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Description of Lollipop : Link & Match

Indulge your sweet tooth with this addictive lollipop link puzzle! Connect 3 or more treats of the same color in ANY direction: up, down, diagonal…The possibilities are endless!

Match 3 or more candies to collect the tasty treats. But don’t stop at 3, connect as many candies as you can! Match and collect treats to make combos and get special boosters!


• Link 3 or more lollipops of the same color!

• Special boosters & powerful items will help you pass tricky levels.

• Connect the sweets with minimum moves to get higher scores!


• Tons of unique levels!

• Easy & fun play!

• No Wifi? Play offline - anytime, anywhere!

• Cute and colorful graphics!

• Optimized play for phones & tablets!


• Lollipop: Link & Match contains ads like interstitial, video and house ads.

• Lollipop: Link & Match is free to play, but you can purchase In-app items like AD FREE and Coins.


• contactus@bitmango.com



Match 3 or more sweets, and get started with a fun link puzzle!

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lable: Puzzle - Games Current Version:22.0316.09 Publish Date:2022-05-21 Developer:BitMango

User Reviews


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ThePlayer4our 2019-10-01

This is one of my favorite games for mobile. Honestly, it\'s a really fun experience. The puzzles are random in a sense where you don\'t know what pieces you\'ll get and some \"quests\" can fail just because of bad rolls, but its a very good time waster. I will recommend paying the 3 dollars to disable ads. It goes a long way and saves so much time between levels and retries. I completely recommend it.
Mandie Bonez 2019-08-18

I like the game its fun, i love the connect games, i am giving 4 stars cause every time im finished with a level ads pop up constantly, I\'m not paying money to remove ads! Other then the ads it\'s overall a great game!
DENISE Maher 2019-07-07

Nothin\' like a good ole\' fashioned link game!!! GREAT game to pass the time and become addicted to!! HAHA!!😄 Thank you for allowing each level to be completed by watching a short advertisement. Definately worth my very short wait time (and yours!!). Please keep updating this game with Lots And Lots of enjoyable levels!! 🤗😊😉
Megan Peeler 2019-06-06

im really enjoying this game..the colors in the game.. almost..like... bright. it is one of those games that is not challenging. I like it.. cause its one of those games...where..u decide how fast u want to go. sometimes i like to just play a game to where u just sit back..and my be the awesome kid who is winning. lol
Cat Mama 2019-11-10

Began with easy levels but soon more challenging ones ensued. Fun relaxing play and happy not having to purchase points that have already been earned to continue play as with many other games. Some surprising wins and glad to rate 5 stars so far. Brief ads and if you are close to completing a challenge and out of moves, you can watch a 20-30 second ad for 3 FREE moves! Awesome!!!!😁 Definitely a go-to game for me. Bravo BitMango!
Karen Antonow 2019-10-13

3)Despite many upgrades it just gets worse. The video buttons never work and it is just annoying. I got to level 331 and im just done with the glitches and just unistalled the game. 2)Update: since the upgrade it glitches like crazy with the videos so you don\'t get your extra stuff. I also lost all my coins with the upgrade. I emailed and they did respond, but nothing was resolved 1) I\'m enjoying this game and love i dont have to buy stuff every couple rounds.
Sharell Davis 2019-12-31

I Like The Game For This To Even Be My First Time Playing It I Really Do Think That Its Pretty Cool And A Challenging Game. Awesome Keep Improving This Game Its Great I Like It And My Kids Love To Play It! Im Enjoying Playing It As We Speak Really Great/Awesome Game. But The Only Thing I Really Dont Like About It Is The Ads It Really Does Have Way To Many Ads At The End Of Each Game. But Other Then That I Really Do Think The Game Is Pretty Awesome... But The Ads Really Do Need To Go Cool Game!!!
Jean Maley 2020-12-06

Good game. Dont care much for ads between each game played. One gets frustrated. Also, they want you to buy, buy, buy, to get rid of those ads. I just finally discontinue game and delete it. Im there to play games and not being put into a corner of buying or get pestered by ads. I have enough pestering in a day. Besides, who has money to pay for ads every game you chose. We are not rich. Stuck at home, trying to keep some form of sanity and not get badgered by ads. Sorry.
Valerie Benitez 2020-11-28

I appreciate the fact that the stylus issue was fixed but now there is a new issue. Every time I click an ad to get the 3 bonus moves, the ad will play but then at the end of the ad when you try to close it, the screen darkens and the ad does not send you back into the game, therefore I have to restart the game and never get the bonuses. It also happens when watching the ads for the daily spin. Hope this gets fixed soon because it is taking the fun out of the game.
Sonni Kneer 2020-12-30

It\'s a great game, fun to play, great way to pass the time. However, there are lots of ads, they are skippable at only 5 seconds so they\'re not too bad but just annoying to have an ad to skip every level to every other level but mostly every level. I get that you have to have ads for the game to be free, but could you cut down on the amount of them? And ad every level is annoying. Other than that, I think it\'s a great game, I will give 5 stars when there are less ads.