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Description of LINE Official Account

◆LINE Official Account

- Use business account to communicate with clients via broadcast messages, chat, and Timeline posts.

- Any LINE users can create an account for free.


- Send messages to all LINE users who added Official Account as friend.

- Use chat with clients and Auto Reply when you're unavailable.

- You can post on Official Account Timeline.

- Account page is provided to promote detailed business info.

◆Other features

- You can specify a Sub Admin for management.

- Statistics is provided.

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More Information Of LINE Official Account

lable: Business - Apps Current Version:2.15.0 Publish Date:2021-11-05 Developer:LINE Corporation

User Reviews


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Itti T 2019-05-28

This app do not yet support ios but Line forced us to create new account with this new app (Line official account) instead of the old one (Line@)? This means that people in my team who use iphone can not help us manage the account from their phones. Why not allow us to have options to create the new account on either app for the time being? Or even better why not launch this new app once it support ios??? This is a really really stupid move from Line management team!
Gebriyani 2019-10-27

Slower than my grandma. Can\'t find language settings (or does it really exist?). Doesn\'t have copy & paste feature for text in chatroom. Everything is too complicated, even sending a broadcast is a horrible experience. It can only search for tags and title, we can\'t look for any conversation in chatrooms using keywords. The worst part is: Limited free broadcast. Terrible. Please update with better version.
Kanpisut Yuktananda 2020-01-24

If we are forced to be using this application, why don\'t you make it better than LINE@. It loads extremely slower than LINE@ and is not users friendly in most of the features and areas. I cannot find the language and texts setting. Does it even exist? All in all, what a disappointment. Make this a better version of LINE@ replacement and I will be pleased.
just a random Weeb 2019-06-22

worst version of line@. i can\'t check the chat, so i can\'t reply to my followers. The system is suck, line@ is way better. u can only send 500 broadcast messages per month, and line@ can send 300.000 messages/month and that\'a for free user. u need to select the pic or vid one by one, instead of select them all by one just like in line@ did. u can only post 9 pic/post, in line@ u can post 20 pics/post, isn\'t that awesome ? please bring back line@
Ola 611 2020-04-23

This is the worst messenger apps, trying to make a broadcast message and it really took me a long time! It seems like always freeze when i type the text message. It feels like im typing with a super outdated and old program!! Why the hell you make us to use this app if the apps is not ready?? Just give me back ke old Line@! This is the worst app ever
michele y 2020-03-14

BAD! before this app we\'re all using Line@ app with unlimited access & messages, then change to limited messages approx 10.000 ? (in this period of time we try to using as much as we provided by Line@) then now we moved to Line Official Acc apps which really really limit their messages into only given messages to 500 users ? REALLY ?? U KIDDING? very BAD!! How come if we have more than 10.000 users ? Meanwhile its only fanbase account that only want to make biggers community without funding 🤬
Viva Viv 2020-11-11

Needs more upgrades like when broadcasting it goes to the people in the spam list that\'s a useless waste of broadcast especially its counted even if i pay extra. Also reporting the user option when they send inappropriate messages or inappropriate photos only option for this is spam list... Hope they can fix this soon.
Agerone fo 2020-03-22

You know what? This migration from LINE@ means nothing except it\'s worst! You\'ll need to have patience just to write a simple less-than-500 words text because of its slow response to the typing speed. I\'ve been using Line@ since the year it was released, and it\'s been a pretty fun ride. But this? While i know this application is still under development and i know you\'re working hard on it. So please, fix this.
Alvin Wihono 2020-12-11

This app needs A LOT of improvements. There\'s always a bug that makes you can\'t schedule the timeline post. There\'s no help center inside the app and the help or manual guide is useless. You\'ll find nothing about this error.
Bravo Wijayadi 2019-08-14

BEWARE. NO SEARCH function for names or chats, it can only search for TAGS. NO complete chat BACKUP function, and can only be fetched once per week (LINE@ was even worse, cannot backup chats at all). Only 500 free broadcast messages, for those thousands followers accounts, we have to pay ~USD20/mo. Picture upload function is limited and not user friendly. I wholeheartedly regretted migrating to LINE Official Account. On the positive side, this seems to be smoother and better UI than LINE@.