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Description of Love Story Games: Royal Affair

Find your prince charming and experience a medieval legend of courtships, conspiracies and the greatest love affairs in interactive story games!

✨ Dear medieval romance fans, are you ready for a thrilling royal life simulation and role-playing adventure set in medieval times? This time, we give you a captivating otome romance story of deception, intrigue and extraordinary love affairs filled with suspense and excitement. Love Story Games: Royal Affair app invites you to plunge into one of a kind medieval choice game enriched with stunning visuals, unexpected plot twists and simply unforgettable playing experience! Download our “Royal Affair” Game and enjoy making romantic choices while you struggle to protect your love and survive the challenges in the royal kingdom. ✨

✨Your Royal Affair Love Story adventure starts NOW!✨


Breathtaking locations, perfectly designed characters, smooth animations and numerous customization options – all available in our new medieval romance game!

Name your avatar and play as yourself!

“Royal dress up”: try out all royal dresses and gowns, pick the most beautiful medieval hairstyle and make your princess avatar look absolutely breathtaking in our “medieval games”!

Choose what you'll say to the King and the Queen, but choose your words wisely because one wrong choice can change your life forever!

Only in Love Story Games: Royal Affair – one of the best “medieval role playing games” ever!

Our “choose your own adventure games” can be yours in a few seconds!

SUPPORTED LANGUAGES: Polski, Türkçe, Español, Português, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Bahasa Indonesia, srpski, Русский,العربية .

✨ Dear love story games fans, this time, our “interactive stories” you play take you to medieval times of royal queens and kings, courtships, battles and intriguing affairs going on in a kingdom far away. Enter this crazy love story world and see what it feels like to be a princess living under the guard of a king, surrounded by knights offering you their love, and discover what it's like to be left at the mercy of a two-faced stepmother. Choose your romantic journey in the “royal kingdom” where love never dies and enjoy the best visual novel in one of the most unpredictable medieval simulation games. If you like playing games with royal dress up, royal weddings or medieval knight games, then you'll definitely adore our game where you make your own love story. Download Love Story Games: Royal Affair, the most addicting medieval rpg game with “romance choices”! ✨

✨ If you're interested in royal life simulation and role-playing games set in the medieval times, this is the perfect visual novel game for you. Meet various knights from many kingdoms, watch them fight for your love and create your own love story in this royal kingdom. Are you the one who will reign in the end of this “medieval romance” or will they take away your right to rule and give it to someone else? Be prepared for lots of challenges in these super romantic interactive love stories offline: “make your choice” and see where your decisions will take you. You decide on the outcome of the story in Royal Affair Game! ✨

✨ Enter our world of unstoppable imagination and join the breathtaking love adventure in this type of “choose your own path games”. Love Story Games: Royal Affair offers you a chance to take part in a thrilling medieval life simulation and enjoy a dramatic “royal romance” with handsome knights that will sweep you off your feet. “Create your own love story”, try royal queen makeover and dress up and fill your time with absolute pleasure and fun while you wait for more chapters of our exquisite royal romance games. ✨

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lable: Simulation - Games Current Version:1.13.0 Publish Date:2022-06-06 Developer:Webelinx Love Story Games

User Reviews


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eubie forever 2020-05-05

I\'m rating perfect, y\'all deserved it. The graphics and sound effects were amazing & the fact you can customize character is acceptable. The prob is you can\'t play it offline anymore unlike before. I\'ve been a huge fan of your games, so i understand if you need ads so we can play it w/out paying. Thank you and hoping for more future games that will be free, i can stand ads and oh? I love the storyline too and i chose my beloved Knight Christian. It made me cry 😭 This game is worth to install!
khushboo sharma 2019-07-07

story is awesome but i wish lead princess character was beautiful in looks and there were more makeup and dress up choices overall its good interesting and worth downloading and boys also looked like twins their looks should be distinguish but its fine
A. Z. 2019-08-17

The characters of ur stories are getting more and more uglier and the clothes more odd and awful and their movements more abnormal with every game.. she\'s supposed to be a princess but look at her and her clothes.. and the face expressions and hand movements of characters.. story was not strong enough to interest players.. and princess did not behave and have the glamor of a princess.. neither the king did something useful.. anyways I hope u guys will come with better stories in the future..
Punyaa Afia 2019-04-15

its a nice game but the looks of the princess arent as good as the girls in other games.plus christian n philip look similar.and..i cant wait for the next chapter to come. please update fast.overall its as great as other game of yours.the whole syory reflects how hard-work you guys do in order to make such a wonderful game for us and i love all your games n suggest them to other.you guys are great and once again thanks to you and your hard-work for such wonderfull games. Love your fan N.A.p
Lovely George 2020-08-06

It\'s a nice game I just love the graphics and all the charecter but to open a new part you have to wait for hours otherwise it an interesting game.. Just love it ♥️♥️ , I would say others to please install it..
A Google user 2019-03-26

the girl and the looks are not beautiful like in amenasia and teenage drama
Najwati 2020-05-12

The storyline is quite good. Bit cliché but good. I would prefer more variety on the clothes and hairstyles.
Stephanie Seaton 2019-06-19

Well, I was quite enjoying this until the \'Hope for the Hopeless\' chapter. It starts to get rather silly in the name of drama. After having hinted a specific character has his favour in terms of future husband, and not having proposed any suitors who don\'t disparage the princess\' rank the King throws a wobbly on learning of the love interest because he lost a tourney (ignoring past loyal service). I\'m sorry, tourneys were lost often, it\'s just hackneyed and overplayed.
kayla mccoy 2019-10-31

not lengthy enough for each character but its different boy same words, depending on who you pick, they need to be different, they need to show a reason why they\'ve fallen for the princess in their own words and way, each suitor comes from a different background so they dont think the same, therefore their words shouldn\'t be the same! Also the princess has choices but not wide enough variety this story with each choice she picks should decide her future and who/how her life will be!
Nurma Atira 2019-06-18

why online now ? ....it supposed to be offline