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Description of Link to MyASUS

The Link to MyASUS feature is a handy tool that's part of the MyASUS app.* It seamlessly integrates your ASUS PC with your mobile devices, boosting your productivity and allowing easier multitasking. A series of features enables you to transfer files or links quickly and wirelessly between devices, control your phone from your PC, or access local PC files remotely from your phone. Link to MyASUS simplifies your life!

* Link to MyASUS is only supported on ASUS devices using processors later than Intel® 10th Generation and AMD® Ryzen 4000 series.

[File Transfer]

Simply tap or drag to send files to other PCs or mobile devices in the blink of an eye. It is many times faster than the traditional Bluetooth file transfer, with a user-friendly drag and drop experience to ensure seamless transfer among devices.

[Shared Cam]

Turn your mobile device camera as a webcam. Simply select “Link to MyASUS – Shared Cam” as the video source in your PC video conference app, then you can easily enjoy seamless webcam share.

[Hands-Free Phone Calls]

Make and take phone calls, which can be routed through your PC’s speakers and microphone. You can also access your phone’s contact book on your PC, so you can search for contacts and call them directly. There's no need to dig out your phone from your bag or pocket!

[Remote Access]

Use your mobile device to remotely access files stored on your ASUS PC and use your PC as a personal cloud replacement and gain access from your mobile device anywhere and anytime. Remote Access, including Remote File Access and Remote Desktop can be extra beneficial for commercial users who would need access to files in the office during a business trip or at home.

* Remote Desktop is not supported on Windows 10 Home edition.

[URL Share]

Simply tap the share icon in your browser and click MyASUS on PC or tap Link to MyASUS on mobile device. The link of the webpage you are watching will be instantly sent to other PC or mobile device — where it will open automatically for seamless on-the-go convenience.

Learn more at ASUS Software Webpage:


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lable: Productivity - Apps Current Version: Publish Date:2022-05-17 Developer:ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC.

User Reviews


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Sean Mackin 2020-05-30

A complete waste of time! I downloaded the android app and the windows MyAsus App. It took over an hour just to get to a log in screen in the android app. I had to connect and reconnect my phone to my laptop 3 times. In the end connection in this app failed to connect to my laptop. My experience doesn\'t come close to the seamless experience in the YouTube video for the android app. I uninstalled both apps.
Daniel 2020-05-06

\"Please select device name from list on you pc\" ... What list??? Edit after dev response: I really do have another Bluetooth device connected-my headphones. If having any device connected to the pc in addition to the phone ruins the app\'s connection then you should rethink about how it should work in the first place. My phone is \'connected\' in my pc Bluetooth menu and the phone app still asks me to click on my phone name- that does nothing btw
Amol Bhosale 2020-11-28

App is best there is no problems in any feature it provide.But there is only ove problem is that app works on background automatically and if force stop app this will start automatically without opening app that cause privacy and battery drain and high cpu usage(android) issues so please try to fix this thing.
Mac Stacks 2020-07-13

Updating to 4 stars. This app functions perfectly and 8 have absolutely no problems with anything about the function, design, or user interface of the app. Only one thing keeps this from being 5 stars. Without windows pro it doesn\'t support remote desktop. They could have easily made this app a work-around to that terrible flaw in windows 10. Not sure if it was something where Microsoft provided incentive for Asus to coordinate this with their non allowing of remote desktop with 10 home.
Matthew O\'Grady 2020-03-18

It works but it has the dumbest problem ever since I use Bluetooth earbuds and what not I leave my Bluetooth on bit if you do that while you\'re laptop is turned off you\'ll get a constant can\'t connect to you\'re laptop at the bottom of you\'re screen. It\'s honestly the dumbest problem ever it\'ll waste you\'re battery trying to connect 24/7. I\'m uninstalling and using the Microsoft one.
Suvigya Jain 2020-04-05

The app seems to be very unstable. It keeps popping up randomly. I love the functionality of the app. You can seemlessly transfer data between your pc and cell phone which is great. However, please work on app stability.
Shash - What The Tech! 2020-07-30

I am not sure what\'s happening, in the mobile app every 2 min it log itself out and asks me to log in again, and on the desktop my asus app refreshes bluetooth which makes it to reconnect the device again and again, its just been 10 min since i have installed the app and it has already asked 10 times that my laptop wants to connect to my phone which is annoying.
Elton John Luiz 2021-02-09

The experience isn\'t 100% smooth, but I\'ll take it cos there is no alternative that comes close to this in my experience, especially as it\'s built in to the laptop😁😁😁. But it would be great if the file transfer limit of 1 GB from phone to the laptop were removed, because this limit doesn\'t exist when it\'s the othey way around: laptop to phone transfer. Screen mirroring and extender does have its issues and requires fixing, but its core features are pretty good! 😇🙌
Lakshya Sharma 2020-08-27

Well in previous version of this app I can acess screen mirriroing feature but in some latest updates in not working like it working on previous version but not working now. And if you can add a clipboard feature which let you send or like you copy text in laptop and you can have it in your phone.
Anthony Brooks Art 2021-01-11

In general, it\'s great. Having some settings in the android app would be useful, to determine where received files are stored. Additionally, often when I\'m transferring files to my phone, they\'re received, but aren\'t added to my gallery/photo library until I manually tap on each one and open it in the gallery. This is still easier than putting everything on a flash drive or directly connecting my phone to the laptop, but loses any convenience when transferring more than a couple of files. All-in-all, very useful, though the bugs/lacking features make it less desirable. Update: (in response to the developer response to my initial review) the files do go to the LinktoMyASUS folder, though for some reason not automatically. I first have to go into the Link to MyASUS app after each file is sent and select it multiple times before it will appear. Waiting doesn\'t affect the file transfer as I\'ve given it ~1hr previously and the files still didn\'t appear in the aforementioned folder until I manually opened them several times from the app. Aside from that, I still love the app and use it daily for work.