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Description of Lily’s Garden

Romance? Garden? Puzzles? YES! Lily’s Garden is all this and so much more.

Renovate the garden and solve challenging puzzles with this relaxing and romantic free match-3 blast game!

Help Lily renovate her great-aunt’s garden to its former glory and match flowers to solve challenging blast puzzles. Dig into a romantic love story full of twists and turns as Lily interacts with a cast of colorful characters. Match flowers & start your garden makeover – play with themed boosters & renovate the areas with dozens of customization options!

Discover hidden areas and choose among hundreds of flowers for your garden decoration project! Sit down, relax and enjoy this puzzle game enriched with a beautiful romantic story! Start your makeover now!

Game Features:

- RENOVATE, decorate and expand your garden with unique locations that tie into the story!

Get ready to redesign, rebuild and customize things the way you want. In Lily’s Garden, you will manage the renovation of several parts of your estate: the facade of your home, the fountains, the old lake, beehives and dog houses and much more! Complete the makeover of the whole garden and receive tons of awards!

- MATCH flowers and solve hundreds of addictive blast puzzle levels!

To accomplish your design ideas, you will have to use stars. And for that you’ll need to play matching games of which there are hundreds available in Lily’s Garden. Some of them can be challenging, but luckily, you will earn rewards throughout the game (like boosters!) which can help you overcome those fun but tricky match 3 blast puzzles!

- ENJOY plot twists in the story and uncover hidden secrets and mysteries along the way!

Lily’s Garden is not just a decorating and matching game, what makes it unique is its exciting story! You’ll meet many characters and interact with them, prepare yourself for the most amazing encounters: from a strange (but cute!) neighbor, to new family members and even some four legged friends!

- EXPLORE the garden with its hidden objects, dozens of flowers and unlock secret areas

The garden you will be remodelling is large and abounds with secrets and mysteries! As you advance in the game, you will get to explore new areas, come across many surprises and be tasked with solving several enigmas!

- RELAX and live a romantic story with funny and heartfelt dialogue!

Besides being a fun and beautifully designed game, Lily’s Garden is also an excellent way to relax! Take a break from your stressful activities and spend some time diving into a calming world of landscaping and yard decorating. Not only will it be satisfying to revive your old family garden, you will love working alongside Lily and her many human and animal friends. You will also experience a real love story with your neighbor(s) and meet so many quirky characters along the way!

- SPECIAL EVENTS and REWARDS: Participate in daily special events and earn great rewards! Join tournaments for even bigger wins.

- MAKE FRIENDS: Join a family to interact and chat with other players and exchange lives and game boosters!

Flowers are blossoming and Lily’s garden is ready for its makeover! Are you ready to decorate and renovate this beautiful garden?

Lily’s Garden will be updated with more blast puzzles to solve and more romantic chapters regularly! Stay tuned for updates and drop us a review!

Facebook: facebook.com/lilysgardengame

Instagram: instagram.com/lilysgardengame

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More Information Of Lily’s Garden

lable: Puzzle - Games Current Version:2.8.1 Publish Date:2021-11-19 Developer:Tactile Games

User Reviews


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Krysti Schroeder 2021-01-29

Love the game! Its a great little match game with a story, and I love picking out upgrades to the estate! :D 2 things, though: It needs an option to save a Free Life gift for later. I always get them at the most inopportune times, or get a whole bunch in a row. There also needs to be an option to turn a rocket in a different direction (maybe added to side with the shovel and rake). I get so frustrated when I\'m *so* close to completing a level and every rocket is facing the wrong direction.
marcia yingling 2021-03-12

Sometimes this game is fun. Sometimes the algorithm is set so you can\'t win. Its discouraging knowing no moves I make will change the outcome. I like not having ads in the game. But the options to purchase game boosters are far too pricey! I have not and will not buy help. I play and lose a level no more than 3 times. After that I close out. Play one of my other games and come back later.
Donna Poli 2021-03-09

Love the game and the story line, I like making the gardens, I get stuck on a level for a looong time sometimes but there are little \"help packages\" to get you through it, eventually. I have not spent one penny on help playing and I am on level 706 so it can be done without $, some games you get to a point where you can\'t win without spending $; so far that is not the case with this one. It does glitch quite a bit! And even though they update it every few days it never seems to improve.
Jessica Davis 2021-02-05

Love this game!! It is very fun to play and I\'ve made it to level 4500 and still able to beat the levels. The extra prizes are great but I\'ve learned to save some of the challenge prizes until I need them. That a way I don\'t loose out on the unlimited lives. Never made it this far in a game before and still totally enjoy playing it. Highly recommended!!!
Stephanie Frost 2021-01-30

Very enjoyable! I\'m past level 4400 and have never spent a single penny on in-game purchases...I think they\'re silly . I love the community side quests with rocket ruckus and color collections. Downside is the storyline and the way it proceeds. There\'s no way to review the story once you\'ve gone through it. I do like the option of being able go change the decorations in the garden, though. Especially for Halloween and Christmas!
Sharon Fleener 2021-02-01

At first I had trouble but I stuck with it and really enjoy now. I am surprised that out of nowhere Lily shows up with gifts. No other game does that. I get tired of people saying levels are too hard or you have to spend money. Wheres the challenge if it was so easy? I\'ve never spent a penny, I just stay with it and am rewarded for my tenacity. Love it dont change it. 9/14/20 The game just keeps getting better. And I love the story. I hope to play a long time.
Alex Davison 2021-01-19

I waited to review the app until I\'d passed 30 in-game days, in case the puzzles became impossible without a purchase. I\'m addicted to these puzzles. Some of them are too easy but for the most part they balance being challenging without being impossible to beat. I\'ve found that if I spend too many tries on one puzzle, the game will eventually make it easier to move on so that you don\'t rage quit. The storyline is charming. I love playing it while I watch TV - something to do with my hands.
Del Menze 2021-01-13

Update Jan. 12, 2021--I am DONE!! It is unfair and idiotic to expect a player to struggle for a whole week to complete a single level. This is a game, it\'s supposed to be fun and relaxing not frustrating and infuriating!! This game has a good storyline and graphics, too bad its just another \"pay to win\" trap. I\'d rate this game zero stars if I could!! Deleting and will not be back!!
Lexi True 2021-01-07

I am very critical of games and apps. In fact, I haven\'t kept any of the games I downloaded this past year because none of them could keep my attention long enough to enjoy/like them. My only critique for this game is that, when beating the harder levels, we should get an added incentive (ie., double point value, extra rewards, etc.). Thanks.
A Google user 2021-01-09

I absolutely adore Lily\'s Garden, the storyline is awesome & has me in stitches especially grandpa. I find it very addictive & I always want to see what\'s gonna happen next. Anyone can play & have lots of fun with it. It\'s great to play with friends & make lots of new ones which I have done.This game has become my guilty pleasure. You\'re missing out on so much fun, so come on give it a go. Honestly it\'s fab.The more the story goes on the more you need to follow Lily\'s adventures with her.