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Description of Lili Banking for Your Business

Named one of the 50 Most Innovative Companies in the World 2022 by FastCompany, Lili brings you banking designed for your business. By combining a checking account with technology to save on taxes and accounting software, Lili is an all-in-one mobile banking app designed to save time, money and energy for anyone who runs a business on their own. Only available for Sole Proprietors and Single-Member LLCs eligible.

Lili is a financial technology company, not a bank. Banking services provided by Choice Financial Group, Member FDIC


- Visa Business Debit Card

- Business Cashback Rewards*

- No minimum deposit required

- No hidden fees

- 1.00% APY on Savings*

- Fee-Free Overdraft up to $200*

- Connect to all your marketplaces and get paid up to 2 days earlier

- Mobile Check Deposit

- Cash Deposit at 90k participating retailers

- Fee-Free ATM withdrawals at 38k locations


- Write-Off Tracker

- Tax Bucket

- Estimated Taxes Calculator

- Schedule C Generator*


- Built-in invoicing software*

- Scan & Save your receipts

- Automatically generated quarterly business reports

- Transaction Categorization


- Full library of tips, tricks and resources

- Exclusive webinars and community events

- Promos and discounts from our partners

- Curated newsletter and business-related content

*Only available with Lili Pro

** The Annual Percentage Yield (“APY”) for the Lili Savings Account is variable and may change at any time.

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User Reviews


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Mary Grove 2021-02-09

Absolutely reprehensible customer service!!!!!!!! I opened my account funded it after reading everything under the impression I would be able to use my virtual card which I have yet to be able to successfully do! Keep getting notifications from the app that my card is not active so it\'s declined!went ahead and set up a direct deposit coming through cannot get customer service to respond to the app or the phone! They\'re holding my money hostage
QUEEN Christy 2020-09-29

Love this app. And bank. I\'ve used so many different prepaid online banking apps and have not had a great experience with all of them but this one has so far been great and I will continue to use it for business and personal banking I love the customer service and love the chance to explore different options for my business while having a reliable banking application and banking team
Jamie Waters 2020-07-16

I really liked them at first, but then they rejected a check I tried to deposit saying that it was already deposited somewhere else, which is not true. I verified this with the issuing bank. They then charged me a returned check fee and closed my account! I was never able to deposit that check anywhere either since they flagged it as fraud. Horrible business banking!
Zaq Mosher 2020-12-03

Great concept. Terrible execution. I tried to transfer funds from my bank account, something glitchy happen after I initiated the transfer, and it sent me back to the screen asking how much money I wanted transfer. I don\'t have enough funds in my bank to cover the transfer twice. I looked for a pending transfer screen. It doesn\'t exist. So, I contacted support. This is why the one star review. They don\'t understand this simple question. Back and forth for days. Horrible customer service.
Shania Torres 2020-07-27

It is a good account to have. I have the Business Debit. I love how the app categorizes your purchases: Life, Work, Balance. A Plus: It allows for you to attach a receipt with your payments- very good for Business purchases. It has information on the app about small businesses, freelancers, and small business owners. It allow provides suggestions and info on Business loans. I would\'ve actually gave this app 5 stars, but I just don\'t like that there isn\'t a way to login online. AWESOME!!!!
Heather Williamson 2021-02-03

I love the lili app I would give it all 5 stars but I cant for 2 reasons. 1.) My debit card and phone were stolen and I filed a dispute and had proof that it was stolen and they said doesnt matter there was no error I wasnt getting my $300 dollars back. 2.) if you place an order for food online they put a hold on your money to make sure you can cover a tip and taxes all of which is fine but the apps I use for that when I place my order the tax and tip are apart of my total. I dont get it.
Luke 2020-06-16

Lili started off great but has moved down to headache. One, none of my checks even government checks will deposit. CS couldn\'t do anything to help. Two,there\'s no way to deposit cash at all(OB 101). They couldn\'t even provide a temporary card number. While waiting for a replacement card, I asked about tracking my card. They said \"just wait\" up to 10 days. Which is no bueno for a business. Now, my cards being declined for urgent business purchases. This is not \"business\" banking. Maybe a hobby?
Home Wrecker 2021-01-06

everything i could have hopped for and more! i\'m so in love with this app no hidden nightmares so far so good.... its been 6 months ill give it another 6 months before it gets the golden ticket of approval but so far its my ace in the hole! I love how you can organize everything by categorizing items and even adding copies of the physical receipts to the charge on your account. This app takes the guess work out of my taxes too!
victor chant 2021-01-28

Its free! Its awesome! Better than majority of local banks in terms of separating expenses. Deposits and transfers need to be \"right now\" is the only downfall. I shouldnt have to wait 4 days if i transfer money. If i do that its because i need it now.
Angela Smith 2020-08-14

Another thing I love how fast they respond to the emails when have a question and the lady respond to me with break down details which I loved that part , I\'m slow in the head at times and she broke it down for me and I very much appreciate it.