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Description of Lost Lands 5

Susan is back again in the middle of problems of epic proportions deep in the Lost Lands. Weather cataclysm, mythical creatures, ancient legends - these and more stands before the main hero of the Lost Lands.


"Lost Lands: Ice Spell" is a fantasy-world adventure game with lots of hidden-objects, mini-games and puzzles to solve.

The cold has come to the Lost Lands in the middle of the summer. Folk are hiding inside, trying to warm their homes. All the living is frozen, all the flowers are gone, the crops are dead and the birds are running for their lives. Old people say: "The spirit of the Frozen Mountains has awoken..."

But nobody expects the reason be dug deep in the ancient history of the Lost Lands, when the world was young. And yet an ancient force was awaken by the common from our world.

Wizard Maaron has called upon the only link between both worlds - Susan.

Explore over 50 stunning locations

Complete over 40 fun and challenging mini-games

Challenge yourself with interactive hidden object scenes and original puzzles

Assemble collections, gather morphing objects, and gain achievements

The game is optimized for tablets and phones!

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More Information Of Lost Lands 5

lable: Adventure - Games Current Version:1.0.4 Publish Date:2021-08-14 Developer:FIVE-BN GAMES

User Reviews


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meghana gaur 2020-01-28

The game wasn\'t completed like other four lost land seasons. It is suddenly asking to unlock to play more. Is this the format of the game. If yes then why this game is heavy to download if we can\'t play it. I think I wasted around 800mb into it. I think I have only played 10 or 20 % of the game only.
Mansi Dharwal 2020-06-29

Everything was going great😒. It\'s properly organised and I was so happy🙁but then I came to know that I have to purchase it😰. I thought that I found creators who create good games like this and let the players play them for free.😭I was wrong. It WAS good.Can you add a way to unlock by watching adds or downloading other apps and use them for some time and then the game will unlock 😃. Can you make it happen?🙂
Colin Bewley 2018-01-09

Aside from the idiotic ratings choices, one thing stands out about this game. It is far too expensive given the choices available. Therefore, I will be uninstalling the game. Have purchased MANY of your games in the past but the price increase without an initial discount option is unacceptable. Hopefully your policy will change. Until then, I will go elsewhere.
Susan Anthony 2018-01-01

At least 8 stars for the graphics. Would prefer an accessible map rather than using the hint to get the map. All kinds of items to find (owls, mittens, icicles etc.) plus morphing objects. This game is $8.00 CDN but at least they were up front about it showing US & CDN prices. Since no one else has given us games in weeks I treated myself to this high priced gem. Thanks 5-BN for an interesting and we\'ll timed game.
Cynthia Johnson 2017-12-29

Good but not as good as the other ones. Lots of game play but was kinda draw out for me. I also had it freeze up on me a few times just had to close and reopen never lost my game or spot but was kind of annoying but at least I got to complete game all the way through. I enjoy all your games , and will watch for more to come. This one was good just not my favorite.
A Google user 2017-12-28

Brilliant game but way too expensive. Dont cheat your loyal players or you will start to lose out. No need to be greedy because the ones that keep you afloat wont pay. Simple really.
Vivian Govender 2020-03-07

As always the game was fun, beautiful artwork, good animated clips. Liked the puzzles with the goblin and fairy. Nice idea to travel back to Susan\'s world to obtain some artifacts and return to the lost lands. It was an interesting touch to have a storekeeper in the game , gather money in the game and buy necessities for completing tasks. I like how it all worked together. Bonus game was short but nice. Loved the game. Thanks guys ! Keep\'em coming. Vivian
Sara Mahnke 2018-02-14

This game is ok and nothing more. It is quite typical for this style of game, which makes me wonder who in their right mind thought 7 bucks was a reasonable price. I was intrigued by the demo, but I\'m not going to be paying this ridiculous price. As a business owner, you should realize that you\'ll probably make more money if you lower the price. Clearly it has convinced many people to refuse to pay entirely. I suppose this game is just overshadowed by a very fun, well-designed game of the same type that I just finished. It was much more fun to play than this one and I didn\'t have to pay a cent. Let me put it to you this way. After enjoying a fine dinner in a beautiful restaurant for free, I wouldn\'t be paying 10 dollars for a big mac in a greasy wrapper.
Boo Nh 2020-08-18

Game is excellent as usual but it\'s not free like previous series. Just enter the 2nd chapter then we need to unlock by purchasing the game. So sad
Anna Saliba 2019-09-28

I just finished the first part of this game and I loved every second of it. I did not hit any unsolvable situations or puzzles and the hints and objects were not to scattered. I am truly addicted to your games and I am so sad that they are not availale to buy in my country so I cannot know how the story ends. I hope you will keep giving us the free ones. Keep up the great job. Anna