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Description of Lords of Empire:Kingdom War- Strategy RPG


Join the multiplayer online global domination war game! As a Lord with dominations, you can develop and customize your civilization. In your empire, train various units to join the war. There are infantry, archer, cavalry, chariots and knights, and they all fight for you. Meanwhile, you can join alliance in your kingdom, to communicate with players worldwide and to fight together with your ally. Research war strategies, use timed attack, strike the enemy, start or join rally to attack together with your ally. All these depends on your action and rules, my almighty Lord. You will march over your enemies’ remains in an all-out quest to conquer! Of course you cannot forget your great help, the dragon! In this game, you can capture and execute other lords’ dragons! And additionally, we have launched Kingdom vs Kingdom event, where you can join to win points and rewards! Get ready for the legend to end the chaos! Use various strategy to defeat your enemy and lead the conquest of your kingdom, you will become the King.


★Global SLG Multiplayer Kingdom Game: Build powerful army to conquer and forge a mighty empire

·Upgrade buildings including the castle

·Train soldiers to fight for you

·Scout before attacks

·Research technologies especially military technologies to gain stats boosts

·Send troops to collect resources

·Conquer and clash in Arena event with other players in this MMORPG to defend your castle and win trophies.


·Join a guild or create an alliance of your own and battle players in an open world on your mobile device!

·Real time communication with players all over the world

·Help ally speed up development

·Reinforce ally

★Defend Your Home

·Make traps to protect your troops and your dragon, defeat your enemies, and defend your kingdom castle. A perfect military strategy requires good defense!


·Grow up with the dragon in the nest

·Forge equipment for the dragon

·Command the dragon in the fighting

·Capture and execute others’ dragon

★Kingdom vs Kingdom Fight

·The attack Kingdom can send castle to the defense Kingdom

·Receive abundant rewards from Lord Rank and Kingdom Rank


·PVP military experience

·Crush the enemy castle and rob resources

·Kill monsters and the Boss to win rewards

·Join in battle over Wonder

·Enjoy the vast battleground

·Fight in the Arena without worrying about troop loss

★Find Friends and Clash with Enemies!

·Fight with your kingdom’s ally and launch counterattacks on enemies on the world maps

. Join battle as a guild!

★Be the King of all lords!

·Join now to take the Wonder and claim the Throne of the kingdom. Reign as the Emperor of all lords and enjoy the addictive royal feeling!

★Power Clashes

·Employ Knights and research techs to get ready for battle clashes. Ruin your enemy and conquer the kingdom!

★Work on War Strategy

·Plan tactics for battle in advance. Set different army lineups for military attacks and counterattacks! Perfect war strategy and find the best way to defeat enemy lord in this mobile strategy war game!

★Wonder War Battles

·Lead your dragon and troops in Wonder War. Select the needed troops: infantry, cavalry, archer, chariot, knights before your march.


·Wanna get unique layouts of your city? Just tap and drag the building and place it wherever you want it to be!

·Chances to buy hero soul stone in the store to summon hero

★Your choice: to Fight or just Trade

·All depends on you, be a friend to everyone, mainly growing from trades, gathers, and help of ally, or be an offensive players, attacking around and plunder resources to grow, or even give your enemy a complete wipeout. You make your strategy plan and war tactics. No one and nothing can stand in your way to get on top in this SLG empire builder and strategy war game!

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lable: Strategy - Games Current Version:2.0.4 Publish Date:2021-07-08 Developer:Wild Games+

User Reviews


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Patricia Ferguson 2020-09-09

Update 9/9/2020 - Google Play did respond to my concerns and was responding to my concerns. But customer service reached out. Although it took several emails to have everything fixed. They did it! So for that I had to change my rating once more.
Aidan Ahearn 2020-07-18

At first I really really loved this game, great game play, graphics are decent and I had a lot of fun. Recently I accidentally logged out of my account, I tried logging back in, but the login does not work. I tried the \"forgot my password\" link and it does not work either, after I put my email in it would come up with \"email not sent\" and the only options are \"confirm\" or to leave. I\'m pretty disappointed. I spent some money and cannot get back into my acount

Just started today. So far not bad. Day 2... OK so next day review. I\'m guessing the devs have no future plans for this game, especially since last update was over a year ago and because I tried contacting someone for help and no response. So, I will not be spending money on something that\'s of no interest to the devs. Plus, no point in spending money on something that\'s never going forward. !! Oh and devs an FYI.. your links in emails don\'t work.!!
Phantom Reaper 2020-11-01

The dragon should be usable as soon as it is unlocked and the structure is built but it has to reach level 8 just to be sent out in my opinion that is a total load of cr@p as a requirement so I will be saying that this game is NOT WORTH INSTALLING as most of it is rubbish in my opinion but it will be up to others to choose if they want to install it or not
Shelly Valeras 2020-06-24

Its pretty fun all together but helard to do simple things like change from one Kingdom to another. That\'s legit my only issue. I\'ve been trying to teleport my castle from K49 to K35 for the entirity of the time ive had this game!
James 2020-05-01

Screen goes dark after changing pic on profile, can\'t click on anything, i waited for 5min to see if loads something but no, had to restart the game to play again, pathetic! Fix your game please
Hattie Bryant 2020-04-07

I gave it a 2 for now...I just started and for some reason every few minutes my screen goes dark I have to log out and back in...but it seems like a wonderful game..just needs a little work then I will give it a 5 star
Jonah Sookraj 2020-02-06

Amazing. Also try a Easter egg hunt. The way you get Easter eggs is by attacking other people. Also there should be an Easter egg shop that you might be able to buy an exclusive castle look.
Andy Bagu 2020-12-12

Seems alright, but only 2hrs game play, update as the game is really old school when it comes to attacking. You can only attack from base to enemy. No in-between or sneak attacks.
Avin Susanto 2018-05-22

Hello, im avin one of your players on game lords of empire. I have been spend so much money on my account. Nick name is BabyRage on Kingdom 17 with 600k more power. My account has been lost cause some eror. Before my account gone i try to switch to my brother account n then bind it too his email after that i try to switch back to cause there any option back to my accoun and when loading done its not back to my account but get in too another new account please help me to fix this i already spend so.much money to this account. I have some screen shot from my account payment. Please help me. I hope i heard good news thx