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Description of LokiCraft


Build and Destroy Blocks. Get Resources and Create various Tools, Blocks and Weapons with which you can survive and build unique Buildings.

Choose your path in this world - the Builder (Creative mode) or the Ruthless Hunter who will do everything to survive (Survival mode)!

~ Be on the alert, in this world there are not only many peaceful animals, but also a huge number of MONSTERS! Fight with them, and you will receive valuable resources as a reward!

~ Explore the world, Swim across the seas to discover new lands and get resources - the world is almost limitless.

~ Build various structures - houses, castles, farms, cities ... You can build whatever you want. The game has more than a hundred blocks and various items available.

~ If you decide to survive, you will have to monitor hunger and eat on time. Look for food, grow crops or kill mobs for Meat!

~ Build your House to hide from the Monsters, and then you will definitely survive the Night! After all, they will come for you ... Zombies, Huge Spiders and other hostile mobs.

Actions in this world are limited only by your imagination! The game does not require any skills - you can figure it out in the first minutes of the game. In our game you are always and everywhere, you can have a good time.

And it is absolutely FREE!

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More Information Of LokiCraft

lable: Arcade - Games Current Version:LokiCraft. 1.09 Publish Date:2021-03-03 Developer:akseno2

User Reviews


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Ethan the Violinist 2021-02-08

This game is great! It is like minecraft but free! It has less blocks and mobs but I don\'t care much about that. The real problem is the ads, they are terrible! I can\'t play the game for a minute without an ad poping up! And when you exit out the ad the pause screen buttons won\'t work very well. But all in all this is a great game, but please work on these problems I have mentioned!
Althea Nicole Gonzales 2021-01-08

The app is very much like Minecraft except that it has less stuff like blocks and animals. I would have rated it a 5 if it didn\'t stop lagging, my phone storage is very high and it still keeps on lagging. There\'s also the ads, its not really irritating me but it can be pretty annoying. The other stuff is good though, like how you can ride a horse and stuff. Overall, great app. I just hope that you can fix this. Thank you for reading and I hope you fix it. (• ▽ •;)Have a great day and Thank you .
ShortcakeAlive 23 2021-01-08

I really like this game because you can go to the Nether and have multiple worlds. The only problems I have is that there are WAY too many ads. Even while the Wi-Fi is off! When the ads pop up and I try to contine the game, it glitches and I start walking/mining without even touching the screen. Also, what if an ad pops up while you\'re in the middle of fighting mobs? Everything else is good except the ad thing!
HydroPhantom 2021-02-07

The reason i put 4 stars is because there isnt multiplayer, i really like the game but, i want to play multiplayer with other people, the game is really fun and i play it almost every day, 2 other things is, csn you add more blocks, and change the textures on some blocks. I like this game so much and i hope you can work on these things. Please make this better than it was in 2020
camie ables 2021-01-26

Ok im not going to lie the game was a pretty good. But it went done the hole so many times...the thing is when I would try to play the game it was fine for the longest time, then out of nowhere it started to freeze up and then the game would be still playing and when your on survival you dont want that, because the monsters keep killing me. Then I would loss all my stuff that I got. You need to please fix this or it will happen to other people...
Lori Morris 2021-03-04

This is a very fun game. Very good graphics. Very much like Minecraft but with fewer blocks. Two suggestions however. I would like to see a way to clear my inventory when I want to get rid of some of my items. Two, the ads need to be less often because it can be annoying to try to place a block and just then to get an ad and accidentally click on the ad. Until then I mark it at four stars.
Sharon Orgas 2021-01-01

Great app! It\'s so much like Minecraft and the graphics are amazing. But I do prefer some updates on this game. I suggest you change the control into a joystick, not the arrows. I also suggest that maybe you DON\'T put the jump button on the side, because there\'s some confusions at the game. But overall, this is a top notch app on my phone. There are few ads popping up unexpectedly, but for me it\'s no big deal when you\'re playing a free game that\'s worth more than it. I would recommend this game
pranad a 2021-01-29

It\'s good overall, but I want to mention a few changes you need to make. 1. If you try collecting Lava with a bucket, it won\'t work, so that means I wasted 3 Iron for nothing. 2. The Ads pop up too constantly, and it doesn\'t stop the game when there\'s an ad. That means that if your getting attacked by a zombie and an ad comes, after the ad, your dead. Same with if your swimming in water
ASMI Plays Games 2021-03-05

I love the game but there is just 1 problem I\'m having in this game and that is, it always like kinda restarts the game or like completely kicks me out of the game. But other than that, I really like the game it\'s super fun to just sit all day and craft something. All of the creatures r interesting I know it\'s from minecraft but I don\'t like this one tall, black creature it distracts me a lot and if I see one of these I have to immediately stop what I\'m doing and run off to kill the creature.
Maaz Khalil 2021-01-27

The game is good, but there are some issues 1. After every 15 seconds, a pop up ad comes 2. After I close the ad, when I press the \'back to game\' button, it is not getting pressed, no matter how many times I keep on pressing any button on the pause menu, so I need to start over the game again