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Description of Lucky Match - Win Real Money

Lucky Match is a free fun and exciting Match-3 mobile game where you can win real cash and gift cards.

There are multiple ways to win money in Lucky Match. Play free scratch offs to win cash prizes. As you progress through the match 3 gameplay, you will unlock more scratchers.


• Match 3 gameplay!

• Win money from free cash giveaways!

• Spin the Wheel for an all-new way to win and get lucky!

• Daily scratchers with real money rewards!

• Win money in bonus games and earn big rewards

Play match 3 today and earn prizes in Lucky Match! Download now and get lucky!

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lable: Casino - Games Current Version:2.5.2 Publish Date:2022-06-16 Developer:Lucky Match

User Reviews


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Michelle Ewing 2020-12-21

Its a good game to pass the time but its like every other game where they say they you can win money. As soon as u get close to the cash out amount thats when the money prizes stop. These games are misleading as well as rigged. There are struggling people out here that see these ads where u can supposedly win money and its not right to mislead these people. I myself am on hard times right now and I put so much time into playing these games just to get nothing
Steven Marson 2020-12-08

Right after I post this I\'m going to uninstall the app because it s***s. Way too many ads. And if you turn down watching a video to get a booster, guess what. They play it anyway and you don\'t get the booster or pass the next level. And it appears like you have to pass over 100 levels. Too much time spent trying to get a lousy $7.00
Thick Mone 2021-01-26

I\'ve watched THOUSANDS of ads in this game, and I am stuck at $6.65 balance. I have completed 377 levels and I have not received a single cent since level 95. Hope this helps any new players! I will update this review if I actually get a payout, but it does not seem promising. We will see! ONE STAR FOR NOW.
Amanda Stdennis 2021-02-14

I like the game itself but u have to watch an ad b4 every single move u make. Very annoying. Also u have to reach $7 b4 ur able to cash out,I was getting 5 and 10 cents constantly at first until I reached $6.95 have not earned another cent since. In fact I finished all levels of the game and it brought me back to level 1 so I started all over again. I still have the $6.95 and all my collections but im now on level 297 again starting from 1 and still at $6.95? I dont think it allows u to reach $7
kelly Richardson 2021-01-09

Unsatisfied, in the clips of the game that pop up always shows people winning good amounts of money. When I download the game I win .05 at a time, I have only earned $1.85 and I\'m on level 38. To me this is false advertising. I am so very unhappy about this.
Amie Ferdani 2021-01-13

Well... Just like all these other supposed \"MONEY MAKING\" games... You might as well consider yourself, playing for fun. Because, the money is a false advertisement/fluke, to get you to download these games, and play them. To get people\'s hopes up, knowing soon they will be let down again, (Like everything else in life). But, this is one of those games I\'d play anyways, cause I like playing it.
Holly Leeth 2020-12-06

I agree that it is a fun game, however given the number of ads you would think the rewards would be more than 5 cents at a time. I have been playing for a solid day, and am only at $1.15. Yes you read that right a dollar and fifteen cents. Although payout is lower it will take just at long to get there as other games.
Jenny Number 2020-10-06

This is the new version of match to win. I have the older version which I can turn my coins into actual cash in my PayPal account. This one I can\'t see how to actually get cash. Just more luck of the draw type thing. If you actually want to win cash this is not the game for you.. try misplay.. I have received 4 gift cards from them working on my 5th. Have a good day and be safe..
Mr.Conrad & Mrs Audrey Lee 2020-11-24

Amazing game , very addicting ! I highly recommend downloading this game !! I love the fact that in this game you don\'t only get to scratch lottery tickets to win REAL money , but you\'re also playing a match 3 game !! Plus in this game a HUGGGEE bonus is the fact that you are able to cash out almost instantly !! Seriously download this game and give it a try !! What\'s the worst that\'ll happen , I\'ll give you a hint (nothing , if you don\'t like it just uninstall it)! -Audi Kaudka-Lee💯💰🎰🎮
Tina Brubaker 2020-11-14

Same old game except limit is 7.00 to withdraw but just as the other games impossible to get there. I have been stuck at 6.55 for over weeks. Starts you out at nickels and occasionally a dime but then it all stops. I am at level 256 and I am disappointed. I completed ALL your levels only to be told I could start at the beginning again. I never made it past 6.55. Very disappointed in this app. Such a waste of time. Never won ant money but go figure that would defeat the apps purpose.