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Lucky Day makes winning on daily scratchers, lotto, and raffles fun and exciting.

Lucky Day has been downloaded over 40 million times since we started 6 years ago!


You can now play against friends and rivals in Trophy Royale! Play your way to be one of the players with the most trophies at the end of the day and get all the glory!

Since Lucky Day is free to download the only thing you have to lose is the time you could have been playing! Download Lucky Day now!

Join over 40 million satisfied players. You could be next!

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For feature requests or feedback, please send us an email to support@luckydayapp.com.

*Google Inc. does not sponsor, nor is any way affiliated with Lucky Day.

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lable: Casino - Games Current Version:8.3.0 Publish Date:2022-06-21 Developer:Lucky Day Entertainment, Inc.

User Reviews


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Babs forcats 2021-01-05

Do not bother with this. All rewards are open at the beginning, but as you get more points, the reward that \"were\" accessible will instantly be sold out. I\'ve played this for years and I\'ve NEVER been able to get 10$ for the cash out and all rewards are sold out once i reach enough. They\'ll say they sell out each month because \"people\" are buying them, but its just a scam. Don\'t waste your time with this guys.
Ellen Honeycutt 2020-10-25

It was good. Then it was not so good, introduced piggy bank... A way to spend tokens in hopes of winning more. Prize was tokens and blackjack hands. New piggy is worse.. I don\'t even get tokens, just get jerked around by the piggy. I know I will never get the last nickel to cash out at$10, doesn\'t bother me, liked the gift cards. I know I will never get anything from the piggy. I just keep coming back hoping I will get one last gift card. And I cannot find your help center.
aimee91864 2021-02-28

I\'ve been playing this game for a couple of years now. I used to be able to cash in tokens for gift cards ($2, $3, $5). But now the only rewards left require 200 million tokens or more. I emailed the company and they said the rewards renew every 90 min. Simply not true. Deleting this app. Started off good but now such a disappointment. Flagging this app.
Phil White 2021-03-17

Before I hit 2M tokens, there were 2M gift cards available. As soon as I hit 2M, the 2M cards disappeared and the lowest card was 3.5M. Why?!!! Stuck at $9.90 for over four years. Tons of neverending ads! As far as hitting the $10 mark, it\'s not going to happen. If it hasn\'t happened in the last four years with me playing everyday, it\'s not happening!!! The app also has been glitching and crashing a lot lately. This game has too many side games that are worthless. I don\'t recommend this app!!!
Audrey Star17 2021-01-13

I\'ve used this app for years. It used to be great! I actually cashed in for a couple gift cards, & you used to be able to get actual items for smaller amounts. Got a few of those. Now it sucks! Barely ever win, GC cost way more than they did, & there are 6 items you can purchase - for hundreds of millions of coins (or near!) It\'s ridiculous. Nothing\'s worth it anymore. Sad to see it change SO MUCH FOR THE WORSE. I know they have to make $, but they tanked. Uninstalling. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME!!
Dan L 2021-02-05

This game is basically a carrot on a stick. You earn around $9.85 early to keep you playing however you\'ll never earn the $10.00 needed to collect. When you get close to getting the gift card they\'re sold out so it would make it impossible to collect. I\'ve played for a long time and no gift cards. This app is as shady as they come and is just a straight scam in my opinion and I hope GPlay looks into it. Devs keep your auto canned answers to yourself as you have never done anything to change.
Abz Abdulwahid 2020-11-20

They keep you stuck on a certain amount before you can actually cash out and even if you have enough coins for a reward... they\'re all sold out. And its the fact that they see everyone complaining about the same thing and giving blank and nonsense responses which the most annoying. I\'ve been playing for nearly a year and stuck on 9.60. And they damn well pay for positive reviews. If my comment is gone its proof. Absolutely ridiculous
Bob Thompson 2021-01-19

UPDATE:. I\'ve tripled my coins, and sill no available gift cards unless you have 2 hundred million coins (and I\'m sure that when you do, nothing will be available). And the ads are just increasing, rewards are getting cheaper. Just played fur FOUR minutes, and got 21 ads! This is an INCREDIBLE waste of time. They lie and say that the gift cards are restocked all the time. Been checking for 3 months....nothing. Ever. This is just another scam. Idiots.
Bernadette Stefano 2020-12-20

9/15Was Lots of fun and took some time but I actually earned cash and gift cards last year. This year since their format change, it appears impossible to do either. Cards are always sold out. They DO Not restock every 90 minutes!! Trophies are worthless. I will continue a while longer to see if things change and I am ever able to earn the 15 cents to reach 10.00 or spend my 20 million tokens. Lucky Night was doing better but now they are having the very same issues. 12/20/20..Still same issues.
Wendy Ho 2021-01-26

For the past month, I\'ve been trying to make a redemption via Instant Rewards, but the only item is forever out of stock. Had written to the customer service twice and I was given the templated replies that they replenish prizes every 90 minutes, or that I should choose something else. They didn\'t even bother when I highlighted that for my region, that\'s the only item for redemption! If they aren\'t interested in letting users redeem for prizes, then I shouldn\'t waste more time on this app!