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Description of Lords & Knights - Medieval MMO

Strategic alliances with other players, fierce campaigns and wars as well as massive fortresses await you in Lords & Knights! Trade, complete missions and discover technologies. Recruit armies of noble knights to protect your castle or conquer other cities.

Conquer an empire and make your enemies quiver before you!

Lords & Knights is a free to play medieval strategy MMO. At first you take control of one castle and its knights. As time goes by, you can expand your realm all the way to an empire with the right tactic. Conquer the cities of your enemies and become the most powerful ruler of the Middle Ages.

Raise a powerful army and lead it into war!

Recruit several medieval units like knights and foot soldiers. Lead them into battle against other lords with the right strategy and tactics, so you can strike them unexpectedly, or send them on lucrative missions. Among these missions, you will find adventures such as driving off robbers, taking part in a joust or hold a castle festival in honor of your.

Construction and development of your castles into massive fortresses!

Improve your simple starting castle all the way to a powerful fortress right in the Middle Ages. You can stock up on resources for the war in your keep, while you are coming up with strategies for the upcoming battles. Strengthen your armies by improving your armory and researching new technologies. Improve the defense of your realm by erecting fortifications or improve your resource production. Tactics are an important part of the creation of your defense and you decide on them as the king!

An alliance system that facilitates joint conquest!

Found an alliance or join an existing one, in order to plan the strategy and construction of your medieval empire with hundreds of other players. You can forge non-aggression treaties and create alliances with other alliances or march into the age of war together. You can take on different roles within these alliances, for example that of the minister of war or of defense and exchange information with your friends and other lords in the forum and the live alliance chat.

Peaceful realm or warlike empire!

Interact with other lords in order to plan attacks or set up your defense. You can support them with armies and resources. Defend each other´s throne and life in the castle! Should diplomacy fail, another solution would be a well-planned war of conquest with numerous attacks on enemy cities. Send out your armies and plunder the resources of your enemy or assault his fortifications, occupy his castle and make it a part of your empire and expand your realm. Make sure that your most hated enemy won’t remain a king for long!

Show everyone that you have what it takes to be the king of an entire realm and conquer a throne!

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The medieval strategy MMO Lords & Knights is free to play and needs an active internet connection.

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Now, start building your stronghold fortress, defend it with a thought through strategy and conquer your enemies´ empires in medieval times!

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lable: Strategy - Games Current Version:9.10.1 Publish Date:2022-05-28 Developer:XYRALITY GmbH

User Reviews


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Nathan Glenn 2019-06-13

Simple design, with surprisingly complex long term strategies. Light on mobile data usage, too! This is my favorite mobile game. You dont have to spend money unless you want to. Seriously! I reached rank 11 on one server without spending anything! Many helpful, experienced players around to help new players learn the game. Best strategy game if you want to play without the flashy animations and heavy data usage of similar games. Make sure to join an alliance, though, so you can defend each other.
John Hannan 2019-04-19

To convaluted for me, others may enjoy it..
A Google user 2019-10-31

been playing for almost 6 years now but When one player can take over a whole region himself by using 100+ accounts and bots its just sad and annoying that the developers care more about defending the integrity of the cheaters then let us, legit players who actually uses some real life money to build our empires. still paying tho , addicted Bots are fixed , :)
A Google user 2017-10-19

I\'ve been playing this game for over 5 years. Started out great. The rampant use of alternate accounts by single players makes this game unplayable. It took the developers 5 years to allow a fortress. Now a year later they are introducing cities?? It\'s no longer a medieval game. The community that was playing has left and all that remains is bots and people that spend money on this game. I\'ve tried to speak with the developers about the bot issue, however their main concern was the money being spent.
Christopher Low 2017-01-04

Still loads of cheating going uk8 is a joke !!!!!. Also the new app is a joke makes the game almost impossible to play total bag of rubbish to the comments below. You can make as many changes to the new app as you wish the new app makes the game unplayable. Iv lost time and money on uk4 thanks to you and you don\'t give a monkeys you have had my cash so you no longer care. Nearly everyone I speak to feels the same.
J Man 2017-06-09

I have been playing this game for 5 years and it has gotten better but also very time consuming.
Mark Harris 2018-06-14

All my siege towers I recruited have gone. What happened to them. Not sure what happened but they have reappeared.
Dustin Duhon 2019-03-18

Yall do not update yalls xmas version of this game. only iOS has an updated version but android doesn\'t? how messed up is that. I\'m pretty sure if yall updated it yall would make even more money than yall do now. but I guess yall sont care about your p2p players
A Google user 2018-10-14

I love this game I love all of your games keep making games
Vinch310 2019-02-08

Gotta love their sales campaign. Gold for 67% off so you can buy 19999 for 43$ Sweet except that 20000 without reduction is 48$. So either it is 67% off or it is 67% of the original price that you have to pay but either way numbers do not add up! A bit disappointed by that...