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Logo Maker : Graphic Design And Logo Templates



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Description of Logo Maker : Graphic Design And Logo Templates

Want to create your own LOGO?

If yes, then this Logo Maker app for you.

You are at the right place. Create best logo maker & graphic design maker app, high converting Graphic with professional Logo maker, Design Logo and Create Logo design app.

Making digital Logo maker helps to grow your business across social media at a faster pace. You don’t need a graphic designer to create a professional advertising Logo, making Business Logo, social media marketing Logo. We’ve designed a good collection of Logo Design templates.

Logo Maker app really important to building your business’ brand reputation. When you’re ready to create a logo for your business, this app gonna help you a lot to create your very own original and impressive logo.

Logo Maker is also useful to create promotional posters, advertisement, offer announcements, cover photos, brochure, news letter & other branding material for your shop, restaurant, office or social sites.

Plenty of Logo maker templates, creative stickers, text arts, various shapes and graphic design. No graphic design skills required. Create an amazing Logo and Graphic Design with templates.

Logo Maker includes a huge collection of categorized Art(Stickers), Graphic Elements, Shapes, Mockup Backgrounds & Textures to create an original logo in no time.

Logo Maker is fast and easy to use app with tons of Arts, Textures, Background & Colors. Logo Designer App comes with all professional photo editing tools to create a professional LOGO. All you need beside is an Idea to build your very own logo.

Logo Maker also provides professional photo editing and text editing tools like: Font, Flip, Rotate, Resize, Color, Hue and lots more that you’ll need to create beautiful original logos.

Logo Maker Graphic Design And Logo Templates

Key Features:

1. Logo design templates

2. Search for your Logo from template collection

3. Just select a Logo design template and customize

4. Backgrounds & stickers OR add your own

5. Fonts OR add your own option

6. Crop images in various shapes

7. Text Arts

8. Multiple Layers

9. Undo/Redo

10. Auto Save

11. Re-Edit

12. Save On SD Card

13. SHARE on Social Media

14. Save, download and edit your Logo or Design

Free Graphic Design lets you create a stunning logo for your business in seconds, even if you have no design skills. Logo Maker allows you to create logo, icons, symbols, watermark, business card or any type of professional design like poster, banner, flyer and ads design. Design creative, modern, artistic and professional logos for your business or personal use.

Logo Maker is the fast and easiest app ever to create beautiful logo. Simply choose from over 1000+ customizable creative logo templates created by our professional designers. Then edit your chosen design using more than 250 fonts, icons, symbol and background design resources. You can create vintage logo, watercolor logo, retro style logo, artistic logo, abstract logo, designer logo and much more.

Create your own Logo in just few seconds, just enter your details and choose from multiple Logo created.

Free logo creator are very easy to design logo for various purpose.

1. Professional Logo maker for business

2. Logo maker for YouTube channel, logo for Whatsapp group, instagram highlights, tik tok profile, logo for Facebook group, page profile picture and all social networks group logo.

3. Esports Logo maker for gamers with name and game avatar maker

4. Website logo designer.

5. Logo designer for watermark on photo, logo maker for video and PDF.

Create a great brand with the unique logo design.

If any doubt in using this logo maker app you can email us mobiappinc@gmail.com

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More Information Of Logo Maker : Graphic Design And Logo Templates

lable: Art & design - Apps Current Version:1.2.3 Publish Date:2021-11-02 Developer:Mobi App & Thumbnail Maker Inc

User Reviews


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Sharon Zuniga Sedano 2020-12-24

I tried different phone apps and PC web based logo makers. I really like this one. The graphics are beautiful, with a lot of options, and it\'s easy to work with. The only thing I didn\'t like is that there is no option to shape the text, and also, all fonts say \"text\" instead of a font name, and that makes it hard to find a font and then go back to it later because all of them look somewhat alike in the options box. Other than that it\'s great. I used the free version, but I will upgrade.
Amy Derksen 2021-01-31

Considering that it\'s all free, this is a great app. It has a surprisingly large variety of templates, and an unexpectedly large array of backgrounds, stickers, fonts, and other customization options. It\'s easy to save and access templates you\'ve made. My only complaint is that, in spite of the numerous sharing options, there is no easy way to just save the jpegs to your device; it\'s an unnecessarily cumbersome process of saving them to Google photos and downloading them to my tablet after.
Karen J 2020-12-01

Update: I am SO impressed. I had a problem with the app working and no more than 24 hrs ago I commented about it here. They fixed it and commented back so I could see. I tried the app again and it legit worked. Amazing company and I am really impressed. Original review: Really beautiful combinations! I love the splatter category, though, I would probably title it watercolor instead.
SheSoSwine 2020-12-12

I LOVE IT end of story. The options you have without having to pay a DIME are pretty amazing, hopefully it stays that way and doesn\'t turn into an app that leeches off peoples money. This can be such a great help for people who are broke and trying to expand their shops/marketing style and dont have the money for expensive design tools. 5/5 right now WOULD RECOMMEND
Eden Robinson 2020-10-29

This was an excellent app for me but it wont allow me to open it now and I really need it to in order to make adjustments and whatnot or at least be able to redo it but keep the same design instead of using another app and changing my look... UPDATE: Thank you for responding. They totally fixed the issue and I am very pleased with their response time as well!😊👍🏼
Michelle Curtis 2020-11-12

I have to say i\'m quite impressed with this app. This app has helped me get my company started with different logos, fonts, colors, backgrounds, etc. This app is also pretty straightforward. It\'s easy to use and doesn\'t cost. I will say that the ad\'s do get kinda annoying at times but other than that I would recommend this app to anyone that wants to try something new and easy. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read my review. Have a nice day and stay safe.
Nicole Charley 2020-10-29

I loved this app. Used it to create numerous logos which I loved. And now the app won\'t even open! I\'ve cleared the cache, uninstalled and reinstalled, I\'m really disappointed as I need to create a logo for myself and I cant! And I can\'t find any other app that I like as much as I liked this one!
Cynthia Richardson 2021-01-12

Top complaint: not able to use offline! Why am I going to uninstall? The app has an extremely limited variation of available catagories as well as the graphics contained therein each catagory. Additionally, it fails to even offer a way to search its graphical database to give the user hopes to even find what they could settle for just like it doesnt give a way to import in any graphic to use either....other than for background. The ad placements and frequency just aggravating not horrible though
Dela Cruz, Chero 2021-02-04

It\'s really good it helps me when i am doing some logo at our business i just hate when ads keep ariving when i am going to start to edit but its ok it\'s really nice i really love it!! At first i dont know how to use this but my sister know how to use it because her abd her classmate\'s when doing projects that need a logo,well they are going to LOGO MAKER APP we really love it thank you so much!!
Jhane Villas 2021-02-23

I recommend this app because it really user friendly.. I created 2 logos with different concept and I really satified with the results. I don\'t need to be a pro to produce a creative output. I also tried other application but I can\'t manage my work. Kudos to the developer of this app. Thank you so much.