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Description of Love Pins

A simple puzzle game!

Remove the pins in the correct order.

Bring the boy and the girl together.

It gets harder as you progress through the stages.

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More Information Of Love Pins

lable: Puzzle - Games Current Version:1.3.10 Publish Date:2022-06-19 Developer:Supersonic Studios LTD

User Reviews


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Frolic 2020-07-14

I wanted to give 5 stars but had to cut back because of three reasons, namely: 1. After level 110 or so the levels started repeating itself with excessive frequency with the level 180 and 181 being the same no less (and that same level is repeated many other times too). 2. The game is WAY too easy with each level taking less than 5 seconds (usually 2-4) 3. Sheer number of ads. I understand revenue needs to be generated but its a bit much. UPDATE: There is no point playing this game beyond 150.
Emmery Patton 2020-06-20

Well, I think the game is sorta fun, but the levels are really easy and sometimes it doesn\'t work quite right. There are a lot of ads(like with most free games), but I put my phone on airplane mode when I play to fix that. I\'ll most likely uninstall if the game continues being so simple. I would like the gamemakers to add more challenging levels. Thank you and I hope this was helpful!
Eileen Stone 2020-06-22

Honestly, it\'s really cute! The little dances they do are adorable, unfortunately it\'s so short! They start reusing the exact same levels after you get passed level 100 and considering I downloaded this game less than an hour ago (might have less than a half hour actually), that\'s pretty easy to get to. I just wish they had more levels. You can\'t label a level 126 and have it be the exact same level as 115 and 56, that\'s stupid. I don\'t know why they thought people wouldn\'t notice.
ben 2020-11-29

Not only u have a permanent ad banner at the bottom of the game there is also a small window which shows more ads and obscure part of the game during play and guess what comes after each play ends? Yup! MORE ADS! Cant understand why a developer can be so greedy to a point of ruining their own game. Im uninstalling.
ThatZer0Guy 2020-10-05

This is a fun game. Good time killer, ok graphics, and fun story. The blue person is trying to reach the pink person and dance with them but there are dangers and you have to help them. My problem with it is the number of ads. After every level there is a 30 second ad. (Sometimes un skippable) other than that really good game. (Update : ads also start repeating them and that gets anoyying) 3 / 5
Happy Daria 2020-06-25

This game has WAY too many ads. It is a fun game but just the ads are so aggravating. I like how it is a puzzle and you have to save people. It might also be a good game for kids if they are bored and also to keep them busy. I would give this game some more stars if they take some of the ads away. Anyway, Awesome game you should totally try it!
Bangles Marshall 2020-11-12

Finally I find a pull the pin game, and the adds are so intrusive they cover part of the level you are about to play meaning you have to wait to even be able to play the level, its even more irritating than full screen adds. Dont bother
Jon Hewitt 2020-06-12

If I have been given the choice to watch an ad or to not watch an ad, and I choose not to watch the ad, do not force an ad on me after i have made the choice to not watch the ad. This game isnt interesting enough to put up with that garbage. 2 stars because the game actually isnt that bad, just lose the forced ads and I\'d definitely reinstall.
Matthew Barse 2020-07-09

I can\'t find a game without ads :(. I need a game that has no ads. Or I\'m going to lose it. Otherwise the game is pretty good. Two people trying to find love and you pull the pins to get them together and dance! Vary well made and I would like a game that has no ads. If you don\'t want ads I would personally would get this game.. but if you don\'t care about ads then this is a game for you.
DonutGuy640 2021-02-06

Holy cow, a situational puzzle game (or whatever they\'re officially called) that ACTUALLY plays like it\'s ads! After playing so many like garden scapes, this is a bit of a shock to me. Maybe I\'ve just been unlucky, idk, but this one is proof that decent ones exist.