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Description of Lost Lands 5

Susan is back to Lost Lands in the middle of problems of epic proportions. Weather cataclysms, mythical creatures, ancient legends - these and more stands before the main heroine of the Lost Lands.

"Lost Lands: Ice Spell" is a fantasy-world adventure game with lots of hidden-objects, mini-games and puzzles to solve.

The cold has come to the Lost Lands in the middle of the summer. People are hiding inside their homes, trying to get warm. All the rivers are frozen, all the flowers are gone, the harvest is lost, all the living creatures flee to save their life. Old people say: "The spirit of the Frozen Mountains has awoken…"

But nobody expects the reason to be hidden deep in the ancient history of the Lost Lands. And yet an ancient force was awakened by the common from our world.

Wizard Maaron has called upon the only link between the two worlds - Susan.

Explore over 50 stunning locations

Complete over 40 fun and challenging mini-games

Challenge yourself with interactive hidden object scenes and original puzzles

Assemble collections, gather morphing objects, and gain achievements

The game is optimized for tablets and phones!

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lable: Adventure - Games Current Version: Publish Date:2022-06-16 Developer:FIVE-BN GAMES

User Reviews


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Sarah Matzke 2019-10-06

Couldn\'t get past chapter 4, where you have to play the hidden object game to get the first rune in the blue glowing box. Put in the hint multiple ways and still won\'t open. Disappointed that I can\'t finish the game since I have played all previous 4 games and enjoyed them all very much.
Krystina Butchee 2020-03-28

Love these games! I want to give it a 5 star soo bad but I have several issues. There are bugs the game forces me to use hint coins b4 it will let me complete a task. I\'ll know what to do but it will not let me click on anything until I use a hint. I also think we should be able to sign into the game and be able to transfer hints from previous chapters because it makes me feel like I\'m wasting money. Most of these I\'ve played and bought hints I\'ll have atleast 10 or more hints left. Even 30 on 1
John D. 2020-07-16

Fun games, I\'ve played 1-5 now. I keep a walkthrough nearby because there are so many puzzles it\'s hard to keep track. But this is glitch #2. Didn\'t even get to any bells. Cold blood elixir doesn\'t work, no matter what I do. Have the things, have a walkthrough, it just says you need to follow the recipe. Which doesn\'t work. And this is posted here and there. So the game gets dumped. But I will still try #6.
Julia Conn 2019-09-16

Excellent. Better than the previous editions. I somehow missed this episode (I\'ve played all of your other HOGs), and was delighted upon discovering it. I\'ve paid for full versions before and can\'t afford to buy them again, however... despite the frustration of having to consult walkthroughs when running out of hints, you offer your glorious game for free as well. I am forever grateful. I have PTSD and your games calm me. Didn\'t get tough until the end. Enchanting and funny. Thank you!
Gareth A 2020-08-19

Really was a fan of the Lost Lands series and they are generally very well put together. However, once again there is a glitch which prevents continuing. This one has been well documented by other players yet nothing has been done to acknowledge or rectify. The Cool Blood Elixir cannot be made despite having all the ingredients. Having spent money on other games in the series I won\'t bother anymore until the developers address these errors. Shame really as it damages the maker\'s reputation.
Lisajane Conlon 2019-10-26

Stunning illustrations and graphics, sometimes I just stopped playing and looked at the beautiful pictures! This long story was great as usual and gameplay lots of fun, I paid for the bonus game which was short but enjoyable - all that trying to revive the tired horse lol, poor thing heh heh. I recommend all the Lost Land games and this is no exception.
Sandra the bibliophile 2020-05-18

I love these series of games, the puzzles are challenging but not too difficult, at least until I got to the wind chime puzzle. I cant move forward in the game because the wind chime refuses to accept the right furthest bell small pointy one). I have spent at least an hour trying all different ways while struggling with the accidentally hitting the back button and having to start all over. I love these games but this needs addressed.
João Otávio 2020-06-05

I really love those games, I\'ve been playing for a while now and with the previous ones I had no problem. But in this one, I saw myself struggling a little with some puzzles, not because they were difficult, but due tue some bugs. For example, I wasn\'t able to finish the game because I couldn\'t put the Cristal rings on the horn. I tried for more than a hour and the game just won\'t allow me, and it\'s not even a hard puzzle. I hope you fix that.
Brenda Yates 2020-02-22

I don\'t like paying for hints. This company makes awesome game, I love them, but I don\'t like in game problems like skip or hint to cost money. I have found that I enjoy a game where I can start it for free to make sure I like and then just charge a charge like 3.99. Don\'t get all creepy and sneaky about charging. Just be up front.
Michelle L 2020-02-17

These games are brilliant! I\'ve played all the legacy, lost lands, New York mysteries and I\'ve loved them all. They are great fun, adventurous, puzzles are well thought out, great storylines and brilliant graphics. I really hope they bring out more games like this, because they are amongst the best puzzle adventure games that I\'ve played.