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Dreamsky: Just be Happy!

Dark Dungeon Survival -Lophis Fate Card Roguelike

We fused card games and roguelikes together to make the best single player deckbuilder we could. Craft a unique deck, encounter bizarre creatures, discover relics of immense power, and Dark Dungeon Survival -Lophis Fate Card Rougelike is a single-player RPG card game.

The game incorporates the popular Roguelike game elements and creates rich unknowns and diversity, ensuring that the game experience is different for each time. In the game world, players need to make choices when encounter emergencies, and defeat the enemies in the adventure combat by establishing card group strategies so as to complete the adventure tour of the roles.

【Independent role story】

There are six different careers of roles with different career skills and exclusive cards. Each role has an independent plot and independent battle ending.

【Different chapters of the plot】

A total of four chapters are included. Maps and the regional guardians of each chapter are randomly generated. Players need to defeat the final boss to clear the stage.

【A Large number of emergencies】

Random emergencies will occur during the game and different decisions need to be made so the entire adventure may be influenced. Currently more than 60 emergencies have been designed in the game.

【Brain-burning card group building】

The card group building in the game adopts the method of DBG, which means players do not have to choose from a big card pool to build their own card group. There will be a set of initial card groups according to different careers. Players can constantly acquire other cards during the game process and gradually perfect the card groups that are suit them.

Contact with us:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LophisRoguelike/

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lable: Card - Games Current Version:1.3.4 Publish Date:2022-06-09 Developer:DreamSky

User Reviews


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Eridani Epsilon 2019-06-26

Rogue like card games are very common now, and this one (I\'m not even sure what\'s it called) does nothing to distinguish itself. It\'s certainly playable, but everything about this game screams \"avoid.\" Poor UI, terrible translations. The condescending copy-and-paste reply for every critical review from the developers leaves a bad taste in my mouth. They couldn\'t even write their own description for the game; it\'s plagiarized from Slay the Spire!

it\'s really sad when people create games that just take the piss out of people. I\'m being deadly serious now noone spends money on games when they feel like they are have the piss taken out of them. starts off well then the get to the vampire overlord and its impossible. even if I spent money I would not beat it so what\'s your angle you need to explain what business model you run because I dont think you understand how to make money out of people??
Luis Carr 2019-09-01

FIX IT!!! With the recent update, the new \"abyss\" mode came out. Please fix the \"madness\" debuff, because when it applies, it makes the game almost unplayable. Instead of relying on skill, you\'re now faced to play a game based on pure luck. The 30% is WAY too high, I\'ve gotten a hand of cards with all being the madness card, forcing me to lose a turn and dying the next without being able to do anything about it. That\'s just unfair and a cheap shot way to make players buy more relics. FIX IT!!!
Spare Runner 2020-11-10

This is a amusingly fun game. It\'s poorly balanced, but fun anyway. Sadly, the ability to move between devices is broken. I discovered this when I thought about paying to open the one paywall class. Decided to verify that that wouldn\'t be a bad move. But I tried three other devices, and it throws the same \"too many requests\" error each time, even when it\'s the first attempt to load the save. Without a useful save/transfer ability, I just can\'t pay for anything.
Cristian Heimbach 2020-07-10

It\'s basically slay the spire, but it\'s obvious some real effort went into this. I didn\'t think I\'d enjoy it, especially with the typos throwing me off (which leads me to believe the developers learned English as a second language) but it\'s actually pretty high quality. Are there better games? Yes. Are there worse games? Oh God yes. This game may not be perfect but it is still quite good. Don\'t go into it expecting it to be an award winning game or anything, and you should enjoy it.
CK Chan 2020-10-16

Hello developers! I really enjoyed the game and the art. But I have run into a bug that prevents me from continuing the story. THE SECOND BOSS DOESN\'T SPAWN. If you click on the 2nd boss\'s level you\'ll have a blank screen only with the background. Note:I have viewed the prophet. Please fix asap. Thanks!
Rale Ranger 2019-05-31

I love the game! it reminds me of my days playing \"slay the spire\" another rougelike cardgame, but enough of that. This game shows variety in its gameplay not only allowing the player to choose a character hut also to choose the characters cards thar are going to be used. Although I must say I see alot of Pay to Win aspects in the game, either way i still love it!
Jeremy L 2019-03-11

NEVER EVER BUY PACKS!! Has to be the biggest ripoff on Android. 100% of all packs are TEMPORARY and for that particular match only. Once you end the run through with a character ALL of those purchased cards are gone forever. You need to buy new packs each and every time per run. == Also, resolution does not work for Google Pixel C tablets. == Also, balance is WAY off. Not enough ways to trim or upgrade cards, which makes the 3rd boss impossible to beat. Decent play, horrible balance.
T3RR0R3N 2019-08-15

Expect an influx of positive reviews, they\'re giving 300 crystals for them. Months later, they made new chars instead of fixing their game...it is still nowhere near balanced, bosses still out of nowhere powerhouses, has no unique flavor for a roguelike, translations are horrible, the UI is still awful, heavily overprices itself, pay 40 crystals for TEMPORARY, that round only cards, crystals still take eons...At least they copy-pasta their reply on positive reviews now I guess :/
Void Serenity 2020-07-31

I\'ve been playing this game for a long while, and I\'ve really enjoyed. The main problem is that RNG is extremely important in order to win some fights which can be infuriating.