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Description of Lovely Hero - Otome Game

Superheroes are not the only ones that wear a mask. Ayaka is 21 years old and very self-conscious about her scarred body, feeling she has no place anywhere. She reinvents herself as "Nina": a stylish, sophisticated, and successful girl, with great influence in social media. After spending years as a shut-in, she finally gathers courage to start university with her new identity, believing she will be able to have a normal life this way. But her negative thoughts won't be the only villains she will have to face, because she meets a team of boys that also wear masks to hide their identities, but with a sightly different purpose...


Live a romantic story with your favorite super hero!

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From Visuki we create stories that can not only focus on romance, but also give warm messages to never give up.

We want you to be able to get something more than just a love story. We want you to be able to identify yourself with a protagonist who, despite the difficulties, can always find a way to move forward.


Web: www.visuki.com

Twitter: www.twitter.com/visuki_otomes

Instagram: www.instagram.com/visuki_otomes

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWeliQVsYZ0UCGMyOUpyUkQ

Wattpad: https://www.wattpad.com/user/VisukiOtomes

Twitter (English): https://twitter.com/visuki_english


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More Information Of Lovely Hero - Otome Game

lable: Simulation - Games Current Version:1.6.12 Publish Date:2022-02-21 Developer:Visuki

User Reviews


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yes 2019-06-14

I love the art overall but what I really dislike about this game is the MC, her thinking is very immature and complicated, it\'s hard to understand her or rather play her character, her attitude, mindset, actions, very disappointing. Sad, the game was great except for her.
Jade Smith 2019-07-22

I love this game SO much!!!! I just wished we could read instead of having to wait on cookies 😭 but I\'m still giving it a 5 star rating!!!!
amor , 2020-11-22

Nina\'s character is really insensitive, and I would like the options to be a little more clearly gentle on jun\'s route if possible, since he\'s the hardest to approach ^^;; he\'s very cute though!!! Also, please make more chapters!! I need to continue Jun\'s story ASAP!!! I downloaded it today and I watched 30 ads and it doesn\'t bother me. But please make more chapters! =(
mica eila carandang 2020-01-06

So far I am loving it! The art style is pretty, the boys are amazing and the MC is so like me! (I love her 😆) What I like most is that you don\'t need to pay at all, unless if you want to show your support which you should because this is awesome! There are some writing mistakes I\'ve encountered like the text turning spanish but it doesn\'t affect anything, just distracts me. Anyway this was really good keep up the great work💖
Kawaiieevee 2 2019-04-04

I love your Otome games alot! I wish my friends can play this game. but they have iphones... anyway! I really like this game, and the art has improved!!!
Painted Lady 2020-12-27

I already like it! I hope u guys can update more often 😖. And if you guys ever finish/complete this app I would suggest you guys to do something similar with this kind of style/gameplay style, It\'s really nice! I have to watch 10 ads for a chapter but still it does not bother me that much.
Melissa Eng 2019-10-26

The art is certainly nice, but that\'s just about it. The writing is terrible, most of the text is just the MC\'s internal monologue with actual things going on interspersed (sparingly) inbetween. Just paragraph after paragraph of \"kookie\" internal monologue. It gets old fast, and from there it\'s just boring as the actual story moves along at snails pace. The MC is fine, the characters are fine, there is a lot of good potential here, but the actual writing needs a lot of work.
Amanda Kelly 2019-11-08

Very nice game,it\'s sweet and adorable,love the protagonist and really want to find out what happened to her.I\'m going for the musicians route first & he\'s already adorable,also it\'s not an in-game purchase one or an ad in your face every ten secs either.It\'s very,very nice.My only complaint is that you should add \"log book\" to look at what was previously said,it\'s just easier than having to constantly reload just to accidentally miss it again.All in all I love this game & I say def give a try.
Kit Kat 2019-09-06

Firstly, this game is amazing in the way that it\'s not a money grab or anything. You can read a thousand likes of text and only need to watch one ad. This is true for all the developers games, which are all great. It doesn\'t done ads in your face either, as you can choose to watch an ad. Second, it\'s just a great game and story, and the art is beautiful. It\'s great and I can\'t wait for the next chapter! Great job devs!
Fatuma Kikkides 2020-12-22

I love this game and the graphics of it are very good and what impresses me more is how you manage to keep new updations very quickly! But also please, could u also have new updations about magical paws 2/Huellitas magicas 2 I love this game😍😍😍💖💖 I\'ve been waiting since the updation of chapter 4 which was in September! So you see how much I love this game of magical paws 2 and also 1 Thank you so much 💖💖 Keep up with the amazing work💯🎉🎊🎉 I hope this preview will help😔😟😰😥