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Hatchful - Enjoy hundreds of professionally designed logos for free!

The logo maker app that fits in your pocket - introducing Hatchful by Shopify! Quickly and easily design stunning, original logos from scratch with the logo maker from Hatchful.

Our logo maker is designed for the entrepreneur on the go! With our logo design app - you can build your brand in seconds! No graphic design experience? No problem! Hatchful is the logo maker that works for you. Our powerful logo design tool comes jam-packed with all the color & text editing tools a business owner needs to create & edit a unique logo for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin or Instagram profiles.

A logo design app that’s quick and easy-to-use - Hatchful lets you create original logos for use in web content, marketing emails, social media posts, flyers & more! With our fully-loaded set of graphic design editing tools - there’s no limit to what you can create!

Logo Creator from Hatchful comes equipped with tons of free templates. Choose colors, styles, icons, fonts & branding elements to create your own custom graphic design. Amaze potential customers with a stunning & professional business logo!

Use our logo creator app to create original, professional elements in just a few clicks & generate custom designs in less than 5 minutes - without having to hire a designer or arts expert.

How it works:

Select the industry for your brand to have Hatchful create your own personal templates. Hatchful’s logo generator works for any industry - Arts & Photo, Toys & Games, Technology, & more!

Start customizing and editing your logo! Use Hatchful’s text editing and graphic design tools, change fonts & select unique colors combinations for your business

That’s it! After editing - download your logo!

Create in seconds with Hatchful Logo Maker & Logo Creator app! Start developing your professional brand for free!

Terms of Service: https://hatchful.shopify.com/terms

Privacy Policy: https://hatchful.shopify.com/privacy

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lable: Business - Apps Current Version:2.3.0 Publish Date:2022-06-17 Developer:Shopify Inc.

User Reviews


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Kyle Ling 2019-02-06

simple and super easy and it came out quite amazing actually 😍 my only concern is that there would be many others with the same style or logo as mine. not sure how many options they have because its very straight forward and to the point. which is a great thing for ease of use, but just not sure how original it is if that makes sense 🤔
Jenny Esdaille 2019-06-19

This app is awesome! It let\'s you make your logo without any interruptions such as ads. In fact, there are no ads! There is a large variety of things to choose from. At first when you get to the colors you might think that you can\'t choose colors yourself, but after you pick a section it offers colors you can choose. You can choose fonts too! This app has no paying involved too. This app is amazing! If I could rate 100 stars I would. I really recommend this app. 🤗😀❤
tts 2019-06-18

Extremely limited functions which prohibit you from personalizing the templates. The only functionality available to the user: change colors, change fonts, change text, change size. If you find a template that might work, but you dont like the image, you are S.O.L.!
Mark DeBut 2019-09-21

It will only give you the logo you made in the form of a .ZIP file through email so it actually requires a computer, and they sell your address to companies, and it\'s far more tedious than useful. Basically Microsoft PowerPoint templates but with even fewer options. Bad.
French William Fry\'s 2020-07-14

Great app. Interface was easy to understand, navigate. I think you could go for a wider variety of . png or gif, images. Bring it more personal, if it\'s feasible. Great sets of fonts. That\'s important to me, anyway! First thing I check out, let me see their font\'s! Haha... Anyway, guy\'s, it\'s cool, it\'s fun and it\'s marketable. Not only 5 Stars, but, 5 👍👍👍👍👍 as well. Best of luck.
Atlantic Gaming 2020-06-27

Honestly, its pretty great! I was looking to make a logo for my Photo Edits account, and this did the trick fast and easy. You just select the name of your bussiness/account and a slogan, then choose a template, colors, and font, then your done! And there are quite a lot of templates for every need, so there is a good chance you will find one you like. Sorry for rambling on, but all around a great app to find a great logo!
Paula Mirante 2019-10-22

A Rare Pleasure! Logo Maker is one of those rare apps that delivers what it promises. In less than 10 minutes i created a logo I liked enough to use on my website. No intrusive ads, just a great, free app that\'s fun to use and produces quality content. Nice job, dev\'s..... Keep up the good work, and please keep this app free and uncluttered. It\'s brag-worthy, and I\'ve no problem enthusiastically endorsing it.
Anupam Banerjee 2019-01-30

extremely rigid app. you just can\'t do anything using your imagination. All you can do is putting your company name into a template and choose between a handful of colour & font options. No editing the icon, no changing position of objects, not even picking your own colour palette...and of course, no transparent logos. Sad!! :(
Faith Mupenda 2020-04-07

Excellent App,very easy to use. You just plonk in your business name... and it gives lots of options to choose from. It\'s great that it does the graphic work for you and you just play around with the colors. Though I would have preferred that it saves your work for comparison such that at the end you choose the best option from your creations
ambria wheeler 2019-04-07

This is a wonderful App... I looking to start an online business soon. I decided to look for app that was for Logo and they have a lot of selection and it looks like u can do business cards too... will play around with app to get the full capabilities and then Ill put more detailed review but so far great app