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Description of Logo Maker : Design Logo

Branding for your business

Create original logos and use them for your business, they are the identity

Design the ideal logo for your business that stands out and helps your business grow.

Promote your business and leave the never lasting impression on the audience.

Branding is very important when it comes to

- building your company

- presenting your impression on customers/consumers

- advertising

Logo Maker gives you the freedom and ease of building the right kind of branding for your business.

As branding is one of the most important part of your business, it should be creative, precise, something that express your business.

Create a stunning logos or just a sticker, icon, artifact and many more. Edit them anytime you like.

There are limitless possibilities of creative and useful designer artifacts you can create using Logo Maker

Logo Maker has 10+ categories of core logo icons to choose from and countless emoji's, symbols, heart shapes, basic shapes, stickers etc.

This is how you will create a branding for your business :

1. Choose from given icons divided in different categories as a start of designing a logo, 2. Decorate it with stickers and artifacts of your choice

3. Add text to the logo. Here you have many beautiful fonts to choose from. Choose the size and color of your choice

4. If you like you can also decorate it with custom brushes and draw by dragging your finger over the screen

5. You may also use the plain brush stokes of any color to show your painting skills

Altogether you will be surprised to see how quickly and beautiful logo you may create with this app.

So don't wait any further, just download this amazing Logo Maker - Designer and start building some serious branding logo for your business

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lable: Business - Apps Current Version:2.1 Publish Date:2022-06-02 Developer:Sweet Sugar

User Reviews


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Gacha Florence 2019-04-19

wow it\'s an amazing app I love you can make lots of different logos it can teach you how to make a logo for a business one day. I hope that one day if I get a computer I can download it and then I\'d be able to print out my own logo it\'s amazing for a business I have a business for children like me so this app really helps me learn to make logos. I cannot wait till I get my Laptop I\'ll finally be able to make a logo. Download this app it is an amazing app and I highly recommend it young kids.😄😀
A Google user 2019-03-11

This app is horrible I totally don\'t recommend!!! It\'s so confusing and weird I hate it don\'t download it!!! I give it a 0/10 for me 👎👎👎👎👎😠
Brittany Moore 2019-07-23

I am absolutely astonished with all the capabilities this app has to offer! better than Photoshop mobile in my opinion! thank you so much for the hard work put into development! easy to understand, so many great features, love the simplicity of the app and how ironically it can be used for very complex designs! i will forever use this as a go to with my graphic designs and logos! makes it easy to create🖤🔥🖤
Amber Oden 2020-04-19

Ok, this is very good. I thought it would be like, a bad app, but I was wrong! One question though, Can you set your youtube channel profile like the logo? This app was very good, ran smoothly, amazing good quality, and I would of course recommend this to every friend. Thanks!!!
Katherine Person 2019-03-19

Only had for 2 days but so far so good, it is slightly difficult to adjust the diameter with your fingers, I had to develop a technique to use it, lots of ads, you can edit image after saved, app keeps both old and new image. Other than that, pretty decent
Dana Saad Alataibi 2020-05-12

not alot of creativity in it would recommend adding a browser to find pictures of things you need, like for example a didn\'t see anytHing that I needed for my logo I could only use words and a frame because nothing had to do with what I needed for the logo, I Hope that I Helped U.
Cat 2019-06-09

most of the options cant even be picked, you cant change colors specifically, not to mention the app is almost entirely ads! this is a terrible app! whenever I went to save and share my logo, it didnt give me the option to save it to my device or if it did, I certainly couldnt see it because other the enormous pop up ad that blocks out all the choices! the worst part is that I cant even X out of it! this app is an infuriating waste of space. how this got so many stars, I have no idea.
MARIツ 2019-02-03

I love this app because it\'s fun and easy to use and it\'s so cool you can add it on your YouTube channel as a thumbnail and it\'s just so fun and you get to make your thumbnail however you want and is very useful for me but that\'s my personal opinion
Bl. joe16 2020-02-22

This app is absolutely amazing I had a picture of what I wanted and I got it with in 15 minutes of using the app I can\'t get of the app either got a couple of people that have asked me to make them a logo as well the only thing I would add is more stickers and logo\'s other from that it\'s amazing.
aenersa rajbhandari 2020-07-15

This app is very nice it helps me create logos and it is a lot of fun : )