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Description of Logo Maker - Icon Maker, Creative Graphic Designer

Branding is one of the most important aspects of any business, large or small, retail or B2B. And the first step of branding is 'Get a great logo'. With Logo Maker you can achieve this important step very easily.

Create your very own professional & unique logo in just seconds.

Create logos and designs using thousands of graphic elements and editing options. There's no limit on creativity on "Logo Maker" / "Icon Maker", Logo Maker provide icons on every category that you'll need. You can make an original logo in no time with this all in one logo generator. You can change color of the icons, or use a texture image for coloring your logo and use custom filters on them. A simple icon is going to look very different with the right texture for your design. You can also create original color gradients and use them on your logos. Wait no more and start using our Logo Maker and see the difference. Logo Maker also provides logo creator tools to create really your very own original logos for all your needs.

Logo Maker is fast and easy to use app with tons of Arts, Colors, Background & Textures. Logo Designer App comes with all professional photo editing tools to create a professional LOGO. All you need beside is an Idea to build your very own logo.

Logo Maker includes a huge collection of categorized Art(Stickers), Graphic Elements, Shapes, Backgrounds & Textures to create an original logo in no time.

Logo Maker also provides professional photo editing and text editing tools like: Flip, Rotate, 3D Rotate, Resize, Curve, Font , Color, Hue and lots more that you'll need to create beautiful original logos.

Logo Maker is also useful to create promotional posters, advertisement, offer announcements, cover photos, brochure, news letter & other branding material for your shop, restaurant, office or social sites.

Logos are the face of your business. Not only do they make your company beer koozies look sharp, but they also attract the right customers by letting people instantaneously understand who you are and what you stand for. In other words, they’re really important to building your business’ brand reputation. When you’re ready to create a logo for your business, this app gonna help you a lot to create your very own original and impressive logo.

Create labels, sign and even branding with the logo maker app wherever you are. It has all the tools required to create your perfect signs or labels.

Features: Unique - Professional - Typographic - Artistic - Symbolic Logo Designs

100+ Backgrounds

Choose stunning handpicked backgrounds to enhance the visual appeal of your logo design experience

3D Rotation

Create logo that has 3D dimension with our rotation tools

Textures and Overlays

Logo design hasn't been so easy with textures and overlays. Apply 30+ different textures over your logo to personalize it


Add colors to your logo design for that extra design touch


Create logo with enhanced color correction with professionally designed filters

Typography fonts

Add unique typography fonts to your icons or stylize your brands with over 100+ different fonts

Transparent BG

Logo creator has transparent background so that you can export them easily to other medium

Advance Editing

Adjust brightness, saturation, contrast with our advanced editing tools for small changes to details

The Easiest & Best Graphic Design App to create your very own Brand Identity. Try Now!!

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lable: Business - Apps Current Version:1.9 Publish Date:2022-06-19 Developer:Z Mobile Apps

User Reviews


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Jada Wood 2019-07-16

the app was good and it made nice logos but there was so much locked that I couldn\'t really use much. please add more that we could add onto our logo and not have so much locked up unable to use.
Cody Lanier 2020-02-03

I get it, developers need money for their hard work. I don\'t disagree with that. But to charge a monthly fee for a basic-at-best logo app on your mobile device is just dumb. Especially when the options you get from it are mediocre at best. I could understand a one time purchase, but this app just isn\'t worth what they are asking.
Janine 2018-12-07

This app was layed out very well. I love that you can easily turn grid lines on and off, duplicate items, and move items using controller buttons (up, down, left, right). I give this a 3.5. It comes with some nice, but a limited amount of free designs. It would be really nice if it had all the basic shapes (square, triangle, circle) that you can use and manipulate to make your own designs. And, the ability to lasso objects so that you can duplicate and move them all at once would be extremely helpful. If it had those two functionalities added, I would give it 4.5 or 5 stars. The lack of those two things made it a bit limiting and frustrating for me. Also making the shapes get taller or wider rather than always keeping the same aspect ratio, and allowing for custom colors would be nice additions once the other two items are added.
Crystal Blumke 2020-05-19

Easy to use, icons are finally relevant to my company name. Exactly what I wanted. Took me ten minutes to create and that is with playing around with settings and all of the options available. Definitely the best app for logo design. I\'ve tried them all, and this is the winner. Download now and save yourself time and frustration. Mahalo!!
Milli boy 2019-04-13

very useful app. very easy to use. if not they have tutorial setup, to help you navigate through the app. take your time and be creative. Logo Maker offer ways and designs to create and produce everything you vision to design.
Aaron Kitchen 2020-04-06

The amount of fonts is impressive, creativity options impressive, but the amount of artwork available to choose from and add to your design is terrible. Almost nothing to work with.
jonatan munoz 2019-05-11

paid for yearly subscribtion plan, may 2nd 2019, watermark doesnt removes, nothing has unlocked from premium feature oe categories, there is a lack of restore purchases option tab, have unistalled and installed over 5 times, still no luck, no premium features, payment of 4.99/first yea was deducted, going on play store to manage subscription, no subscription to manage but google play shows i have an active subscription until may 2nd, 2020. developers, i urge you to rectify these issues!
Steve Rigter 2020-01-27

app was very straight forward and simple to use. I had an idea of what I wanted prior to downloading, and was able to quickly and accurately lay several images and letters/words over each other to get the desired effect. I created exactly the logo I wanted in about 20 minutes.
Ezekiel Ogia 2020-09-23

AWESOME APP!! And I say again it is AWSOME!. If you are a person who likes to be creative but does not have enough knowledgeto use computer programs? download this app. I love the fact that it let\'s you use different picture formats. Also let\'s you integrate your imported photos to it\'s own templete. Besides a big thumbs up to the developer. It has a wide variety of in house picture or samples to use from. I\'m sure if buying this app it will allow you to explore more. WELL DONE THE DEVELOPER!
Richard GINGE Lane 2018-11-20

This worked perfect for me. It had the right picture colour and text I wanted. If not then I could have added my own. Easy to use and it\'s free