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Description of Lost Lands 6

In a new series of "Lost Lands" Susan has to go to the past to try and correct other people's mistakes. Will she succeed? What problems will she face there? All this can be learned by sinking into the new series of "Lost Lands: Mistakes of the Past".


"Lost Lands: Mistakes of the Past" is an adventurous hidden object game-quest with puzzles and mini-games that tells a fairy-tale story.

Many people regret the mistakes of their past, but how many people get a chance to go back and change them? The dark sorceress Cassandra has broken free after centuries of imprisonment, killing all who oppose her in the Lost Lands. To stop her, you’ll have to travel back to the past to unravel the secrets of the witch who was buried alive many centuries ago. But be careful, even small changes can cause time paradoxes and may have far-reaching consequences! Can you uncover her weakness and save the future? Find out in this exciting hidden-object puzzle adventure game.

Were you dreaming of a time travel? With us, your dreams come true!

Try not to get confused by time paradoxes!

Learn what the world of the Lost Lands could be, if you had never set your foot into!

Do not allow the Arachnoid army to conquer the Lost Lands!

Return to the starting point and correct the mistakes of the past!

- Explore over 40 stunning locations

- Complete over 40 fun and challenging mini-games

- Challenge yourself with interactive hidden object scenes and original puzzles

- Assemble collections, gather morphing objects, historical manuscripts and gain achievements

- The game is optimized for tablets and phones!

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More Information Of Lost Lands 6

lable: Adventure - Games Current Version:1.0.5 Publish Date:2021-08-20 Developer:FIVE-BN GAMES

User Reviews


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Kris Lowe 2019-05-26

Fantastic! I\'m so glad there is a 6th story. I was afraid that the series ended with the 5th. Long trial period, long game (Not a bad thing. I look at this as a novel with graphics, interaction, & music. All which gets you deep into the story, and identify with the characters). Love the paradoxes, varied collections, and morphing items. Music & graphics perfect too, enhances experiences w/o distractions. Very good bonus game. I\'m satisfied with the price. Make another in this series, please???
sian harris 2019-05-06

Another fantastic Lost Lands, realising more than ever of the characters. I just love Helma\'s look. I also very much like the improved cut scene graphics, and fresh puzzles. Very good map, lots of collectibles and morphs, and more complex relationships driving the plot. Dynamic.
Karilee Anderson 2020-02-11

I was disappointed with this one of the six as most puzzles were the same too. Untying knots! The only different one in the bonus to climb a tree where branches break when you\'re doing good, but I eventually made it. This game seemed shorter and character development less involved. Sad like you hired a new crew to quickly rush through it? We dont know much about Maaron\'s history or what became of his Dwarf friend who sacraficed his life? Did Susan go to jail after 5? explain time difference?
Tracy 2019-03-14

Will not open. Click on game screen flashes and immediately exits.
Allison Blaxill 2019-07-07

Game very short once you have paid, not worth the price, very disappointed, contacted developer who didn\'t really want to know and just gave a standard answer.
Jessa 2020-10-31

Not my favorite out of the series, pretty glitchy also. Glitches during the motch catching puzzle, and then glitched out when I was doing the puzzle directly after the potion mixing. Kicked me out of it and I didnt hit back no where near the back button. So unfortunately I\'ve had my fair share of these games and not going to finish this one.
Renae Fuller 2019-05-19

your games cost way to much.
JabeZ BabyKicker 2020-05-19

I absolutely love this game series.. you guys connected all the stories beautifully.. I am so invested in the story. I hope a number 7 comes out.. keep up the great work!!!
Chelsea Mc 2020-08-04

I absolutely loved the story! I think it\'s my favorite yet. It was great to have Fiora back and the ending was perfect. I really enjoy how the series all ties together.
Sheena Hubbard 2019-03-16

I love the Lost Land series, so I really hate to give a negative review. Thus was a great game. My only complaint is the length of this one. It almost seems like each game gets shorter and shorter while the price gets higher. I love the game, but I it is one of the shortest games I\'ve played. I buy a lot of these type games, but at this price I wont be ablebro purchase anymore. If it at least was longer I might consider it. I really hate put this here, but I do feel like it needs to be addressed