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Description of Liingo Rx Reader

Use the innovative Liingo Rx Reader app to read your vision prescription right off your current glasses. It’s super easy and totally free! 


* Get your prescription in minutes — without leaving home

* All you need: your current glasses, a smartphone, a laptop with a camera, and any standard-size magnetic card

* When you’re done, you get a discount code to use at LiingoEyewear.com!

How it works:

Scan your current glasses using a smartphone, laptop camera, and any standard-size magnetic card. 

We’ll tell you your sphere power, cylinder, axis, and pupillary distance (PD). 


Is this legit? Of course it is — our results have been clinically tested and proven to be as accurate as standard acceptable lensmeters and PD meters. 

You can use the Liingo Rx Reader if you...

- are a healthy individual, 18 years or older

- have stable vision and are happy with your current prescription

- have a single-vision prescription 

- have a sphere measurement between -6.00 and +3.00 

- have a cylinder measurement that does not exceed -2.50

You can’t use the Liingo Rx Reader if you...

- wear progressive, multifocal, or bifocal lenses

- have a prescription that includes a prism measurement 

- take any medication that affects your vision

- have any illness or condition that affects eye health (rely on your eye doc for that!)

Look — this app definitely doesn’t replace your eye doctor. It’s important to have an eye exam every 1 or 2 years, even if you aren’t experiencing vision problems. Liingo Rx Reader is designed to help with all those times in-between exams when you simply want to verify your prescription, or order new glasses online. 

Who are we? 

Liingo Eyewear offers a curated collection of premium-quality eyewear that’s affordable, easy to order, and fun to wear. Our stylin’ frames start at just $79 and include high-quality, single-vision polycarbonate lenses for free, with the same (or better) quality than you might get from your optician. Over on our site, you can use our virtual try-on tool for a realistic idea of how you’ll look in hundreds of styles, or order 5 pairs of glasses to try on at home — all completely free.

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More Information Of Liingo Rx Reader

lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:4.19.1279 Publish Date:2021-08-27 Developer:Liingo Eyewear

User Reviews


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Gena 2020-05-03

Everyone is saying the app doesnt work but it worked just fine for me. You have to hold your glasses exactly the described in the instructions. You need a computer or tablet screen along with your phone and a clean camera screen. Technology never fails to amaze me! Great selection of frames on the site too by the way
Jeff Sullens 2020-06-26

Pretty easy to use, but after going through all the motions, it says your Rx is complete and to switch back to computer screen. Nothing ever comes up though on either screen or phone. Tried Edge and Chrome browsers and neither worked. Had an order ready to upload Rx, and never could complete it. Guess I\'ll try somewhere else. Hope I don\'t get charged for glasses.
Krystle Williamson 2020-05-02

Horrible horrible horrible!!! Great idea but horrible app. It don\'t work no matter how many times you try!! Annoyed and will be deleting it! DON\'T WASTE YOUR TIME! I saw the commercial and got happy only to be HUGELY let down!!! If i could give it zero stars i would!!!!
Neely Abegg 2020-04-29

Extremely touchy process that I couldn\'t even get through. No camera angle seems to be good enough. Even completely level and square. The lack of camera reversal is also bad, along with the only option for instructions being audio. Great concept, but horrible execution.
April Leggett 2020-12-14

Frustrated!!!!! Tried eight times to get it to read my prescription. It worked one time but then when I couldn\'t log in because I needed my password resent, it shut me out of the whole thing and once you\'re at that point you can\'t get back to the previous step. You have to start over from the beginning. After trying three more times I just gave up.
Paula Harris 2020-12-04

Worked great. I did it twice and the rx was spot on both times. Really appreciate not having to pay the big bucks and the massive time spent at the doctors. A great app for people whose dog eats their glasses and are in a bind and/or for people whose prescription hasn\'t changed in years.
Julie Heller 2020-05-10

Awesome technology. I\'m stuck with broken prescription glasses. Replacing with progressive readers online purchase. Found this website via advertisement. Walla its easier than shopping for readers online. Steady hand, few minutes of instructions. Once you sync app with PC screen, audible instructions gets your eyewear prescription uploaded & now I\'m checking out recommendations & frames. Make sure your ready for a quick selfie to measure pupil distance, face size. Great!
Sean Roxburgh 2019-10-16

Website is nice, and easy to set up. The only issue I\'ve found is the virtual try on. Anytime I try to do it, it just kicks it back out. It\'s most likely a tech issue, so I wont talk negative about it. Overall, awesome site
Cody Holt 2019-11-22

Worked half way, then it wouldn\'t scan through my glasses. Kept repeating \"make sure the dots are visible in your mobile screen\". They were obviously visible in the lit up box and held it for over 5 min. All I got are tired arms and a nightmare about dots in my screen. Never got the app to finish.
Jordan King 2021-01-01

The idea sounds great but holding your glasses level and tilting them with both lenses the exact same distance is difficult enough. I managed to do it several times, yet I was apparently not tilting them perfectly so how does anyone expect to do this correctly? Idea is great but honestly, the process is...dreadful for lack of better word.