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Description of Lost Island: Blast Adventure

It’s tropical adventure time! Welcome to your very own island home. Combining the best of match 3 & adventure games, Lost Island takes you on a fun-filled journey through paradise. 🌴

Explore its beach, meet new friends, & solve fun match 3 blast puzzles as you decorate your island mansion & head out on a treasure hunt. 🌅

Watch out though! This is no ordinary paradise island. Legends tell of magical, ancient spirits that have designs on its sandy beaches and tropical jungle. 👻

Uncover the mystery story of the Grand Botanist and make lovable friends in this blast puzzle quest. Design, build, & decorate your epic island mansion your way. The beach, the garden, & even the flowers - it’s up to you! 🌺 Fun game for the whole family!

Complete match tile puzzles to go on a fun journey through the magical and the mythical. Travel to the heart of the private island and discover the magic story behind its mysteries! ✨

Lost Island Game Features:

● Play exciting Match 3 Blast puzzles with fun boosters & tons of levels

● Build & design gardens, beaches, mansions, jungles, & more

● Go on an adventure through the island and uncover the story behind its ancient inhabitants

● Meet new friends along your journey and help them fulfill their dreams

● Decorate and restore your island mansion back to its former glory

● Partner up with Ellie, a curious archaeologist looking for adventure

● Explore the island on a treasure hunt & find gold, gems, & historical artifacts

● Have fun in the quest for hidden treasure with your pet seal, decorate your own mini mansion, and hunt for valuables

So what are you waiting for? Adventure awaits! Journey to Lost Island & discover a fun story with new friends.

Set out on a match 3 puzzle quest through the Lighthouse Bay, Goldshell Beach, Botanical Garden, Ancient Ruins, Cinderworth Mansion, Squidcove Village, and the Puzzle Gardens.

Build friendships, your reputation, & your island by playing fun adventure games! Your Lost Island awaits your arrival. How will you choose to design it?

NOTE: Lost Island: Blast Adventure is FREE to play and download, but you can make in-game purchases with real money to decorate your mansion and go further. If you don’t want this feature in your Lost Island: Blast Adventure journey, please disable it in your device settings.

Privacy Requests: https://plarium-dsr.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

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More Information Of Lost Island: Blast Adventure

lable: Casual - Games Current Version:1.1.986 Publish Date:2021-09-04 Developer:Plarium Global Ltd

User Reviews


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Judi Shevlin 2020-01-20

I LOVE this game!! Interesting story. The graphics are great, and the puzzles are somewhat challenging, increasing in difficulty as I move up (which is great!!). Thanks to the dev for creating a game that is a perfect blend of challenge, wit and excitement. Not TOO easy but not crushingly difficult, as to make one lose interest quickly. I play several times daily, as often as my lives allow. 😁❤
A Google user 2018-12-19

This game is fun and addictive. My only complaint is a lot of the levels are too hard. Most of the time the extra bombs and rockets get placed somewhere they dont help at all and then it takes so many lives to win the level that I just want to give up. If it was easier to win gold or the levels were just a little easier, I think that would help a lot. I do like the weekly Smoothie challenges. They are the only reason I keep playing.
Julie 2020-05-19

This used to be my favorite game. Challenging enough but not so hard that you get too frustrated. Now that has changed. The levels are so hard that I use up tons of lives. I am about to uninstall the game. I am very high up and do not mind a good challenge but some levels are just stupidly impossible to win. When you use bomb after bomb and know there is still no way to win it is beyond frustrating. It is no longer an enjoyable pastime when you feel frustrated enough to throw your phone!!
Iva Conner 2019-04-05

This is better than gardenscapes and homescapes! This game is still a 5 star for me. I love the idea of reading a story as you decorate. It has great color, scenery and characters. I love the artwork in this game!Your able to get through the game so you can read more of the story. This game is fun and enjoyable! It\'s not like some other games where they are irritating and causes aggravation. I look for games that PROMOTES FUN. If a game promotes irritation and aggravation then I don\'t play it.
john wilson 2020-01-29

ABSOLUTELY GREAT GAME. can honestly say this Is the only game I haven\'t got bored of. The graphics and story are great to the point you want to see how it ends. I have now completed the current story so am going to be waiting for the new story to begin and see how it develops. The levels can be tricky but not so difficult that you get fed up of trying.
A Google user 2019-03-23

I love the game, I have had to u install and reinstall game 5 times due to it getting to certain levels and then it won\'t load, page stays blue. the first time it messed up I was nearly up to level 800. please fix the issue. update... the game starts loading, the page turns blue and stays blue.. 3,22,2019.. update. I had to remove the game and reinstall it.. if it happens again I will give a bad review and delete the game and not bother with it again!
Christine Jones 2019-05-16

Exceptional. Even when you max out, they have an activity to keep you occupied. I keep coming back and am never disappointed. This is a fun matching color puzzle game with an interesting story. It is challenging enough to keep me coming back but not too challenging. The one time I found an issue, they responded promptly. This one is worth my game time.
A Google user 2019-03-15

I first saw an ad for this game in a video in another game I play. When I saw that a major part of the storyline centers around temples, artifacts & exploration, it drew me in & I finally downloaded it. Now, I\'m hooked. :D I love the cube-match levels...but the storyline, mystery, suspense & chance to restore the beautiful island (& to be given choices on the decoration styles) is really what makes this game unique among all others. Very addictive!
Selwin Bishop 2020-03-05

This was the only daily play game that I used to enjoy. Lately however they have changed the dynamics of the game where it takes many many lives to get past one level. It used to be that all levels were a mixture of easy, medium and hard. The hard levels maybe taking a few lives to get past, but you did get past them. Now that I am up to level 1000, I am lucky to get past one level in a couple of days which has taken the enjoyment away from the game. I had unlimited lives for 2 hours and still didn\'t get past a level. It used to be a 5 star game has now turned to 3.
Kim Swiger 2021-01-12

So far really enjoying this game. Challenging levels but not so difficult you just give up. Nice graphics, cool storyline. Hands down, best game out there of its kind, IMO. Still playing, love it. I don\'t spend money on games, & haven\'t on this one. I uninstall when you can\'t pass levels without spending real money or if they take days to pass because these games are a dime a dozen. This is my absolute favorite. Kudos. Lost game awhile back, restarted. At level 400 & still going strong. Love it