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LiveOne: Stream Music & Events

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Description of LiveOne: Stream Music & Events

LiveOne, formerly LiveXLive powered by Slacker, is a totally reimagined music streaming app that lets you listen to your favorite music, tune into podcasts, and watch video and live streaming performances for free, all in one place.

With our global coverage and massive collection of music, you’ll get:

• Free access to the music, podcasts, and events you love

• Hundreds of interactive and hand-crafted music stations

• Music recommendations personalized just for you, so you can discover new favorites

• Live video streams of festivals and concerts from around the world

• Exclusive hosted audio and video shows

• Exclusive podcasts from the most influential entertainers

• The ability to easily collect and share your favorite songs

• The power to create your own stations and playlists

• Unique interactive news and sports programming

• On-demand access to millions of songs and albums with subscription

• Offline data-free listening on mobile with subscription

Check out LiveOne.com and follow @liveone on social media for announcements about upcoming events and exciting new features.

Want to get the most out of LiveOne?

Become a LiveOne Plus member:

• Ad-free listening

• Maximum audio quality

• Unlimited skips

• Auto renews monthly at $3.99 USD

Become a LiveOne Premium member:

• All the benefits of LiveOne Plus

• Listen offline

• Play millions of songs and albums on demand

• Create your own playlists and stations

• Auto renews monthly at $9.99 USD

Privacy policy: https://www.liveone.com/privacy

Terms of use: https://www.liveone.com/terms

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lable: Music & Audio - Apps Current Version:Varies with device Publish Date:2022-05-28 Developer:Slacker Inc.

User Reviews


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Victor Dee Eason 2019-09-26

I used this when it was Samsung Milk Music. When that went away, i switched to Slacker and loved it. Way better than Google play, Pandora, YouTube, I heart radio, etc. Great selection and seems to be more accurate when playing similar artists. Minimal ads on the free version, so it\'s not a pain to listen to. This is the best music streaming app I have come across so far.
Batya Weber 2019-12-21

Well you have lost a long time customer. Your most recent update is terrible. Will not start. Black screen. Freezes up my whole phone. Clear cache, clear everything. Force stop. Nothing! Have done numerous bug reports and get no response. You should be refunding the service that is paid for to everyone who has paid for and can\'t use the service. I will not be back.
Daniel Hilario 2020-07-23

The premium subscription is a great deal and worth it if you want complete access to artist discography, higher quality streaming, offline listening, creating playlists, and want to support a company that brings live performances to you throughout the year. I\'ve been a loyal listener for over five years and they are constantly improving and adding new content.
Nays Artistry 2019-12-13

I\'ve been using this app for years now and starting about a week ago, whenever I try to open this app it just goes black and then an error message comes up. I\'ve even deleted the app and downloaded it again. Upon doing so, it opens the very first time and then never again resulting in the previously mentioned black screen.
Amber Slone 2019-07-25

I\'ve had many issues even attempting to use the app lately. It takes a while to load...IF it even does. It crashes a ton when trying to open it. It also has issues starting new stations, sometimes it won\'t. I really hope it gets fixed...it was one of my favorite but now I might sadly have to delete it.
True Snake God 2021-02-08

Can I get some music with my ads??? Seriously though I\'ll listen for like 10 minutes and spend roughly half that time listening to ads. It gets worse with every update too! I know you need to make your money, but this is ridiculous! On top of this stupidity half the time when the ads end the song doesn\'t play!!!!!! The timer will go up as if the song is playing but nothing happens!!! I\'m getting a new app!! Been on here for years and have slowly watched this thing go to hell!
ruffypoo 2019-04-23

I\'m canceling my subscription. reasons for this. the heart is now green and hard to tell from white. when slacker ran it it\'s easy to tell the red vs white. my biggest issue with it is the fact they shrink the damn app when you close your phone so if you want to open your phone to skip a song you have to first click it to make it full size. WHY!!!!!! Nothing was wrong with the way it was before.
Michael Kielsky 2019-12-17

Lots of issues, recently, have to clear the cache and force stop and restart multiple times each day ... Ever since it changed from Slacker it has had lots of issues ... many, many, many emails exchanged with \"support\" -- their solution: reset everything and reinstall -- which just means they don\'t even read the logs uploaded with each problem report. Lowered to 1 star. ... The emails from support are all a version of \"ignoring what you submitted, just uninstall and reinstall everything\"
spacegirllost 2019-05-18

I switched to another service my husband uses to save money some years ago but kept the Slacker app because of all the previous years of building playlists as a paid subscriber. Was worried for a second when I saw an app name I didn\'t recognize updated - no notification about Slacker changing what so ever. Opened the app and gave it a chance but I have to say that the UI/UX is a TERRIBLE downgrade from what it once was. Such a shame.
BlueLight Glass 2019-12-27

Poor new version, keeps the screen black and would not start. At first, I was thinking something is wrong with UCONNECT in the car, but the same issue with music with just a phone. Keep on trying to reinstall...seriously considering cancelling my subscription. Too bad, with ad many apps as they are, one would think you should be on top of your support.