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Description of [Live Wallpaper] Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

How about changing your smartphone wallpaper to an "Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp" artwork!

"Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp" is the mobile app where you can enjoy easygoing campsite development in a world inhabited by animals and time flowing like the real world.

* This wallpaper is supported on Android OS 4.2 or newer. Note: Some devices may not be supported.

* This is a limited wallpaper with the Google Play logo included.

* Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google LLC.

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More Information Of [Live Wallpaper] Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

lable: Personalization - Apps Current Version:1.01 Publish Date:2021-03-09 Developer:Nintendo Co., Ltd.

User Reviews


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Travis Vest 2020-03-11

Pretty epic, though a few suggestions though it may only be me that likes this kind of stuff. Maybe add a night mode, where it has a night sky with stars moving above them as well. Also, making the world spin and move when you swipe to other screens, maybe even have some of the characters move around here and there randomly, and where you can touch them to make them move. Other than that, love the idea, keep up the amazing work!!
Christopher Murtha 2020-12-25

People thought that this was the real game, when this was a live wallpaper! People didn\'t even read the title closely, I thought this was going to be the real game but I was wrong! The pastel colors were beautiful, and I just love it. It never lags on my device, and it fits perfect with my pastel blue phone case with clouds! I just want to say, thanks for the making of this wallpaper! I appreciated it!
Vicki Beard 2020-12-22

If ppl can actually see, this is not the real pocket camp. But I am kinda mad and sad that some devices cannot play it anymore. If you guys can, I would be VERY happy if you made it available again! But I do understand it might be because some devices cannot support the AR feature. But maybe you could make it where it could be an option or something because i really enjoyed playing pocket camp! (I like the wallpaper also)
magmir78 kila 2020-09-02

Okay, so I know people are gonna think that this is animal crossing pocket camp. But it\'s not. And people are saying that it kicks them out of the game, it\'s going to do that. There is 1 wallpaper, it\'s good don\'t expect anymore or any less. When it kicks you out, it applies the wallpaper so don\'t get mad that it kicks you out of the game, because it\'s supposed to do that.
hello have a good day 2020-03-25

Waste of time. Downloaded it, opened it, no problem. Pressed add wallpaper or whatever it was to change wallpaper, didn\'t do anything whatsoever. I can\'t play the actual pocket camp game so I thought this would be great and cute but nope. Please either make this or actual pocket camp work for my device version.
Xxthe lol fake guyXx 2020-04-22

This app is not a game it\'s a live wallpaper it says it in the title \"[live wallpaper] Animal Crossing pocket camp\"it\'s a wallpaper based on Animal crossing pocket camp so stop saying it\'s a game and the live wallpaper works perfectly so if you think it\'s a game look at the title again and if you want to play animal crossing go play animal crossing pocket camp it\'s free and its a game
Ale M 2018-11-30

it would be perfect if the little clock on top of the sign would truly work as analogic clock! maybe it\'s too small, but it\'s right in the center..! please! ❤️
Deja Kat 2021-01-20

PEOPLE CAN\'T READ Honestly, from what I can tell the Majority of negative comments are just people who think this was trying to be a bait and switch for animal Crossing. It\'s not. It clearly says it\'s a wallpaper. Read what you\'re downloading people!! Your phone is just out of date and the app isn\'t showing up for you. Update the firmware if you can or just upgrade.
MisticTea Ranger 2020-12-03

I actually want the pocket camp back! It\'s was the only animal crossing I get to play plus it\'s fun enough. When I noticed it doesn\'t exist anymore I was so confused. Plus it was the first animal crossing I have ever played and it was the best game!
Rodmjorgeh 2020-07-12

All of this review comment section is absolutely sad. People who think that you could play some Animal Crossing game are the dumbest person alive. IT\'S JUST A WALLPAPER, NOT A GAME!! It\'s cool though, so don\'t say it\'s rubbish when you don\'t even know its use. God, some people are really low IQ.