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Description of LinkedIn: Jobs & Business News

Find jobs with Linkedin, the most trusted network and business community. Build connections with industry leaders in your community, discover the right career and find the perfect workplace for you.

Search for jobs easily with LinkedIn. LinkedIn's community of millions of business professions can help you find the right connections and the right career. Filter through millions of available openings, recent posts and customized recommendations to find exactly what you need.

LinkedIn is one of the largest social networking apps, grow your network with business contacts, stay up to date with companies, and follow thought leaders. Taking that first step by adding business connections, sending InMail messages or joining a group will change it all. LinkedIn can help you start the conversations you need to find a job.

Get all the information you need, instantly. Find business insights on salary, company size and job responsibilities. Safely apply to any position with your resume or professional profile in a few taps, straight through the app.

Take your first step by searching for jobs, developing business contacts, connecting with recruiters, and applying for your next job with LinkedIn!

5 reasons why you’ll love the LinkedIn app:

- Job search & recruiting: Find positions suited to your skills and apply

- Business networking: Network, request referrals and stay up to date on your contacts

- Job finder: Research companies you’re interested and see if their open roles

- Business news: Get relevant news delivered to you via your Daily Rundown and write your own

- Social network: Create your profile, keep an up to date resume online and highlight your skillset

LinkedIn App Features:


• Find jobs and connections through the brand new connections you'll make through LinkedIn

• Find jobs through recruiters

• Apply for jobs for every type of profession

• Find jobs that give you flexibility and let you work from home

• Get news and information on workplace culture before you apply

• Job salary details, job responsibilities and more are available

• Job alerts for any new openings you might be interested in

• Careers can be found in every field


• Leverage LinkedIn’s social networking tools to increase your connections and enhance your career

• Connect to the largest social networks for members from around the globe

• Import contacts for a quick & easy way to grow your network


• Find your group or your community easily through LinkedIn

• Network on the go; connect with new contacts and easily find industry experts

• Follow companies, influencers and professionals

• Social networking for businesses: showcase your company or product to find new opportunities

• Start a conversation easily with all your contacts


• See what your connections are saying in posts and conversations.

• Business news from related industries to help you stay up to date

• Share articles with the LinkedIn community & your business contacts

• Write posts and connect with your community


• Apply for jobs using your LinkedIn profile

• Easily submit your resume for any job

• Keep your LinkedIn profile up to date as a virtual resume highlighting your experience

• Share accomplishments, job responsibilities and skills on your professional profile

Job seeker looking for new employment? Business networking? Business news and industry buzz? No matter where you're at or what you're looking for, LinkedIn makes job searching easy. Grow and connect with friends, colleagues, companies, industry experts and the rest of the LinkedIn community.

Want to make the most of LinkedIn? Upgrade to a Premium subscription for exclusive tools.

We ask for a few permissions when you use this app. Here’s why: http://linkd.in/1l0S8YZ

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lable: Business - Apps Current Version:4.1.639 Publish Date:2021-11-27 Developer:LinkedIn

User Reviews


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Justin Geisler 2021-01-08

It\'s a good app for the most part, but when they added the \"double-tap to like\" feature, it has really dampened the atmosphere. Now it\'s filled with a bunch of people that are only concerned with tricking others into liking their post. It went from feeling like a really well-made app for professionals, to just another social media platform like Facebook. I wish they\'d get rid of that stupid feature and be a little stricter on what content is appropriate.
Laz Confidential 2020-10-12

For a professional tool, there are way too many bugs. For instance, when someone sends us a connection request, we can\'t click to see their picture. It simply doesn\'t open. Same thing happens with replying to their message. Unless we accept the connection, go back and enter into the person\'s profile properly, many features don\'t work. Sometimes the app needs to be restarted in order for it to start working again. A month after this review still no info from the developers team... Disappointing.
Haydn Richards 2021-02-10

Not the best app, constantly telling me I have notifications when I don\'t. I\'ve always got messages (according to the red icon in the corner), but don\'t as I delete them after I\'ve read them. That number increases after each message too! Pages often don\'t load or take a time to open. On the verge of deleting and trying again in a few months. Am I alone with these problems?
Benito Vanderkley 2020-12-12

Terrible app. I wouldn\'t wish it on my worst enemy. I\'ve experienced the same problem for weeks. I can\'t enter my account because of an error. And when I was finally able to (after God knows how many times), I reloaded the timeline once, and what do you know? Same error. I uninstalled and downloaded it again. and again. and again. I love LinkedIn, but this app is just a headache.
Vishnu Prasad M 2020-11-05

The app is useless for the last few days. I\'m following a highly active community on LinkedIn. But same posts from 3-4 days back is always there on top of my feed. No matter how much I refresh the feed, new posts won\'t appear. I tried everything from clearing cache to reinstalling the app. The feed is like my profile now. There are posts I\'ve liked and commented. Even if there are no new activities on the post by my connection, it\'s still there.
Mumma bear Carthy 2020-12-05

Excellent platform, for self and others joint formula for creating a better networking environment and teamwork. You hear remarkable stories, if you take the time to listen. Being personally both physically and mentally disabled, this wonderful application gives me the opportunity to learn and grow to a degree, within the boundaries of accomplishing the ultimate voluntary sector in the field of my choice. Have a beautiful peaceful weekend. Written and composed Saturday 5th December 2020.,(09.23)
Stephen Cummings 2021-02-03

This has got to be the worse all I\'ve used in my life. I put in all my details, press next to go to the next page just for it to say, something went wrong. Then it gives you the option to dismiss. All the information is correct. Waste of my time, app deleted! LinkedIn replied to this email, I tried to reply via the link they send to show them what is not working. The email like does not load.
Jenny 2020-10-06

The new upgrade is great! More user friendly for sure. I like the way I can communicate directly with my contacts. Just one glitch, though: I don\'t like the inability to edit skills. I no longer work for a company on a specialized team. The app won\'t let me change the team info. I can move that info down to the bottom of a list, but people can still read the whole list! They are getting misinformation! Frustrating. Oh well, it\'s still a great networking tool!!
Kevin Lee Wendell Crumb 2021-02-24

The app was good when I first used it. And I have used it for quite some time too. But recently like today, I came across an issue with LinkedIn, lagging and crashing, unable to load. Kept telling me there\'s an error when I access it. The main page just refuse to load and kept saying there\'s an error. So I thought maybe i will reinstall it instead. I tried reinstalling it but it\'s the same. And now I can\'t even access it anymore. Also I can\'t even fully uninstall it. Please do something/fix it.
Mustafa Husseiny 2020-11-05

The last update really good . I can feel the optimization in the app, new features has been added but app is lightweight more than before. I can see a huge improvement in UI and UX. One suggestion from me to the team behind the scenes, would be great if I can someday navigate to different components in the app just by swiping on the screen left and right instead of clicking on navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. Long story short the app 5 stars.