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Description of Live or Die: Zombie Survival

Live or die: zombie Survival is our new post apocalypse survivor simulator game with new enemies, items, RPG and action elements. Survive and explore the open world, build and upgrade your home, build a motorcycle, an all-terrain vehicle and a raft to survive ... Try our post apocalypse survival simulator.

From the creators of survival games like Survival island: Evo and The Last maverick.

Survival game features:

☆ more than hundred items, armor and weapons

☆ open world to explore

☆ exploration of bunkers

☆ building a house

☆ raids on other survivors

☆ HD - graphics

Zombies Apocalypse Survival Tips:

⛏️Make resources with an ax, pickaxe or other tools

Lots of useful survival resources right under your nose. Wood and stone are excellent materials for shelter. While you’ll explore the vast open world, you'll also be able to find chests that contain tools, weapons, and other vital resources for survival.

⚔️ Craft weapons and armor

Our zombie survival game is unpredictable: the victim can always become a hunter. Choose from hundreds of weapons and armor. Create the best weapon and always be ready to meet the walking dead night and day!

🛡️ Defend your home

You will have to develop and fight for your life even more desperately, because this is a survivor with role-playing elements from the third person. Now the surviving players have joined the zombies who want to attack your home. No human can tame a zombie, there's nowhere to run, so get ready to shoot!

🏗️Build and upgrade

Pay attention to the condition of your home and workbenches, as much as surviving in an open world with many zombies. It is not enough to make a house out of a pair of planks, because without walls you will not feel safe. The construction system in survival games does not limit you in the shape and size of the house. Stakes, traps, turrets and various improvements will help you to defend your home.

🗺️Explore the open world

Are there islands or land in this vast world without zombies? Now you can find out for yourself, because one of the main features in our project is the ability to create a motorcycle, raft, all-terrain vehicle or boat. Explore the surroundings around your home. Who knows what will come your way? Airplane crash, military bases, bunkers, other survivors on the raft, abandoned shelters, zombies, mutants. Moreover, as you explore the open world, you can find resources, as well as improvements for your house, raft or motorcycle.

📚 Learn the history of the apocalypse

An unknown cataclysm turned the world into an endless desert flooded by zombies. The last survivors are looking for shelters to unite and dream of finding their own home.

The task of our game is to find out the truth about what happened and how to save the world from zombies.

🌋 Survive in the world of the apocalypse

Zombies evolve, animals can mutate, the danger grows every day.

You need to constantly create new items and improve old ones in order to repel their attacks

Download Live or die: zombie survival and embark on a survival adventure. Play without Wi-Fi and internet connection, survive as many days as you can, competing with your friends.

⏲️Coming soon:

- Multiplayer with friends: free PvP;

- Large settlements to communicate with other players;

- Clan bases: build a base with friends and attack other clans;

- MMO raids on bosses and hunting the walking dead with a clan;

- Cooperative PvE quests;

- Pets

Facebook: www.facebook.com/LiveorDiesurvival

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lable: Role Playing - Games Current Version:0.2.457 Publish Date:2021-11-20 Developer:Not Found Games

User Reviews


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Revina Que 2019-06-30

This is Last Day on Earth improved. The game is very balanced. Great job by the game devs! It was addictive for a while, but I\'m sort of winding down now that I\'ve built a big stone base. If you\'re into zombie survival RPGs, this is one of the best out there. I just wish there was the option for a female character.
Isa ac 2019-05-15

A very nice game! But, please make another survivor or relatives of you, to live with you on your base, as they can help you get foods etc. And also please make \"Pine tree Production\" so we can still plant and cut down trees on our bases. Btw, I like the concept of the game it\'s own, thanks, I wish my opinion will be on the next update xD, Thanks again! Have a nice day! :D
Robert Heist 2019-08-20

Bug. Two of the places won\'t let go back into the area. Please fix. Also please fix when u die that your body is still there and doesn\'t despawn.
BM 340 2019-06-29

This game is really great but it needs more things like more building parts and animals and more guns and little bit better animations ... But anyway this game is awesome great job guys
Charles Mains 2019-03-27

okay i love everything about this game, but since the last uodate me or my girlfriend havent been able to access the suburbs (labratory) please find a way to fix this idk how many other people are expierencing this but it is pretty annoying i appretiate this game so much its almost the only game i play and easily my NEWEST ADDITCTION
Michael Joyce 2019-07-16

i live this game! It\'s intense, Lots of ways to earn gold for easy gameplay, needs more motorcycle part opportunities, only need a few peices but not to be found anywhere.... different types of ore and wood not found either...
HAILEY DAYOC 2019-07-17

The game is great, but then i can\'t choose the gender..im a girl and i want my avatar to be a girl,but its not. So disapppinted..but im still giving 4 stars. Hope to have an improvement about this.tl Thanks and more power to the developer. i have one question, i used the invisibility potion and went to overpass. The problem is I cant get outside the building..I think I fell and Im stuck inside..I cant get out
John Salka 2019-10-13

It\'s a great game. Very imaginative, Very addictive, and it has very good graphics. I think it is 100x better than thE zombie FSP games that are out. I am only comparing it to FSP zombie games because it has zombies. That\'s the only thing it has in common with most the other kill zombie games. This has areas you can roam freely in. You Collect items and build weapons. There are so many areas and so many variables in each area that it\'s a game that you don\'t to get sick of playing!!!
Cameron Odell 2019-04-22

should they should make it a little bit easier for people to kill the bad guys and to get more guns and food and to level up more easier and to find car or bike supplies much easier as well
viola prottas 2019-08-21

I realy like the game but I think you need to make easy accsse to a wepon worth the challange. I do other Zombie games and either they have a plane drop, but there are very vert few enimes, or they have a place where food only can be found again very, very few enimes.