switch to a darker color scheme

Have a question or need help? Contact us at https://www.lifesize.com/support

Note: Available features may vary by Android version. Updating your device to the latest version is recommended for the best experience.

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lable: Communication - Apps Current Version:13.5.12 Publish Date:2021-12-26 Developer:Lifesize

User Reviews


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Malcolm Abram 2020-06-19

I use Whats App and Skype routinely. Set up an account with Life Size to help my daughter who also set up an account who was expecting an interview call. We wanted practice. It would not let me sign in, just kept returning to sign in screen. Triple checked account details. No error message. Not user friendly.
Zonnyzone 2020-04-24

It doesn\'t work most of the time. I set up meetings and people I invited are kicked off or not let access in. Apart from that, it doesn\'t lag like zoom so I don\'t have to use the chat option
vikram kumar 2020-05-15

I am using this app, there are lots of problem, 1. Hang 2. Voice issue-some times completely dissappear or some time very less volume. 3. Bluetooth headphone not functioning 4. Earphone sometime work sometime not. 5. Cross connection some times when u don\'t use passcoad 6. When any normal call come it get disconnected. Redial not accept. You have to restart phone. 7. Each day while using my smartphone restart that is completely made me fed up. Many problems in this condition I m using
Dinesh Meena 2020-05-02

This is very good app for ironing clothes. you can iron your clothes anywhere from your mobile . I iron my cloths from my mobile simply I run this app . After few minutes my mobile will get hot then I start ironing on my cloths . This app is asking to Bluetooth on before using this app. Battery is go down in 59 minutes meeting . I can\'t attend more than one hour meeting.
JB The Worshiper 2020-03-09

Our company uses this app all of the time and for the most part it has been very dependable for the past 2 years. There have been some minor issues That we have encountered but they were usually after a recent update of the app and life size was quick to fix the problem once we notified them. I\'m giving you 5 stars.... So next year when we re-up on our contract think about giving us a discount.... Lol! Jk jk jk
Severus Volonté 2020-04-16

It\'s making my phone so hot that it\'s difficult to hold it in the hand and I\'m afraid that it will destroy the battery or make the phone explode. Please fix it as fast as possible because I have to use it in my company and I wish this application was more comfortable to use.
Shiven Shanmugananthan 2020-04-29

This app is really janky. By that I mean really janky. The GUI is very glitchy, some key features are not clearly marked and the app keeps crashing every few minutes , Although the android app is not very gud the desktop version works really well and gets the job done.
Arun Bhatia 2020-06-05

This app is good for VC. However yesterday during a VC I could not switch from tablet sound to earphones when I plugged my earphones repeatedly. I think some software issue needs to be ironed out here. I tried this with two separate android devices and the same fault repeated. Can you please sort this and confirm? Thanks.
Prashant Ghag 2020-04-13

There should be an option of forgot password, 3 days prior i register this app but today i am not remembering my password and not able to sign in and there is no option available for resetting the password.
Sandy Tiwari 2020-04-15

You should remove the feature where camera is by default enabled in start of the meeting. I just don\'t like it that without user concern camera is enabled. Also when camera is disabled you should not show that camera rectangular box, it just occupies the screen unnecessarily.