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Logo Maker Plus - Graphic Design & Logo Creator

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Description of Logo Maker Plus - Graphic Design & Logo Creator

Create original logos and designs using thousands of free graphic elements and editing options. There's no limit on creativity on "Logo Maker Plus" [Logopit Plus], we provide icons, symbols & monograms on every category that you'll need. You can make an original logo in no time with this all in one logo generator. You can change color of the icons, or use a texture image for coloring your logo and use custom filters on them. A simple icon is going to look very different with the right texture for your design. You can also create original color gradients and use them on your logos. Giving your logo a 3D depth and making it look like a 3D logo is an option too. Wait no more and start using our Logo Maker free and see the difference. We are not just handing you free logo design templates which you cannot make anything new, we're giving you tools to create really original logos for your needs.

Additionally, you can generate more than just a logo design with Logo Maker Plus, it's simply not only a logo creator. All your social media covers can be created in a short time that you can call Logopit Plus also a cover maker, banner designer, photo editor or a poster maker. Most of your graphic design needs will be handled in one place. You can design Facebook Covers, Twitter Posts, Twitter Header pictures, Pinterest graphics, Posters, Youtube Cover photos, thumbnails, icons and many more. We provide 1000s of free ready made templates for Instagram Posts, Youtube Thumbnails and all those other social media graphics as icing on the cake.

Let's talk about typography & what magical looking texts you can put on photos with our Logo Maker. We just put a new fonts feature called "Fonts+" that got around 700 new font families which supports Latin to Arabic, Cyrillic to Greek, almost all languages. You can make your text look 3D by giving it three dimensional depth, remember Logopit is the only real 3D logo maker. You can make your text circular, you can bend text, you can make it wavy or you can use all of those features combined. There're also adjusting letterspacing & line-height options just in case.

And, using your own images & pictures. Import your images from the gallery of your device easily and add it to any design you want within a few seconds. You can use our 50 different photo filters on your images instantly. Not to mention the blending option. Yes, you can blend your images with other pictures and our premade patterns. Photo filters and photo blending... These aren't something you expect from a simple Logo Maker, are they? There's more, you can actually import your pictures right into icons, just try it for fun.

After you finish your design, you can save it as a draft so you can always come back later, modify it & generate a new design more awesome.

Logo Maker Plus in a nutshell;

• Choose and add multiple icons from our tens of thousands of free logos separated by multiple industries. Change color, apply gradient color, add texture, add border, add shadow, add three dimensional depth to your logo. (Premium and Exclusive Logo packages are available for our more interested users. Don't forget to check out the specially designed logos created using the golden ratio technique. After all, Logopit is a Logo Maker first.)

• Insert text with solid or gradient color, apply custom patterns, add border, shadow and 3D depth to it. Pick the most suitalble font inside 700 font types.

• Import your own pictures, use photo filters on them, blend them with other pictures. Add border, shadow and apply 3D depth to your pictures.

As the most complete logo designer for a business logo or just for your social media logo, Logo Maker Plus solves all your problems in one compact app. The most inspirational tools to design a logo + all other social media posts is at your service.

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lable: Photography - Apps Current Version: Publish Date:2021-11-02 Developer:Logopit - Logo Maker & Graphic Design Creator

User Reviews


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Pandas Delight 2019-05-02

It WAS awesome until I wanted to make a change to my design. when I went to make it a bubble popped up saying that this feature is for premium and exclusive users only. Ummm well I used it not 5 hours ago..what changed??? I want it back to where poor people like I can use it to make their logos. BRING IT BACK PLEASE!!!
Tzivi Goodman 2018-12-20

This is the most amazing app! It\'s so simple and high quality. In only a few days I\'ve been able to design a completely professional logo, posters, banners for my business.... I would have had to pay a graphic designer a ton of money to do what this little app does for me! Can\'t praise it enough!!
Joel Conolly 2020-08-02

So far I think the is THE best logo app for any beginner level editing. The only thing that would make it better is the search function which will help to look for the icons needed for editing. I don\'t mind the ads, but I\'d really appreciate it if you don\'t and never switch to a full paid version for many of its uses. Otherwise, I don\'t mind recommending it to anybody.
Pulin Kumar 2020-06-19

This is a wonderful app to create logo with lots of features available. But I would like to suggest a few more feature which can make this app even better. To start with, 1. No option to group multiple objects togather. I can bomb a logo but I cannot group them togather. 2. No option to search logo based on tags or simply with a text criteria. e. g. If I need to find a logo representing a book i cannot search it simply by typing book. 3. Recently used logos option would be great.
Gary Scallywag 2019-05-10

All in on this logo maker! I will say that after using the basic logos, i purchased the premium which opens up a ton of extras. this app gives you tons of options to color. blend and manipulate pictures and you can create huge variety. i really dig this app for all my ideas and if i ever bring some of those ideas to fruition. I\'ve got my logo, ready to go!
Luke Pomilio 2020-09-02

A surprisingly powerful editing tool. Whether you\'re looking to do some basic photoshop work, or mid level graphic design, this app will keep surprising you. I use this app to design ALL of my logos, backgrounds, and graphics for various social media platforms. It is often easier, and more intuitive than it\'s PC contemporaries.
A Google user 2019-01-02

only saves png as black. cool fonts... not sure if free to use however. jpg ok... but since it doesnt actually create a workable png and it keeps deleting all work... i give it a zero.
Jason McCulley 2020-07-31

Without a doubt the best logo designer I\'ve used. I have downloaded several other logo designers, none have the features offered at the free level. All other logo design apps I had were eventually uninstalled. There is no other logo design app that comes close, not Canva, not Spark, nor any Adobe apps. I have happily purchased the Premium Logo pack and the Resellers license. If you are looking for a great logo design app, this is it.
Ronald A Sanders II 2020-05-29

I just downloaded this app and I am already hooked. I have used multiple logo makers across both Apple and Android phones as well as PC and Mac computers and I have to say this is the best program I have come across. It has a very easy learning curve and I was up and creating like a Pro in minutes. I still have a few things to pick up such as locking each layer but I\'m sure it can be done. Thanks a million! I will be using this for all of ky logo needs from now on.
Gbolade Jinadu 2020-07-17

Hi everyone,After a period of time that I have engaged myself with this app at initial I found the features difficult to understand and maximized but after I studied closely, I was able to understand the complete concepts of the app and found it very proficient for graphic designs, wonderful tools, different templates and thousands of color and background, great app indeed, I love it and I recommend it for you.